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✓ Read ✓ The Unwanted: A Memoir of Childhood by Kien Nguyen ñ 4.
5 stars

Trigger warnings: war, death, murder, abortion, sexual violence, dog murder, rape, antiblack racism, and forced prostitution of a minor.
There is no question in my mind concerning how many stars to give this book.
Actually 5 is too little.
This is my all time favorite book.
Many have it on their "toread" lists.
Put it at the top.
Make it the next book you read.

The suspense at the end made my heart race.
I had to stop to get air.
I was racing over the words to find out what would happen even though I knew he would end up on the plane.
You KNOW that he ended up in the States, he wrote the book there.
I had to know exactly how it occured.
There is no way a book of fiction can ever, ever create such suspense.

And then the messagehow to live your lifeis so good! And what this book says about people.
Horrible, and yet maybe there is hope.
I don't know where to start except to say that we all must appreciate our life.
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His family, once very wealthy before the fall of Saigon, becomes one of the poorest families in wartorn Vietnam.
He and his brother are shunned as "halfbreeds," their American ancestry evident in their features.
Because his mother was once at the top of society, she is punished in the new Communist regime, and has to give everything up to prove that she renounces her previous capitalist ways.
Kien's suffering is magnified by the hatred of his aunt and her family, and he is tormented daily by his cousins.
He is abused by his mother's boyfriend, though he has a champion in his grandfather, who constantly stands up for him and tries to protect him.

At some point Kien attempts to e True story of an illegitimate boy born to a Vietnamese woman and her American boyfriend.
How this kid survived racism, starvation, rape and torture after the fall of Saigon in 1975 and escaping in 1985 is an amazing story.
Not maudlin at all but told in a matteroffact manner.
As a freshmen I thought this book was sad but good at the same time.
I taught me what my grandparents and parents had to go through when they were young.
The book also showed me what Vietnam was like before the communist took over the country and the people's freedom.
As I was reading the book I never imagined that he would get rape by his mom's boyfriend.
That's just really mean and sad for him.
I feel like because of what happened, he learned it and later did it to that girl.
I think it should be a requirement for highschoolers to read it because it's a good book to learn history.
So much persecution for such a young boy.
Fear and confusion about the meaning behind the hatred were constantly with Kien, who did not initially understand that he had no control over it.

Kien's world changed dramatically when he was still a boy.
He was forced to grow up knowing that strangers and even his own family were judging him because of his heritage.
He was poked, prodded, looked down on and made to feel inferior, and spent most of his first years not knowing why.

The way he told his story, after all these years, was touching.
He didn't lament his lot in life, he didn't belabor the hatred and rejection, but he put all the facts out there and made the reader feel and understand what it wa The memoir about Kien, An Amerasian, certainly was an awakening to me.
This book showed what really happened in Viet Nam before and after the Communist took over Saigon.
The heartbreaking story of the survival of these people really made me think twice about our life in the United States of America.

A quick readdifficult to put down.
What a heartbreaking story of a young boy's growing up years.
Hard to think how many others shared these same experiences in war torn countries over the years.
Makes a person so very grateful for growing up without having to live in a land torn by war.

Throughout the story was an underlying story of his mothers' strugle to provide for her family and elderly parents.
A very well written description of his perception of his mother and how much she changed over a few short years.

Reccomended reading for all.
Couldn't put this down.
Heartbreaking at times, but a truly amazing read.

Kien Nguyen was born to a Vietnamese mother from a once wealthy family and her American civil engineer lover. His mother's family, who had lost their wealth when the French left Vietnam, lived among neighbors who treated them as pariahs because of their colonialist background. Kien, a child of mixed race, was especially ostracized from the community.

He left Vietnam in 1985 through the United Natio