Trailer á Twelve Against the Gods PDF by ↠´ William Bolitho

Trailer á Twelve Against the Gods PDF by ↠´ William Bolitho This Book Is Intended To Elucidate History Somewhat, To Illustrate It, To Honor Without Hypocrisy The Deeds Of Men And Women Whose Destiny Was Larger, If Not Deeper Than Our Own Above All To Shake Loose The Perception Of The Adventurer In Us And Of Us In The Adventurer Included Are Sketches On The Following Alexander The Great Casanova Christopher Columbus Mahomet Lola Montez Cagliostro, And Seraphina Charles XII Of Sweden Napoleon I Lucius Sergius Catiline Napoleon III Isadora Duncan And Woodrow Wilson Got it old and used for about U S2 Looks interesting Pretty scary how close I came to never reading this book If you re short on time, you only have to read Author s introductionAlexander the GreatCasanovaLola MontezCharles XII of Sweden 130 pages This is a not just a collection of biographies of adventurers Bolitho also tries to analyse their fates and distil the pure adventurer from the essences of Alexander the Great, Casanova, Columbus et al.
The author delights in surprising contrasts He deliberately compares Alexander the Great with Casanova, and the result isn t only to the advantage of the Macedonian king The language is grandiloquent and bombastic with sentences that can cover half a page and take some effort to parse The twelve characters are Alexander, Columbus, Mohammed, Lola Montez, CogliostroSeraphina, Charles XII of Sweden, Napoleon, Catalina, Napoleon III, Isadora Duncan and Woodrow Wilson It s by no means a conventional cast of adventurers no explorers Bolitho explicitly disallows the Atlantic flights, the polar journeys, the Everest climb, that flowering of her I did not finish this book, though I am marking it finished I am finished reading it The book was written in 1912 I found the examples of the people chosen to be heavily Western biased and had a focus on those willing to break society s rules to live their lives Some changed the world and some came to bad ends I felt as though the expectations I had of the book and what the book actually was were two different things I was disappointed in this book because I wanted to like it.
A while back I read an article that this book, a book written in 1929 about 12 interesting people and their pursuit of adventure, was responsible for Elon Musk s aiming high and for a large part of his success Once he endorsed the book, it was of course very difficult to find I finally got to read it and I am glad I did It covers interesting characters from history, both men and women It profiles people like Alexander the Great and tells the story of him taming a wild horse and winning a bet against his own father Philip II of Macedonia He noticed the horse was spooked by its own shadow, so he turned it towards the sun The book also covered Isadora Duncan and the very unfortunate way she passed away Interesting fact not in the book, Isadora and Duncan Quagmire are characters featured in Lemony Snicket s A Series o I didn t quite read it I read the parts on the people that interested me I ll try to learn about the others, and re read the book with those people.
I don t care how good or bad the 60% of the book that I didn t read is The introduction the chapter on Alexander make a 5 star rating inevitable.
Absolutely LOVED this.
quite good.
Picked this up at a book fair for 2 bucks, would not have recognized without the Elon Musk reference in the news a few days before.
Not the easiest read as the author assumes quite a bit of prior knowledge of the twelve hero adventurers I would definitely want to go back and re read certain chapters after detailed biographies of the participants Bolitho has a unique way of writing to say the least He inserts plenty of opinion and his own views regarding politics and the roles of these participants in history These opinions are well worth hearing as he is definitely knowledgable on history from a western perspective writing in the 1920 s post war era Each chapter is basically a mini biography covering twelve of the worlds most impactful adventurers Humans that were able to use their will and determination to follow their desires contrary

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Twelve Against the Gods book, this is one of the most wanted William Bolitho author readers around the world.