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[Victor Hussenot] ó Au pays des lignes [fat PDF] Read Online ¶ Inventive in a number of visual illustrative ways, but I just couldn t get past the gender stereotypes and the brave boy leading the way and saving the damsel in distress, with said damsel bestowing kisses.
Kind of trippy Wonder how it would look with 3 d glasses Beware smooching and girl needing to be rescued by boy sigh Don t know why this disturbs me, but it does Ending is unclear Soooo MUCH time had to be put into the illustrations, but it seems the storyline itself is a bit neglected.
A very unique take on a wordless picture book An imaginative world has been drawn just using lines for the shapes with large landscape and small people in only three colors The storyline is fairly easy to follow when looking at it closely, and I actually think my middle schoolers would enjoy the romance friendship adventure plot I feel that this could be one that would be useful in art classes particularly for the unique drawing elements Some may find it too busy, but I enjoyed reading it.

Wordless picture books always intrigue me since they depend so heavily on their illustrations to get their meaning message point across I m never quite sure if I understand all that is there, but I surely enjoy trying to do so Middle graders and early high schoolers will have fun following a boy and a girl in this book originally published in Switzerland, separated by various shapes that resemble the tops of trees and buildings or mountain formations and colors A little bit of exploration brings them together, and they hike through the area, taking risks, having fun, and generally, just bonding She even gets kidnapped by a monster with a secret of his own, and after he rescues her, he walks her home Who knows what s in store for the two of them, but her reaction to his departure and his thought bubble with her on his mind o I liked this book If you pick this up thinking it is a picture book for children, you will be disappointed or maybe confused If you have read some graphic novels, I think you will recognize the depth the author intended.
Our librarian asked me to see where other libraries had placed it because it puzzled her and she wanted a second opinion, so I read it and did some research It got some pretty lackluster reviews here yes the boy rescues the girl, but that isn t what the story is about I see a journey, I see an individual overcoming a monster within himself and being forgiven I see different kind of people being friends on an adventure.
books are changing Graphic novels are taking upandreal estate on library shelves, and what we think of as the written word is morphing It took me I like the concept of this book, but I don t understand what its purpose is The story was confusing and lacked significance to me This book is visually pleasing, but I wouldn t go so far as to say that it celebrates the power of art And this book being described as a heroic journey is debatable Disappointed in this one.
I spotted this with the juvie graphic novels the other day at the library and gave it a quick read It s a book without words, but the picturesthan tell the story It s the story of two little characters, one red and one blue, and they live in a land of lines They go on an adventure together, rescue a yellow character they run into, and they do everything maybe even fall in love Nope Definitely a cute twist.
The story was slow at the start and wasn t too complex by the end, but it was beautifully and creatively illustrated It s great to see what just a few colors and a bunch of lines can amount to.
In The Land Of Lines, Anything Is Possible The Connection Between A Boy And A Girl From Different Worlds, The Potential For Self Discovery, And The Vanquishing Of A Monster While Exploring Mysterious Terrain, The Characters Cascade Down Geometric Cliffs And Mountains, Navigating The Unknown And Finding Their Potential Readers Will Immerse Themselves In This Engaging Wordless Graphic Novel That Captures The Timeless Heroic Journey And Celebrates The Power Of Art Art teachers might really enjoy this book, but I know my kids will enjoy this wordless picture book.
Shelved with picture books in my library, but I think is intended to be a very short graphic novel for older readers.
I find the yellow hard to see on the page.
Cool how the red girl and blue boy meet each other in the landscape and explore together She falls in love with him see her thought bubble of a heart After a yellow monster captures the girl, the boy rescues her And, in the process, changes the yellow monster to a yellow boy Thought it was a bit confusing as they dropped everyone off at home first the yellow guy, then the red girl She wants the boy to stay, but he leaves to do things on his own We see him sitting alone thinking of her.

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