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[Alex Russ] ì Urban Environmental Education [reference PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ One of few books on urban environmental education, authored by actual environmental educators in the U.
This Book Advances Our Understanding Of Settings, Audiences, Teaching Approaches And Goals Of Urban Environmental Education The Authors Of This Book Hope That It Will Help Educators In The US And Elsewhere To Reflect On Their Own Work, And Inspire New Ideas To Improve Their Educational ProgramsThis Book Shows That Urban Environmental Education May Contribute To Both Ecological And Social Dimensions Of Sustainability On The One Hand, Urban Environmental Education Is Trying To Develop Urban Residents Knowledge And Community Capacity To Move Towards Cities That Can Be Described As Eco Efficient, Zero Waste, Carbon Neutral, Biophilic, Pedestrian Friendly, And Resilient In Face Of Climate Change On The Other Hand, Urban Environmental Education Also Cares About Positive Youth Development And Human Development In General, Social Capital, Human Equality, Community Participation In Democraticenvironmental Governance, Social And Environmental Justice, Generating New Approaches To Environmental Governance, Developing Ecological Identity, Compassionate Connection To Urban Places, And Healthy LifestylesThis Book Covers A Range Of Relevant Topics, But Not All Of Them For Example, We Do Not Emphasize Enough Adult Environmental Education In Urban Communities And Industrial Facilities Urban Sustainability And Resilience Urban Environmental Art Such As Filmmaking, Installations, And Murals Education Related To Environmental Activism In Cities Inclusion And Diversity Issues Urban Environmental Education Related To Community Health And Nutrition Andstrategies For The Integration Of Environmental Education In Urban Environmental Planning The List Of Possible Topics Is Always GrowingUrban Environmental Education Is A Very Complex And Exciting Field We Encourage You To Continue To Explore And Advance It By Learning From Publications In Related Fields, By Visiting Environmental Education Programs In Different Cities, And By Exchanging Ideas With Other EducatorsAdditional Authors Philip Silva, Rebecca Ressl, Robert Hughes, Robert Withrow Clark, Sam Janis, Sunny Corrao, Susan Baron, Timothy Goodale, Tom O Dowd, Twila Simmons Walker, Vivian Masters

Alex Kudryavtsev pen name Alex Russ is an environmental education researcher and online course instructor at Cornell University He grew up in Russia BS degree in Environmental Conservation from Tomsk State University 2001 MS 2004 and PhD 2013 in Environmental Education at Cornell University.