☆ The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh ô Download by ñ Stephanie Laurens

☆ The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh ô Download by ñ Stephanie Laurens Kit, the hero, is the not the typical character which plays out between the pages of a novel He hides who he is, masquerading as a rake for many years It was his way of protecting himself from the machinations of his mother After his mother dies, he is free to become the man he wants to be.
He is quite an admiral character, when he sets out to be his own man, starting a business of yacht building He is able to procure an old warehouse which hadn t been used for years With astuteness, he and his old friend from school days pull a team together of experienced and seasoned workers who had lost their jobs as businesses moved out of the town Kit s dream, unfortunately, dashes another s Miss Sylvia Buckleberry s.
Miss S Overall I enjoyed this latest edition to the world of the Cynsters they re comforting and I love returning back to this world However, this story was short and with less action Also, quite repetitive we get it Kit, you re attracted to this spunky Sylvia I feel like this would have been better suited as a short story so she could have cut it down quite a bit.
Bold And Clever, THE CAVANAUGHS Are Unlike Any Other Family In Early Victorian England New York Times Bestselling Author Stephanie Laurens Continues To Explore The Enthralling World Of These Dynamic Siblings In The Eagerly Anticipated Second Volume In Her Captivating Series A Gentleman Of MeansOne Of The Most Eligible Bachelors In London, Lord Christopher Kit Cavanaugh Has Discovered His True Path And It Doesn T Include The Expected Society Marriage Kit Is All Business And Has Chosen The Bustling Port Of Bristol To Launch His Passion Cavanaugh YachtsA Woman Of Character Miss Sylvia Buckleberry S Passion Is Her School For Impoverished Children When A New Business Venture Forces The School Out Of Its Building, She Must Act Quickly But Confronting Kit Cavanaugh Is A Daunting Task Made Even Difficult By Their First And Only Previous Meeting, When, Believing She D Never See Him Again, She D Treated Him Dismissively Still, Sylvia Is Determined To Be Persuasive An Unstoppable DuoBut It Quickly Becomes Clear There Are Others Who Want The School And Cavanaugh Yachts Closed Working Side By Side, Kit And Sylvia Fight To Secure Her School And To Expose The Blackguard Trying To Sabotage His Business Yet An Even Dastardly Villain Lurks, One Who Threatens The Future Both Discover They Now Hold Dear 3.
5 stars rounded upThis book starts shortly after the ending of the previous book, The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh Lord Kit Cavanaugh has moved to Bristol to start a new venture, Cavanaugh Yachts He has rented a warehouse and plans to open shop immediately along with his friend and business partner Wayland They want to take occupancy immediately, but learn a charity has been using it and they need a few days to vacate.
Sylvia Buckleberry learns from the officers of the Dock Company that they have rented the warehouse that she uses for a school and that she must vacate immediately She knew that it was a possibly that they would lose the space, but with the decline in shipbuilding, she never really thought it would happen She tries to fi I really enjoyed this book This was my FIRST Stephanie Laurens novel and it won t be my last Although it is the second in a series, I could read along just fine without reading the first book.
I enjoyed the sweet love story and the hint of mystery and intrigue to keep it going I received a copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
75 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date April 30, 2019 A Gentleman of MeansOne of the most eligible bachelors in London, Lord Christopher Kit Cavanaugh has discovered his true path and it doesn t include the expected society marriage Kit is all business and has chosen the bustling port of Bristol to launch his passion Cavanaugh Yachts.
A Woman of Character Miss Sylvia Buckleberry s passion is her school for impoverished children When a new business venture forces the school out of its building, she must act quickly But confronting Kit Cavanaugh is a daunting task made even difficult by their first and only previous meeting, when, believing she d never see him again, she d treated him dismissively Still, Sylvia is determined to be persuasive An Unstoppable DuoBut it quickly becomes clear there are others who want the school and Cavanaugh Yachts closed Working side by side, Kit and S Somebody save me from these romance novels that don t feature any passion I don t want pleasant I want intensity.

I have been reading Stephanie Laurens for years, she is definitely a queen amongst the Historical Romance genre, she is in a league of her own for excellence and this is right up there with the best For those who have read Ms Laurens will know what I mean, and for those who haven t read a Stephanie Laurens book yet, why You really must, for anyone who loves historical romance then this is the book and the author to go to 1843, Bristol Kit Cavanaugh after years of playing the rake, of building up a reputation that will keep all those pushy mama s and debutantes at bay but he did it all for reason, it was a way to protect himself from his manipulative and using mother But with his mother s death he and his siblings are free to do as they please, free to actually live rather then constantly looking over their shoulders wondering when the old coot was going to come down on them Now he has Terrific book Now that his brother s wedding was over, Kit was ready to head for Bristol and get his dream of Cavanaugh Yachts launched All he needed was the right location and the craftsmen with the right skills, and he would be set The site was quickly found all he needed to do was wait for the charity using it to vacate the premises.
Daughter of a vicar, Sylvia found her calling in providing education for the sons of Bristol dockworkers She and her team worked hard for the last two years and had just started seeing real progress in their efforts when she found out that they were losing their building.
I loved both Kit and Sylvia, both of whom made brief appearances in the previous book, The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh Kit had quite the reputation around London as a rake What no one knew was that it was a Wow What a remarkable author, Stephanie Laurens has published 50 historical romances 29 of them have been New York Times bestsellers What a splendid way to relax and read her books She sets her historical romances in the time of the British Regency and setting her stories from Scotland to India I loved reading The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh which is volume 2 The Cavanaughs books are in order volume 1 The designs of Lord Randolph Canvanaugh Volume 2 The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh Volume 3 The Beguilement of Lord Eustacia CavanaughYou don t need to read these books of order about the Cavanaughs as they can be read as a standalone.
With 50 books of different titles to choose from I m sure some readers of historical fict

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in London, Stephanie