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✓ Read ì The Prague Papers (#1 Tana Standish Series) by Nik Morton ✓ Czechoslovakia, Tana Is A Spy And She S Psychic Orphaned In The Warsaw Ghetto During The Second World War, She Was Adopted By A Naval Officer And His Wife Now She Works For The British Secret Intelligence Service Czechoslovakia S People Are Still Kicking Against The Soviet Invasion Tana Is Called In To Restore Morale And Repair The Underground Network But There S A Traitor At Work And She Learns About A Secret Soviet Complex In The Sumava Mountains Unknown To Her There S A Top Secret Establishment In Kazakhstan, Where Yakunin, One Of Their Gifted Psychics, Has Detected Her Presence In Czechoslovakia When Tana Infiltrates The Sumava Complex, She S Captured A Desperate Mission Is Mounted To Either Get Her Out Or To Silence Her Before She Breaks Under Interrogation After reading the prologue to this book I was hooked, the idea that this fantastic tale of secret agents and cold war shenanigans was based on fact was far too tempting to resist A young child uses her wits and undoubted courage to flee persecution and by a quirk of fate grows up to be an agent for a secret British intelligence agency Tana Standish a female Bond is a wonderful, stylish character who carries the story through a roller coaster of chases, shootouts, and devious undercover operations Highly trained and fearless, she also possesses a psychic ability that gives her an advantage but also places her in the crosshairs of enemies who track her from a secret base in Kazakhstan The locations are detailed, as are the workings of the intelligence agencies, evidence surely of an in depth knowledge and extensive research The pace is full speed ahead and often the subject matter is

Set during the Cold War behind the Iron Curtain in the mid 1970s the storyline follows the young, intriguing Tana Standish, a British secret agent, who was orphaned and yet managed to survive the brutality and the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto in WWII She possesses a psychic ability that gives her an advantage but occasionally appears to be something of a double edged sword Tana is called in to help repair the beleaguered underground network in Czechoslovakia, who had been brought to heel after the so called Prague Spring, when the reformist First Secretary, Alexander Dub ek, attempts of reform were brought to heel seven years earlier by the arrival of Soviet tanks This is a well researched novel with atmospheric descriptions of life under the yoke of Soviet rule A real page turner Highly recommended.
There s a nifty twist to this espionage adventure, set behind the Iron Curtain in the mid 1970s The smart, sexy female protagonist isn t just a rare survivor from Warsaw s WW2 ghetto Nor is she merely a highly skilled covert operative, brought up by the British to be extremely effective against the KGB Tana Standish has one thing going for her psychic talents There s nothing outlandish in the psi spy s capabilities they re neatly underplayed, a talent which isn t understood or entirely controllable but which frequently tips the odd in her favour.
This mild shift into the land of maybe is carefully contrasted with the grim, grey reality of life in Czechoslovakia in the Seventies, brought to heel seven years earlier by Soviet tanks, its citizens stifled by the relentless brutal mechanisms of an efficient totalitarian regime An underground resistance

Nik Morton is the author of a collection of 23 crime short stories collected in Leon Cazador, P.I., a romantic thriller series Catalyst, Catacomb and Cataclysm, Write a Western in 30 Days, three psychic spy Cold War thrillers Mission Prague, Mission Tehran, and Mission Khyber, a romantic crime thriller An Evil Trade, a vampire thriller set in Malta, Chill of the Shadow, and five other collectio