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✓ Zero Recall ¿ Download by Å Sara King My review of Zero Recall is meant to explore why this book is a special contribution to space fiction I will list some points to help you see whether you might want to step into the world of this book.
The writing can bring you into another world.
The writing creates a new world and brings you into a different time, place and reality The role of planetary ops, to which Zero is recalled, is to maintain the peace between Dasha, Jreet, Jahual, Genuji, Baga and the three thousand other species that are part of the Congress We have to learn the traits, roles and loyalties of several races to follow the story The author weaves fascinating characters, who were born on different worlds and belong to tribes with their own motivations, into Of the new sci fi series that I ve read in the last few years, this is one of 3 that gets five stars from me This book made for several almost sleepless nights, as it was virtually impossible to put down Often the second book in the series doesn t live up to the first one, but Zero Recall exceeded my expectations It has everything, and I mean everything, you would want in your sci fi adventure, epic battles, unpredictable complex plot lines, intriguingly different species, amazing world building, unlikely friendship, humor, and memorable characters that you care about.
The only nit I have with this book is the character names races, some of which are hard to pronounce and keep separate it slows down my reading speed quite a bit when I have to stop and think about which race is which I highly recommend marking the sections in Forging It S Been Turns After The Legendary Commander Zero Graduated As A Congie Warrior Joe, Now A Battle Hardened Veteran, Has Spent His Life Surviving Wars He Had No Right To Survive Yet His Real Test Is Coming New Forces Are Conspiring To Start A Great War Like The Universe Has Never Seen, One That Would Rip Apart The Very Fabric Of Congress Joe Is Conscripted To Fight The Very War Everyone Has Been Fearing Since The Rise Of The Dhasha The War Against The Legendary Dhasha Vahlin Unfortunately For Joe, At The Same Time, Other Ruthless Powers Are Conspiring To Kill Him Before He Fulfills The Prophecy Of The TrithTo Fight The Vahlin, A Desperate Congress Comes Up With A Tactic It Abandoned Millennia Ago The Use Of Multi Species Groundteams Joe, Now A Prime Commander, Is Given Command Of His Own Team Of Misfits And Pitted Against The Vahlin S Forces In A War Whose Casualties Are Millions To One Can Joe Keep His Group Of Aliens From Killing Each Other Long Enough To Make Them Into A Battle Ready Team Will He Survive Long Enough To Kill The Vahlin Or Is He Destined To Destroy Congress, As The Trith Have Prophesized About Him It s a very good Space Opera, also a buddy book with a lot of action, and very fun.
Tremendous characters, very good story.
If you re in Sci Fi like Jack Vance s that book is meant for you.
Even better than Forging Zero.
I feared, after finishing Forging Zero, that the series would fall into the common trap that successful series fall into, and devolve into a serial string of adventure of the week stories, with no overall progress or change However, Zero Recall managed to completely avoid this mistake, introducing changes in Zero himself, as well as shifting the focus of the story I would argue that this book is not so much about Zero as it is about the development and expansion of about three of his sidekicks enemies And it is by no means a repeat of the first book with a different setting It is a completely different sort of story.
The plot line was quite well crafted and intricate, without being too contrived What I really love is when there is an intricate storyline like this that spans several books There are some hints that King is planni Great characters and camaraderie, which is how I got through 2 of these But calling your books character driven science fiction does not get you off the hook when it comes to the science part There s no world building here, no science no physics, no evolutionary biology, no planetary science, no ethnography nothing that gives us a sense of the scale of an intergalactic really federation that s been around for 3 million really years Where are all the complex AI life forms there is exactly one Why does the Army call itself an Army in existence 3M years prior to contact w humans Why does it have a chow hall Why is Congress recognizable in any way to the human mind In short, this is good in many of the ways that Star Trek is good Overall, I thought this was a better work than Forging Zero There s some nice complexity to the story, and several layers of narrative There are minor editing consistency issues to be expected as an indie work Flea s inability to count over 6 is only invoked when convenient or humorous, while he seems to know what in 20 tics means when the plot can t be bothered with those constraints view spoiler I felt like the biggest problem with this book was the constant dependency on Huoyut shape shifting to drive surprises It reminded me of Mission Impossible 2 s ridiculous number of mask driven deceptions hide spoiler Vp i,e 2 in the Legend of Zero series is the best of a good good series Action packed as was the first book, but with delightful character development of featured alien characters and a surprise plot twist.
One should definitely read Forging Zero first to get the background for this story.
My rating system star 1 couldn t finish book2 finished book, but didn t like it3 a good read4 a very good read often with a novel concept or unusual plot5 an exceptionally good read, a prominent example of the genre

This is one of the best new entries in the SF market begins with Forging Zero which is an Ender s Game for grownups Sara King does dialogue and plots v well and v intricately The second Zero Recall is better than the first amazing aliens, interspecies friendships, carefully crafted plotlines with different POVs all this securely tethered to the wonderful human hero Joe The thankfully long books are never boring, largely because the nonhuman species are well conceived and surprised me the Barga was just fantastic While there are many aspects derivative of other s work, that s pretty much the rule for SF and the author has selected the things I like the most references words that are rarely explained think Ridley Walker or Feersum Enjin , new aliens think old Jack Chalker Well of Worlds , intricate plotting Iain M Ba Ok I marked this one with a 5 because I love the idea of living mold The thought of seeing some fuzzy thing on the bark of a tree that can communicate and has an active intelligence intrigues me With this story I found myself at times a little confused and realized I was trying to hard to figure out some predictable ending Ms King is nowhere near predictable which means I was giving myself headaches and getting slightly grumpy in my quest to figure it all out I recommend when you finish this book the first time you go back over the 1st chapter, it looks entirely different once you know where it s headed In reality I enjoyed reading the entire book a second time I found myself picking up on so many ques I hadn t noticed

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