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[Hafsah Faizal] Ð We Hunt the Flame [togo PDF] Read Online ò I had the opportunity to read this debut as an advanced reader copy, and enjoyed it so much I gave it a blurb Here s my official take A sparkling debut, full of mystery and magic, vivid characters and rich language Also, I cannot express how happy it makes me to see so much fabulous representation for women of color I wish I had this when I was younger May Owlcrate Box Click on the link below my picture to see all of the goodies We Hunt the Flame, the light in the darkness, the good this world deserveswow i am pleasantly surprised by this i think it helped that i didnt have any expectations going in and that i was totally in the mood for some exotic ancient arabian magic so this is just what i needed the main thing carrying this story is definitely the arabic representation it just gives the story a lush and cultural feel that is much needed in the book world had you taken that away, would this still be worth 4 stars maybe maybe not the characters are decent, but there is soooo much introspection if abundant detail and constant thought narration is not your thing, that im not sure this will work for you but i thought the characters specifically altair were interesting enough that it didnt bother me also, the pacing is quite slow the action packed full review posted i cant even begin to explain how much this book means to me but im going to try and fail with this review i m just so happy to see a middle eastern inspired fantasy get so much hype and recognition, I could weepbut we aint here to cry yet we re here to scream until our voice gets hoarse BC IT WAS SO BLOODY GOOD Writing word building the arabian world that Hafsah built felt so vibrant and concrete to me the descriptions, the imagery, the eloquence of the language used, absolutely brilliant you can definitely tell that she took the time to construct the culture and let the reader familiarize themselves with the world through very specific scenes traveling through the azr, a side character s wedding, the snow sand parallel, the palace, etc etc I loved the different settings we got to visit and the drastic change in scenery and omg the desc This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionPeople lived because she killed People died because he lived Disclaimer ARCs provided by the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review I have been waiting patiently for this book since it was in the writing stages and was recommended to me I mean a fantasy with Arabian Settinng written by a Muslim Author I couldn t ask forNow the book had a solid start, the first two chapters have the above quote, each line is for a chapter I felt like I am going to love it I mean, I like when authors have beautiful prose and there is a subtle kind of comparison and similarities in lines I feel like this is going to be a negative review and you can stop here if you will feel offended I can t give a book 2 ratings without going i

i had an opportunity to read this early and i m pretty jealous of myself this book is INCREDIBLE and i m pretty sure i ve found my book husband official blurb Hafsah Faizal s voice is not one that simply speaks, but sings across the page We Hunt the Flame is a spellbinding tale filled with deception, political intrigue, and atmosphere that lives and breathes I am obsessed with this story.
Be as victorious as the name I have given you, and bring the desert to its kneesangry stars.
Instagram blog I know, I read this book a week ago and I m only writing this review just now I KNOW I SUCK And now I don t remember 70% of the book because it s that forgettable and it s been a week Anyway, do I even need to present We Hunt the FlameIt s been all over booktwitter and I m not even on it and everyone keeps talking about it It hit the NYT Bestseller list already and the internet is buzzing with everyone s opinions about it So let me add another opinion For those who live under a rock, We Hunt the Flame tells the story of this random Hunter who s apparently the best in all the land but not when an attractive soft boi is in sight and who has to retrieve some random book that will bring magic back to her world A prince is After finishing a fast paced, action packed YA Fantasy book Wicked Saints , it was hard getting into a slow paced, thought driven story I was going to say character driven because there s a lot of saying hello and goodbye to different people, but the protagonists are not particularly three dimensional and it s a very descriptive novel.
I don t mind description as a general rule because it helps set the scene and helps us understand why certain characters are behaving in unexpected ways I don t, however, think the reader needs to know why the main characters are doing or saying EVERY SINGLE THING And yet this is what we have here, which means that we basically never need to think the author does it for us all the time It is beautifully written That is hard to dispute, unless you prefer your reads to contain no figures of speech or any kind of lush UPDATE if you re in need of a glossary and pronunciation guide, look no further The first ever review for my book The story of my heart The characters who tormented me for four years until their plight reached the written page I can t wait to share this story of a girl, a prince, a general, elves, and a world worth fighting for.
Thank you to every soul who adds this, reads this, and cherishes this.
People Lived Because She KilledPeople Died Because He LivedZafira Is The Hunter, Disguising Herself As A Man When She Braves The Cursed Forest Of The Arz To Feed Her People Nasir Is The Prince Of Death, Assassinating Those Foolish Enough To Defy His Autocratic Father, The King If Zafira Was Exposed As A Girl, All Of Her Achievements Would Be Rejected If Nasir Displayed His Compassion, His Father Would Punish Him In The Most Brutal Of Ways Both Are Legends In The Kingdom Of Arawiya But Neither Wants To BeWar Is Brewing, And The Arz Sweeps Closer With Each Passing Day, Engulfing The Land In Shadow When Zafira Embarks On A Quest To Uncover A Lost Artifact That Can Restore Magic To Her Suffering World And Stop The Arz, Nasir Is Sent By The King On A Similar Mission Retrieve The Artifact And Kill The Hunter But An Ancient Evil Stirs As Their Journey Unfolds And The Prize They Seek May Pose A Threat Greater Than Either Can ImagineSet In A Richly Detailed World Inspired By Ancient Arabia, We Hunt the Flame Is A Gripping Debut Of Discovery, Conquering Fear, And Taking Identity Into Your Own HandsGlossary And Pronunciation Guide

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