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Download Epub Format Ø West 47th PDF by ñ Gerald A. Browne This book was a little different than others I ve read, but since I really liked Green Ice, I was interested on how the author would write this story It is a story of a man involved with recovering swag stolen jewels for the % of the recovery, and well known by the two mob bosses at each end of West 47th in New York What I loved than anything was how much in love he was with his blind excentric rich wife, and how their relationship was intertwined with this story The risk of dealing with dangerous people put them in some tough situations I like reading Gerald Browne and will pick up 11 Harrowhouse next.
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2 out of 4 StarsMitch Laughton recovers stolen jewels for the jewel district in NY, based around W 47th St He is married to Maddie, rich and blind In trying to recover the Kalili jewels, he crosses an old time mob guy, Riccio, who tries to kill them They set a trap at Maddie s Uncle Straw s estate A rival mob boss, Visconti, secretly helps Mitch and Maddie Everyone is after the 25 million dollar reward Iran is offering for the 2 emeralds Mitch and Maddie recover them but lose them to the Iranian Maddie tries to secretly give Mitch the 25 million he knows, but will he let on I didn t expect to enjoy this slightly seedy thriller so much It s about jewel thievery and recovery and the mafia Fun yet challenging proofing with lots of foreign terms I highly recommend the audio version the narrator does like a hundred voices in excellent NYC accents.
It was okay if you re into gems and the mob.
As A Former Madison Avenue Jeweler Who Earns His Keep By Recovering Stolen Precious Gems, Mitch Laughton Is Used To Dealing With Dangerous Situations But When He Becomes Involved In The Search For Priceless Emeralds Stolen From The Iranian Treasury, He Might Be In Over His Head Caught In The Diamond District World Of Th Street, Mitch Must Confront Mobsters, A Disillusioned Cop, A Half Mad Fence, And Informants Of All Shades, Not To Mention Shadowy Emissaries From Iran Fighting For Their Lives, Mitch And His Wife Maddie Are Determined To Beat The Odds

Gerald Austin Browne born 1924, in Connecticut, USA is an American author and editor.Browne was raised in Litchfield County, Connecticut He attended the University of New Mexico, The Sorbonne and Columbia University, where he won several literary awards vague His first novel, It s All Zoo, was written while he was living in Paris and working as a fashion photographer His bestselling novels i