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[ Pdf 三姉妹探偵団 (San shimai tanteidan) À swaziland PDF ] by Jirō Akagawa ✓ Their House Burned Downtheir Father Missingthe Body Of A Murdered Woman Discovered In The Ruins Of Their HomeWhat Are The Three Sisters Yuriko, Tamami, And Ayako To Do They Set Out To Solve The Mystery, With The Help Of A Young And Sympathetic Detective

I chose this as my book by an author with the same birthday as you this was hard to find Akagawa was leap day, 1948.
It was a cute little book, and I managed to read it just at the end of my birthday week, so it was just in time This was excellently translated, using just the right words, colloquially, and not stilted, which I m finding to be a rarity I feel that s worth mentioning The story itself was not the greatest it s three sisters in their late teens 20 s whose house burns down, along with the body of a young woman they ve never heard of Their dad is nowhere to be found, and so they set out as little Japanese Miss Marples, to try to get to the bottom of the mystery and prove their dad s innocence, of course I had the mystery figured out halfway through the book, so it wasn t exactly a clever or difficult mystery, and I m pretty sure the book is aimed at girls of the Even in translation the playful spirit of the author shines through in how he draws the reader close to his characters, the three sisters, each with their distinct personality A good telling of a good mystery I read the book because I had heard Akagawa s books were very popular in Japan, and now I see why.

Best known for his humorous mysteries, Akagawa s first short story, Ghost Train , was published in 1976 and went on to win the annually granted All Yomimono New Mystery Writers Prize by Bungeishunj , a Japanese literary publishing company Other works of his, The Incident in the Bedroom Suburb Homu Taun no Jikenbo Shigo o Kinzu and Voice from Heaven Ten kara no Ko