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Ù Those People º Download by ê Louise Candlish From The Author Of The International Bestseller Our House, A New Novel Of Twisty Domestic Suspense Asks, Could You Hate Your Neighbor Enough To Plot To Kill Him Lowland Way Is The Suburban Dream The Houses Are Beautiful, The Neighbors Get Along, And The Kids Play Together On WeekendsBut When Darren And Jodie Move Into The House On The Corner, They Don T Follow The Rules They Blast Music At All Hours, Begin An Unsightly Renovation, And Run A Used Car Business From Their Yard It Doesn T Take Long For An All Out War To Start BrewingThen, Early One Saturday, A Horrific Death Shocks The Street As Police Search For Witnesses, Accusations Start Flying And Everyone Has Something To Hide 3.
WHAT A NIGHTMARE If you prefer flawed, unlikable characters, you ve come to the right place.
The setting is south London on an exclusive street with homes averaging in the high six figures and neighbors who follow the rules of the council and politics of the people.
until Darren Booth company move in.
Disruption is immediate as ear piercing music blares.
the used car business of junk mobiles makes its appearance, and umpteen unfinished home renovations result in a new apocalyptic landscapeTold from alternating voices, we meet all the neighbors, discover their relationships, some chilly, others competitive.
even conniving, but all are in agreement that the newbie neighbor from hell must go Meetings are held, options discussed, but all are not privy to each plan of action.
And then.
a shocking accident Tempers flare and hatred grows Something must Ever had some dreadful neighbors This couple just moved in and have disrupted the happy neighbors on Lowland Way When Darren and Jodie move in.
all hell breaks lose Can you hear the whispers I could kill him Well, of course, they didn t mean it literally, did they The pages are filled with some very unlikable characters and a menacing tone The new neighbors completely put the prior family friendly atmosphere and turned it on it s head.
The mystery element was strong and I was super curious to find outThe pace is steady, but the need to find outmade this one a page turner for me I was entertained and thanking my lucky stars for normal neighbors I had fun guessing throughout, wondering how far some people would go, and surprised by some shockersthan once.
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The development of the plot of this book unfolds at the breakneck pace of O.
J s Bronco chase on the LA 405 freeway, only it s not nearly as entertaining.
I always keep notes as I m reading a bookquotes, pivotal moments, etc I only had one note on this book upon completion and that waspage 113that s how long it took for something of the most miniscule bit of interesting to happen in this book, and even that something was so cursory I nearly drowned in it s wake.
The best descriptive word that comes to mind for this story is LABORIOUS with a capital L for LAWD LET THIS BOOK END ALREADY.
I looooved the domestic cray cray of Our House by this author but this book was insipid domestic and about as cray as Cocoa Puffs 2 Stars because I thought the format was cleverly composed I received an ARC from via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Menacing, topsy turvy, brassy Those People by LOUISE CANDLISH is an outlandish, eccentric, and wacky tale that definitely amused and entertained this reader The fun here is deciphering who Those People are and seeing what lengths they will go to in order to protect their cushy neighborhood from those not so likeable new neighbors Hmmm or maybe it s the not so new residents LOUISE CANDLISH delivers a vivid, entertaining, and steady paced read here with lots of unlikeable characters to either be entertained by or maybe a little disgusted with I chose to be entertained by them and couldn t get enough of their idiosyncrasies.
The mystery unfolds slowly from alternating perspectives as we meet the neighbors There is quite a huge cast of ch

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