↠´ The Real Deal (Harlequin Blaze, #573) ↠´ Download by ë Debbi Rawlins

↠´ The Real Deal (Harlequin Blaze, #573) ↠´ Download by ë Debbi Rawlins I enjoyed this book I liked the bit of conflict between the characters True the plot was light and fluffy but that was okay It was nice that the author gave a glimpse into life as a celebrity athlete It made me stop and think of what they give up, yes by choice, but they do sacrifice somethings The hero wasn t perfect which was good too.
Emily Carter Is In Manhattan For A Weeklong Adventure Shopping, Sightseeing And Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully, Sex She S Got A Copy Of Erotic New York And She S Not Afraid To Use ItNick Corrigan Finds Emily S Naughty Guidebook In Their Cab And Hand Delivers It To Her Hotel Enticingly Anonymous For Once, The Sexy All Star Pitcher Is Intrigued By The Bossy, Brainy Out Of TownerSoon The Unlikely Pair Is Steaming Up The Windows Of Nick S Penthouse Apartment Could This Be Just A Fun Vacation Flingor The Real Thing HBZ 573 3.
5 stars Wonderful read.
Predictable, but nonetheless loveable.
Miniseries Lose Yourself

Grade B He sighed With all the beautiful airheads I have at my disposal, I had to choose a smart ass to meet my folksThe set up Freelance editor Emily drags herself out of her self made, home based Cave of Solitude for a much needed splurge in New York City but a run in with a big league ballplayer changes her vacation itinerary from spas and shopping to seduction and sex.
The hits Studly but sensitive beta hero Smart, smartass heroine Great relationship building Swoon worthy romantic moments Believable angstifying about friends and family A low key but effective use of the superstar athlete angle No over the top villains or plot shenanigans.
The misses The obligatory tacked on but useless epilogue Blech The ballplayer hero thinks Romantical Thoughts in the final innings of a World Series game My inner baseball fan was screaming Keep your mind Beetje 13 in een dozijn boek Heerlijk om te lezen op het strand, tijdens vakantie etc etc Geen hoogstandje maar wel een vermakelijk verhaal.

Debbi Rawlins currently lives with her husband in Las Vegas, Nevada A native of Hawaii, she married on Maui and has since lived in Cincinnati, Chicago, Tulsa, Houston, Detroit, and Durham, North Carolina during the past twenty years.Now that she s had enough of the gypsy life, it ll take a crane, a bulldozer, and a forklift to get her out of her new home Not that her friends would let her leave