Trailer ☆ Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace PDF by æ Arthur S. Link

Trailer ☆ Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace PDF by æ Arthur S. Link Professor Arthur S Link, Director And Editor Of The Papers Of Woodrow Wilson, Brings His Considerable Expertise And Understanding Of Wilson The Man And The Diplomat To This Reexamination Of Wilson S Handling Of Foreign Affairs Link Explores The Ideas, Assumptions, And Ambitions That Guided Wilson S Methods Of Forming Policy, And His Diplomatic Techniques The Author Also Goes On To Consider Some Of The Larger Questions Concerning Wilson S Desire For Neutrality, American Entry Into World War I, And Wilson S Fight For American Membership In The League Of Nations The first chapter or two of this book is a rather pitiful attempt to whitewash Wilson Link writes that after the disasters in foreign policy from Kennedy through Nixon , Wilson looks better But Kennedy saved the world by avoiding war in the Cuban missile crisis and Nixon turned China from an enemy to a sort of ally so Link s examples don t quite support his views.
Link also writes that Wilson prevented the dismemberment of Russia and prevented the imposition of a truly Carthaginian peace on Germany But given the harm caused by the Nazi and Soviet Empires, his assertions make me persuaded than ever that Wilson was a disastrous foreign policy leader So after the first 20 pages I was tempted to stop reading.
But I didn t and I am glad I didn This is a book loaded with insight on the Wilson administration s foreign policy efforts It s not as exhaustive as a biography, but gives deep insight into his progression from neutrality to being a wartime President to pushing for a peaceful world order anchored in a League of Nations It s good to read this one as a supplement to a broader biography.
This was an entirely different take on the man Woodrow Wilson and his presidency than anything I had read before It was clear the author was a big fan Arthur Link s scholarly expertise on all things Wilson belies an ostensible affection for his subject He extols the virtues of Wilson s religiosity underlying his politics Wilson, he writes, was a peace loving Southerner Virginia transplanted into the Northeast New Jersey whose idealism included such beliefs as America s special role as a world leader intended to guide the nations to harmony and loftier heights Naturally, the culmination of any Wilson biography is a description of his efforts to craft the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, and ultimately his role in torpedoing that same treaty from passage in the United States after his health deteriorated in Colorado while on a pub Clearly written while the author sustained an erection for longer than four hours at the mere thought of Woodrow Wilson The Greatest President Conceivable to the Mind of Man.
I read this as it was required reading for next year s AP US History I hope they are trying to get the kids to realize that biographies are only one man s opinion The writer obviously believes that not only was Wilson the greatest president ever, he s the greatest human being ever I was surprised that so many issues in politics that were problems in 1919 are still problems today.
This is a very helpful primer on the foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson and a vindication of his presidency A word of caution though some might find it too apologetic and bordering on hagiographical.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Arthur Stanley Link was a longtime historian specializing in Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Era Link taught for most his career at Princeton University, with the exception of an 11 year interval he spent at Northwestern University The author of 30 books, he is most notable for writing an incomplete multi volume biography of Wilso