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[Bruce Campbell] ☆ The Secret of Skeleton Island [nature PDF] Read Online ☆ This is the first book in the Ken Holt mystery series I found this book to be an enjoyable read and a good mystery.
Ken Holt, a boarding school student, is thrust into a mystery when his father, newspaper reporter Richard Holt, fails to meet him on a designated date Since his father has never failed to keep a meeting with him, Ken is alarmed, particularly because his father had hinted at a dangerous investigation in his latest letter to his son.
Ken receives permission from the boarding school headmaster to return to his father s New York apartment to look for clues to the reporter s disappearance En route to New York, Ken is kidnapped by ruthless criminals who have Mr Holt prisoner.
In a clever move, Ken escapes his captors and seeks aid in a newspaper office, owned by the Allen family The newspaper publisher and his family taken an immediate liking to the troubled boy Mr Enjoyable Ken Holt mystery.

First heard of Ken Holt mystery s when I ran across the first in the series at a bookstore Wasn t sure I wanted to spend that much money on a book I wasn t sure I d like, so I ordered it from the library glad I did, because It s my FAVORITE juvenile mystery series Reading these makes me long to live in Brentwood, and work at a small newspaper office, in the 1950 s the characters are warm and funny, and they aren t super hero sleuths, actually making mistakes and not being right the first time, which I like as it makes them seem real Also, you can solve the mystery with them, as they don t wind up a mystery suddenly, with a bit of information you didn t read in the book All in all, I give theses a big thumbs up I found the second of this series at an antique shop a few months ago and finally picked it up to read on Sunday, expecting a stand alone with some sort of continuity as is the case with most series like this About a quarter through, some of that continuity was implied but not explained, so I went in search of the first book, this one And for late 1940s boy adventure, it s not bad The ambiguity of the age of the two main characters and their independence and knowledge might have been deliberate to appeal to a broader age demographic, but there were than a few incongruities with the ages that the authors husband and wife team writing as Bruce Campbell were trying to portray The flow was pretty well crafted until the end and the story for the most part seemed realistic until the end the authors did waver a bit towards the end with a few naive points for the primary charac Love this book Great children s mysterymy favorite children s mystery series Suspenseful, well written, moral.
Ride along as pure thrilling adventure is propelled firmly into the limelight The Secret of Skeleton Island sits firmly in the upper most echelon of the juvenile mystery sub genre This novel and its seventeen sequels follows the exploits of the eponymous Ken Holt, and his soon to be buddy Sandy Allen Refreshingly, the protagonists are neither self styled amateur detectives, or innocent bystanders with a knack of getting swept up in adventures via coincidence rather, the boys hail from the world of journalism in its macro and micro forms Ken is son of globally renowned reporter Richard Holt, while in the sleepy backwater town of Brentwood, the Allan family operate the local newspaper.
This book is one third adventure, one third thriller, and one third mystery, so it should be varied enough to entertain any reader no matter The looks between Ken Holt and his best friend Sandy take on a new meaning when reading this wholesome 1950s mystery in the 21st Century HaHaHaFun What Was Going On At The Exclusive Resort On Skeleton Island Which Looked So Peaceful Out There In The Bay During The Daytime Why Did The Freighter Louise Always Sail Empty From Her Pier This First KH In A Brand New Series Gives You The Answer To These And Many Other Questions Before Ken And Sandy Solve One Of The Most Baffling Mysteries Of The Day

Bruce Campbell is a pseudonym used by the husband and wife team of Sam and Beryl William Epstein for their Ken Holt mysteries Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.