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É Read ☆ The Servant by Mary Calmes ☆ After Saving His Younger Brother S Child, Daemon Shar Is Cursed By A Witch And Runs Far From Home, A Stray Who Will Seemingly Never Be Anything But Destiny Is Hard To Outrun, Even For A Man Who Is Now Cat Than Man Beneath His Robes And Cowl A Chance Battlefield Meeting Between He And Ehron, A Foreign Lord, Gives Him Purpose Amidst The Darkness Of His Accursed Life Soon Daemon Finds That His True Nature Cannot Be Corrupted No Matter The Form He InhabitsAs Ehron S Consul, Daemon Plots And Plans To Shape His New Lord S Future So That He May Leave It Blessed When He Runs Away Yet Again But He Never Counted On His Soul Hungering For Ehron S Brother Gareth Or For His Past To Catch Him By The Tail At Last Librarian S Note See Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BJUKM Here This story is complicated, and just plain hard to follow A typical lust love story The part that stands out is when Garth said MINE His Daemonyay My least favorite, was the smexy scenes, far and few I found this story to be bewitching instead of magical The end was very well worth the complication.
I don t like to give rating to a book I didn t finish But this one deserve it I don t read just some pages, I read 70% of this freaking book it s impossible to understand, and it tired me It s not because the plot is so complex as many fantasy books I had a hard to understand No Very simple plot, very incompressible story The switch of narrator is absurd, all characters talk exactly like another There is no unique voice or behave, everyone is a clone of another Many times when the narrator changed I didn t even notice and read some paragraphs before undertand it My English sucks Oh yeah, it sucks But I read a lot, and even from this same writer I read other books, and never was so confused as I was reading The Servant I m in bitchy mode, so let me say I waste my money for a book that is not cheap, and because I Just ok2.
5 I struggled with this one keeping track of who was who and I found myself confused throughout the book When I knew who the people were and what was happening I enjoyed it, but I spent too much time trying to understand what was happening I didn t really understand why Gareth fell for Daemon He didn t really have any interactions with him and was declaring his love and could see the man behind the beast, and Daemon didn t really act like a man who was in love either till the very end.
Mary Calmes wrote a solid fantasy in this one Valian Shar is an interesting hero, a rat catcher among men, and Gareth Terhazian is a surprising protector The lands of Rieyn and the political structure is thoroughly imagined, and the world building is first rate If you grew up on The Blue Fairy Book and Lloyd Alexander raises hand you will very much enjoy this Daemon Shar Valian Shar has been cursed by a witch and now lives completely covered from head to toe However his intrinsic light shines through and upon those he comes across he is a blessing and blesses all in his path to his best ability This is fantasy and a journey, so than a romance I found it very entertaining, watching Daemon manipultate those he loves into better positions with their best interest at the forefront, even as they know what he does.
I can see this will be a reread for me 17 Feb 2019This is now a solid comfort read for me I love the characters, the interactions, the story line and plot development I know all the characters backwards now and just love to relax with them And the climax is so satisfying.
Some find the multitude of characters too much Way, way too brief Fun and compelling, and then poof Very much over An awful lot of world building for such a little story but, never mind A charming read overall.
I liked he idea behind this one, but I gotta say, like the previous book I ve read by Mary it was all over the place where POVs were concerned Each paragraph could be right around anyone s POV and it kept changing I don t like this style of narration though it wasn t that difficult to understand who was talking The world building was all over the place as well, though I don t fault Mary for it, there was a lot to build in very few pages I ve read the synopsis a while back so actually I wasn t sure what is going to happen or rather who our cat in a hat is going to chose That was fun Valian Daemon Shar is one of three brothers Two are constantly fighting over the thrown of Emperor in their land Loving both of his brothers he has no other choice but stay in the middle and try to keep them from each other s throats Blech This book isn t actually as bad as my reaction to it, but I ve read too many Mary Calmes books in a row and the stuff she does well I love, the other stuff makes me gag.
This is a fantasy that is not so loosely based on the puss in boots fable It s re set in a world at war, cast of thousands, clever political m m romantic fable Sound confusing It is Not brain twisting, but really too complicated of a plot for so simple of a story view spoiler And yet another Mary Sue hero who can do no wrong Everyone loves him, everyone wants him, he s dashing, selfless, loyal, heroic, mysterious, warm, calm, charming, brilliant, beautiful blech Oh wait, did I mention that it turns out that he, and only he can prevent the total annihilation of one country and end the civil war of another all by himself This would have been better as straight fantasy The insta love ro Complex mystery that unfolds slowly in self revelation, glorying in rich language and emotion as well as history and fate This book reads like a great classic, often demanding that we pause and ponder its import Even so, this is a familiar tale too, of love between brothers long separated, and at the same time the heat of passion between two men who have just found each other.
I found this to be pure delight, but probably not to everyone s taste The leisurely pace and heavy description is like a novel of two centuries past than it is of what we expect today Do not down this heady wine in a gulp Savor it slowly to get the most from it.

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja