✓ Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5) î Download by Ö Tahereh Mafi

✓ Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5) î Download by Ö Tahereh Mafi The Gripping Fifth Installment In The New York Times, USA Today, And Publishers Weekly Bestselling Shatter Me Series Will Juliette S Broken Heart Make Her Vulnerable To The Strengthening Darkness Within Her Juliette S Short Tenure As The Supreme Commander Of North America Has Been An Utter Disaster When The Children Of The Other World Leaders Show Up On Her Doorstep, She Wants Nothing Than To Turn To Warner For Support And Guidance But He Shatters Her Heart When He Reveals That He S Been Keeping Secrets About Her Family And Her Identity From Her Secrets That Change EverythingJuliette Is Devastated, And The Darkness That S Always Dwelled Within Her Threatens To Consume Her An Explosive Encounter With Unexpected Visitors Might Be Enough To Push Her Over The Edge 1.
5 starsMe don t disappoint me like Restore Me didDefy Me okayDefy Me throws plot, characters, world building, everything into fire Traitor Me you told me not to disappoint you, so I made you angryMe Buckle up because this is a long one It only took me four hours to write hysterical laugh And here ends my love story with the Shatter Me series This is seriously the end, because FOR SURE I m not picking up the last book in this ridiculous continuation I gave this series all my trust and love and look where this led me, to a one star review To be honest, I wasn t happy after reading Restore Me, but I liked it enough to want to see my favorite characters again I was curious to see how the author could make all those weird plot twists work I knew I would not love this book, but I thought I would at least enjoy reading it, not hate it If only I knew Tahereh Mafi was pulling a Rowling I M DEAD This was SO MUCH BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING IT AND I WAS EXPECTING TO BE FANTASTIC THIS WAS EVERYTHING.
This just made it to the third best book in the series for me Ignite me, Unravel me and Defy me.
Warnette is life Although the ship name is not the best And the only reasons I m still reading this series is because of Warnette and Kenji That s it.
I have one word to describe this book EVERYTHING And now I have to wait 1 year for the next and final book of this series.
After the last book I was so scared to read this one, seriously Juliette and Warner had gone through such a mess in the first three books, and then the last book was like, nooooooooooo And then this, tear my freaking heart apart with the back flash scenes, already I was balling like a baby I loved Juliette in this, loved Warner in this, really loved Kenji in this Those are my three little children Nazeera was awesome too, and her character ARC really opened up and shined here There are a lot of twists here, a lot of shocking moments, a lot of me with heart eyes and teary eyes and all kinds of emotional eyes And that freaking ending was perfect, which only makes me scared for this last book But I need it now well, im starting to think that series has been two books too longyet again, heres another filler book i would say only about 50 pages of this are actually vital to the plot progression and story the other 300 feels like mafi writing fanfiction of her own books she is really milking this story and dragging it out as long as she can, i guess.
the only reason i didnt hate this is because i still really enjoy the characters i know im the only person on this planet who prefers adam over warner, so i wish this hadof him but warner fans will be over the moon with this installment which totally should have been a side novella, but hey, what do i know 3 stars UPDATE We have a cover I m not really happy with it though I know that probably makes me a bean counter, but I m used to amazing covers from the other four books so this is kind of a disappointment It looks almost exactly like the Restore Me cover and I just would have wished for another amazing colourful and epic book cover Can t blame me for being such a huge fan, right PP.
S I don t hate the cover All the Shatter Me covers are beautiful in their own way I swear, every time I answer a book tag on my blog this series gets mentionedANDevery single time I do it, I get a sudden urge to read this book I really don t know how I m supposed to wait until April 2019 I need this in my life and soon TTSometimes the long wait for a book is just cruel sighs This trilogy was created to show us the future of the characters after the initial trilogy Defy Me accomplishes this while simultaneous revealing the vast history behind this world that we didn t know existed A past that even the characters did not know of up until the events of this bookWhen this past slowly unfurls its wings we also come to realise that Juliette and Warner s past is a lottragic than that of Romeo and Juliet.
We see the world through Kenji, Warner, and Juliette s perspectives Kenji s perspective iscoherent as he is in control of his faculties whereas Warner and Juliette are being tortured Their chapters include narrations of the dreams they have while being either asleep, knocked unconscious, or drugged Yeah, it gets pretty painful to read.
This book is definitelyemotionally painful to read that I thought it would, and I was First of all, what was the point of this book Really though What was the purpose Did we really need a whole 352 page novel for what happened here I don t think we did The entire first 25% of the novel could have been removed and it would not have impacted the story in any way.
This is a series that should have remained a trilogy.
I have so many questions about the world building and about the characters and about the fact that all these things and people are coming completely out of left field and we re just supposed to nod along and accept all the nonsense that s going on.
Seriously, this book was filled with so many twists and revelations, and not in a good way These twists were of the wtf is going on, wtf does this even mean variety Like they were added for shock value and not because the story needed it or scorching hot tea was servedwe have decided to stan forever This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionIt s not insane to imagine that sometimes even horrible people are searching for a way out of their own darknessAdele once said This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten.
I think she was talking about Defy Me, I think this book brought the end of this series I also had to count to ten so I don t throw my iPad after finishing the book.
This is an angry review and your boy is about to serve some tea So, as you saw in my review of the last novel and novella in this series, I was not happy I had low expectations nohigh hopes for this series But Tahereh did it She found a way to make it worse and for that I salute her This reminds me of University where doctors used to tell us we don t make anyone fail unless they absolutely wan

Ransom Riggs She can usually be found over caffeinated and stuck in a book Shatter Me is her first series, with television rights optioned by ABC Signature Studios Further, her first middle grade novel, is on shelves now, and Whichwood, its darker companion, will be on shelves November 14, 2017.