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[Jeff Shaara] â To the Last Man: A Novel of the First World War [bird-watching PDF] Read Online µ Jeff Shaara has done it again, bringing the intensity of war to a immediacy that gives the reader the sense that they are right there in the trenches, marching to the assaults on German lines or in the air battles over allied or enemy territory This is achieved by narrowing the cast of characters to a few commanders and a few Marines or Airman whose stories he crafts extremely well.
He also covers the politics of war and the general inability of those who sit in the seats of power to grasp the needs of the fighting men on the frontthe logistical nightmares that lead to unnecessary deaths that seem to reoccur in all wars.
I was aware of the difficulties that Gen Pershing had with both allies and their respective governments, but in less detail I found it interesting that Pershing s hero was Grant who Lincoln promised would not allow interference in the prosecution of war, and that Pershing I m sure many Gods and Generals fans will disagree with me, but I truly believe this to be Jeff Shaara s finest novel to date Although the first two thirds can be on the educational side with less action, the fact that he spent any time at all on early aviation is extraordinary As my dad was a pilot, I find the incredible achievements of the Red Baron awe inspiring, for such primitive planes The first American combat pilots were required to use machine guns placed on the roof so as not to disturb the propellers.
It only gets better as the focus changes from the air to the ground As everyone begins to die around the main character, you really get a fell for what it was like for the WW1 soldier.
Can t rate a book about two aviation heroes less than 4 Stars Four historic characters form the backbone of the story Manfred von Richthofen, Raoul Lufbery, John Black Jack Pershing and Roscoe Temple a Marine rifleman Shaara weaves an excellent story around these figures and you get an understanding of what they must have dealt with Really liked the flying history and gained new respect for those aviators Pershing s story was interesting and you will understand why the AEF was so determined to keep the American Army together, the Brits and French desperately tried to get the Americans to fill out their ranks Temple s story was ground level, no big picture, just bloody fights Excellent history with just a little fiction thrown in Liked it.
Gripping account of the horrors of World War 1 From Black Jack Pershing who was the US Commander to a doughboy in the trenches and 2 airplane fighter pilots, the story wove facts of actual people in the war with brilliant dialogue Was sad to finish the book.
One of the top 5 books in 2016 for me highly recommended if you want to know about how the politics of fighting the war and the tremendous physical and mental pain that the soldiers went through The afterword about how the their lives played out was chilling My goal in reading this book, was to gain a bit of a general understanding of WW I I want to study this war in detail, because my knowledge and understanding of it is very limited I like Shaara, and I figured that this would be a good place to start And it was Beautifully written in the style that Shaara uses so well history written like a novel a novel written like history.
The book doesn t cover the whole war, just the main conflict on the Western Front between Germany and France Belgium But there is certainly enough there to give one the basic gist of what was going on, and how it all came to be I now have my bearings enough to start looking into some straight history on this conflict, in order to study it s specific aspects.
I certainly gained a greater appreciation for the horror, devastation, and heartache of W

One of the things I most appreciate about Jeff Shaara is the organization and alternating point of view that he uses in all of his novels It allows the reader different perspectives, and allows the author to cover ground with the ability to location hop with ease When one is writing about war, this is a handy tool to have at one s disposal When you are as uneven a writer as Mr Shaara, it is a necessary one To The Last Man starts off with an engrossing chapter depicting a new English recruit arriving at the front lines in Belgium in 1915 It literally starts out with a bang and quickly draws the reader into the text, and the war Most of the first third of the book is from the perspectives of Baron Ricthofen later the Red Baron and Raoul Lufbery an American pilot in the Lafayette Escadrille I easily confess that I liked Mr Shaara I don t know too much about WWI, so this was a pretty decent introduction However, be aware that this mainly deals with Americans in the war, so you miss a lot of what went on in the first 4 years before the U.
S officially joined the fighting.
There were a few things I didn t like about this book I found the author s way of writing in short choppy connected phrases to be extremely distracting All of the main characters had the same kind of idealistic inner voice It was all a bit overly emotional to me, though that s not quite the right word The main characters do a lot of deep, probing introspection that I m not sure real people actually do.
If you ve read a lot about WWI then this book may not appeal to you, but if you re just starting out, you wouldn t be too off the mark starting here.
Plods along like a history of WWI For that, you re better off with Guns of August.
To the Last Man was a frustrating read for me, especially the first half of the book The author fell into the trap of writing WWI historical fiction about well known figures John Pershing, the Red Baron and to a lesser extent about Patton and Von Hindenburg The book didn t really dispense much information on WWI or in the case of these figures approach the drama of at least a dozen great books on WW1, non fiction or fiction This is a serious book and the tone matches it so it is no amateur hack job The problem however with selecting well known figures and attributing all the fictional dialogue to them is that the characters must be drawn exceptionally well for there to be any point of it I know of only a handful of authors who have done this well, Gore Vidal and Robert Graves to name a few There is a lot of information about the Red Baron already available Pershing even won a Jeff Shaara Has Enthralled Readers With His New York Times Bestselling Novels Set During The Civil War And The American Revolution Now The Acclaimed Author Turns To World War I, Bringing To Life The Sweeping, Emotional Story Of The War That Devastated A Generation And Established America As A World PowerSpring The Horror Of A Stalemate On Europe S Western Front France And Great Britain Are On One Side Of The Barbed Wire, A Fierce German Army Is On The Other Shaara Opens The Window Onto The Otherworldly Tableau Of Trench Warfare As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Typical British Soldier Who Experiences The Bizarre And The Horrible A Tommy Whose Innocent Youth Is Cast Into The Hell Of A Terrifying WarIn The Skies, Meanwhile, Technology Has Provided A Devastating New Tool, The Aeroplane, And With It A Different Kind Of Hero Emerges The Flying Ace Soaring High Above The Chaos On The Ground, These Solitary Knights Duel In The Splendor And Terror Of The Skies, Their Courage And Steel Tested With Every FlightAs The Conflict Stretches Into Its Third Year, A Neutral America Is Goaded Into War, Its Reluctant President, Woodrow Wilson, Finally Accepting The Repeated Challenges To His Stance Of Nonalignment Yet The Americans Are Woefully Unprepared And Ill Equipped To Enter A War That Has Become Worldwide In Scope The Responsibility Is Placed On The Shoulders Of General John Blackjack Pershing, And By Mid The First Wave Of The American Expeditionary Force Arrives In Europe Encouraged By The Bold Spirit And Strength Of The Untested Americans, The World Waits To See If The Tide Of War Can Finally Be TurnedFrom Blackjack Pershing To The Marine In The Trenches, From The Red Baron To The American Pilots Of The Lafayette Escadrille, To The Last Man Is Written With The Moving Vividness And Accuracy That Characterizes All Of Shaara S Work This Spellbinding New Novel Carries Readers The Way Only Shaara Can To The Heart Of One Of The Greatest Conflicts In Human History, And Puts Them Face To Face With The Characters Who Made A Lasting Impact On The World

Jeff Shaara, a descendant of Italian immigrants, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey Shaara was originally spelled Sciarra He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Criminology From age 16, Jeff operated a rare coin business, first out of his home, then in a retail store After moving to Tampa, Jeff became one of the most widely know