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✓ Read ✓ Where the Heart Is by Elizabeth Lowell È I liked it UGH I read another by her and loved it so I thought I would try this one Big mistake The other one was a suspense type with some romance thrown in This one was all mush it had no plot that I could see To be honest I bailed by page 45, I couldn t take it any Instead of talking about something of substance the characters would go into swimming in the depths of eyes, made the mind leap to thoughts that it hadn t leapt in years, yadda yadda whatever I have no idea if this book was actually about something NO RECOMMENDATION SafeAfter The Pain Of Betrayal And Divorce After Years Spent Decorating Other People S Houses Shelley Wilde S Cherished Dream Has Finally Come True A Home All Her Own, Where She Can Live Happily, Secured AloneWildBut Cam Remington Has Come To Shatter Her Solitude A Traveler Who Has Journeyed To The World S Wildest Places, A Renegade With No Roots And No Shame, He Is Everything Shelley Has Ever Feared And Desired In A ManFreeAn Intruder Has Broken Through Shelley S Barricades To Lure Her Wounded Spirit Out Of Hiding With His Electric Sensuality And It Will Take A Traveling Man To Show Her That Real Love Is Risk And Dangerd That Home Is The Haven Found In A Lover S EmbraceA Captivating Contemporary Love Story In Where the Heart Is, Bestselling Author Elizabeth Lowell Revisits And Expands Upon Traveling Man, One Of Her Most Beloved Classic Novels It Is An Unforgettable Tale That Brims With The Passion And Magnificent Artistry That Have Become Her Trademarks Contemporary Romance by Elizaeth Lowell Well written.
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com registriert A romance with pets In this case, Shelley, a home maker takes in a boy s snake so his mother won t kill it In doing so, she starts to open herself up to the boy s uncle Cain as well Before you know it, they re in love, but she s determined not to give in because he s a traveling man A snake, a Main coon cat, and one nephew later, they re practically living together.
This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my keeper book shelf Most I have read at least twice and some even than that Always in depth characters that anyone can identify with on some level.
Previous to Goodreads I kept a book log I am updating ratings based on my log My rating system is 1 10 I gave this book a 5.

I would actually give it 3.
5 but that isn t an option because they only do whole numbers Some of the language in the book I really could have done without that is why I gave it a lower rating I wish it would have had substance to it The Back story her childhood spent in the wild places, her security issues the decorating business should have been played up and dealt with in the book Although Lowelll does do a good job of making the childhood and security issues a barrier between her and Cain I really liked him One of the reasons I kept reading but the decorating design business and all that was almost an afterthought and not dealt with much in the novel I did love the poetic scenes in the book like when Cain is looking out the window of her guest bedroom I wish she had done of that but definately worth the read Not one of her best books, but has the beginnings of the author she d become.