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õ Read Ô Treaty at Doona by Anne McCaffrey ☆ Treaty at Doona Doona, 3 McCaffrey, Anneone of the earliest looks at cultural conflict, its a sequel to the Decision on Doona, which was a controversial look at relations of alien and human species.
I was equal parts frustrated and disappointed with Treaty at Doona I think much of that arose from the chaotic variations of how many in universe words where spelled as well as the sporadic attempts to convey Hrruban accents without consistency More to the point, I think that there was a general failing in establishing that paranoia and pettiness are standard personality traits amongst the Terran ruling administrative class Without giving reason as to why the antagonists immediately form deep and abiding personal dislikes and vendettas against the Reeves, the plots of the latter two books in the series seem half hearted and ill conceived.
I cannot say much for the new aliens in this book They mostly exist to give another group an excuse to get mad at the Reeves while Todd and company are t The Peace Between Humans And Cat Like Aliens On The Unspoiled Planet Doona Has Been Hard Won Now A New Race Of Aliens Arrives, Bringing With Them Promises Of New Technology And Trade But The Devastating Accusation That These Newcomers Once Destroyed Life On Another Planet Puts The Residents Of Doona In Peril Treaty at Doona by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye is the third and final book in the Doona series The book takes place nine years after the events of Crisis on Doona The planet is in the process of debating a new spaceport when a gigantic alien spacecraft shows up over the planet None of the two main races of Doona have any idea of how to respond to the Gringgs who are a giant race of Ursoids but who appear completely pacifistic The matter is made difficult because SpaceDep has records of a similar type ship orbiting derelict but with weapons over a eradicated planet The question that is open for the reader is whether the Gringgs are peaceful like they appear or whether it is just a fa ade to make everyone else relax their defenses In many ways I love cats This was my first foray into aliens who are cat like yet still humanoid It fascinated me I think this book is what set me up for the shifter and paranormal romances I enjoyed the lush world Ms McCaffrey creates Her ability to create worlds that I would love to visit is amazing.
Treaty at Doona is the third and final book in the series Each book stands alone, but each is also integrated into the others The conflict begins over a trade agreement that has the two co leaders at odds for the first time in their lives They have become stalemated by their opposing positions and pose a threat to the stability of the colony Enemies see this as an opportunity to replace the co leaders with others easily swayed to the home worlds positions.
At this point, alien visitors from a third world invite themselves to the treaty negotiations Fear, rumors, and spin circulated by some people from the home worlds work against the colony leaders efforts to welcome the new beings.
This story is well written and fun.
I like the Gringg, and the characters and culture clashes are as interesting as ever, but the plots and intrigue just feel weak Also, purralinium is the worst unobtanium I ever heard Yeah, they re cats, we get it, very funny.

This is not my favorite of her series although the aliens are felines , but I was always happy to see a new McCaffrey appear This continues the story of the human settlement on Doona and its inadvertent encounter with another senitent species Good pacing, and a believable world, as usual.
The good guys are very obviously good, the bad guys are very obviously bad.
BrilliantI ve read all of the Pern books and really enjoyed them This series is proving as fabulous I look forward to reading the rest in the series.