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☆ Read á The Sentence is Death by Anthony Horowitz ☆ This is the 2nd novel in the Daniel Hawthorne, Private Investigator series by Anthony Horowitz.
I have not read the 1st book The Word is Murder nor in fact any other books by this author but quickly realised once I started this novel that times were going to change I was so impressed and enjoyed reading this book that I had already purchased a couple of the authors other books before finishing it.
For me the book had a feel of an older style of detective novel, maybe an Agatha Christie orlikely Arthur Conan Doyle Witty, well plotted and some excellent characters I found the book a light read but intriguing and very enjoyable.
The setting of the novel is a little bit unusual with the author being one of the main characters In the novel Anthony Horowitz is invited to write about the retired detective Daniel Hawthorne who still helps the Police solv Hawthorne is back with his rather abrasive personality and his undoubted skill at finding clues and solving cases Horowitz features again as himself acting as Hawthorne s sidekick attempting to solve not one but possibly two murders.
Having the author actively involved in his own book makes for some interesting reading Occasionally I sat back and wondered which bits were fact and which fiction, but in the end it really does not matter The book is totally enjoyable and very easy to read There is a good story, well paced and interesting The clues are all provided and although there is a surprise ending I managed to guess the culprit before Horowitz did.
Altogether an interesting and entertaining read and I am looking forward My second close encounter with Mr Horowitz was as good as the first one, and I m already looking forward to another one An enjoyable novel with a grand mystery and a bottle of a terribly expensive wine in the background.
Oh, how I love this series For those of you that like audiobooks, it s great intelligent entertainment Horowitz blends in tales of filming Foyle s War and writing the new Sherlock Holmes books in with the fictional murder at hand Hawthorne and Horowitz are the perfect duo Horowitz has an amazing way with words Given that I listened to this, I can t give exact quotes But his description of DI Cara Granshaw was amazing in its detail We still don t learn much about Hawthorne s personal life, but that just makes him all theinteresting He s one of those folks that would probably irritate the hell out of me in real life, but as a character, I can t get enough of him And bravo to Horowitz for being willing to play the foil to Hawthorne s Holmes A word of warningif you l 3.
5 starsIn this 2nd book in the DI Daniel Hawthorne mystery series, the consulting detective investigates the murder of a lawyer The book can be read as a standalone Daniel Hawthorne was a Scotland Yard Detective Inspector until he was fired for pushing a child molester down the stairs Still, the Yard sometimes asks Hawthorne who s essentially a modern day Sherlock Holmes to consult on tough cases Hawthorne s Watson like sidekick and chronicler is Anthony Horowitz, a real life author who writes the television series Foyle s War among other things.
Anthony HorowitzHawthorne is asked to help solve the murder of divorce lawyer Anthony Pryce, who was bashed on the head with a wine bottle, then stabbed in the neck with the broken top At the time of his death, Pryce was about to finalize the divorce of his wealthy c

Keep in mind One lie can ruin a thousand truths.
Anthony Horowitz opens the heavy wrought iron gates on another stellar mystery that feels circa 1930 Anthony becomes a key figure in his own novel as he takes on the role of himself Horowitz, you see, is the famed writer of Foyle s War, an on going successful television saga in the UK He s in the middle of filming a crucial scene on the streets of London when a cab pulls up and spoils the shot Anthony recognizes the man who has just exited the cab and is running towards him Let s introduce you to former Detective Inspector Daniel Hawthorne Hawthorne is now a for hire crime expert who works on random cases He has convinced Anthony to write his biography That entails riding shotgun with Hawthorne as he attempts to solve a case Anthony signed on the dotted line with the buzz of crime mur I think this statement pretty much sums it up I love Anthony Horowitz Ever since I read Magpie Murders I was hooked I enjoyed Hawthorne 1 and couldn t wait to get this one Gist of the book, Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, the author Anthony, are at it again Anthony is writing and involved in his movie tv life of writing There is a murder and Hawthorne is picked to solve this crime as only he can Many characters fleet in and out of this one DI Cara Grunshaw, the nemesis to both was hysterical Anthony and Hawthorne work together to solve the crime with Anthony eventually writing a book about it, and shall we say bumbling his way through the investigation And the fun begins I love these two and how they are like oil and water As soon as it started, you are immediately dumped in the world of these two.
I listened to this one via audi In the first book in this series, The Word Is Murder, Horowitz took the unusual step of placing himself in the book as the narrator, melding his real life with this fictional life as a writer engaged to write about PI Daniel Hawthorne s cases This made for delightful and amusing reading as Horowitz stumbles through the case in the wake of Hawthorne s somewhatastute detective work I wasn t sure how well this would work in a second episode but am happy to report that if anything it worked even better the second time around.
The case this time involves a high profile divorce lawyer, Richard Pryce, a teetotaler bashed with an expensive bottle of wine and then stabbed to death with broken glass from the bottle On the wall above the body the killer paint Horowitz and Hawthorne are perfection together I can t get enough of this series I love how the author has put himself into the story as the narrator the Watson to Hawthorne s Holmes or as I like to think of them, the Felix Unger to his Oscar Madison Horowitz comes off as honest, sympathetic, earnest and willing to poke fun at himself Hawthorne is decidedly uncharming, brash, politically incorrect and I kinda have a soft spot for him There is definitely a back story there and I am here for it I m looking forward to peeling back all those grumpy, secretive layers I see you Hawthorne and there is definitelythan meets the eye In The Sentence is Death Hawthorne has once again been called in by the police to help investigate the murder of a high profile divorce attorney He quickly recognizes this will be a perfect opportunity for Tony Horowitz to write book 2 Although I did Death, Deception, And A Detective With Quite A Lot To Hide Stalk The Pages Of Anthony Horowitz S Brilliant New Murder Mystery, The Second In The Bestselling Series Starring Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne You Shouldn T Be Here It S Too LateThese, Heard Over The Phone, Were The Last Recorded Words Of Successful Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Richard Pryce, Found Bludgeoned To Death In His Bachelor Pad With A Bottle Of Wine AChateau Lafite Worth ,, To Be PreciseOdd, Considering He Didn T Drink Why This Bottle And Why Those Words And Why Was A Three Digit Number Painted On The Wall By The Killer And, Most Importantly, Which Of The Man S Many, Many Enemies Did The Deed Baffled, The Police Are Forced To Bring In Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne And His Sidekick, The Author Anthony, Who S Really Getting Rather Good At This Murder Investigation BusinessBut As Hawthorne Takes On The Case With Characteristic Relish, It Becomes Clear That He, Too, Has Secrets To Hide As Our Reluctant Narrator Becomes Ever Embroiled In The Case, He Realises That These Secrets Must Be Exposed Even At The Risk Of DeathAnthony Horowitz Gets Away With Murder In All Sorts Of Ways And Emerges Triumphant THE TIMES, books Of The Year This Is Crime Fiction As Dazzling Entertainment, Sustained By Writing As Skilfully Light Footed As Fred Astaire SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUBSTAR PICK A Crime Story That Keeps You Up Into The Small Hours A Page Turning Mystery METRO One Of The Most Creative Writers In The Country Today JEREMY VINE Huge Fun It S Hard To Know Why Anyone Who Loves A Good Mystery Wouldn T Thoroughly Enjoy The Ride IRISH INDEPENDENT

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