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[Jeff Wheeler] î The Kings Traitor (Kingfountain, #3) [young-adult-fantasy PDF] Read Online î Thoroughly enjoyable light fantasy series.
An enjoyable read but far too predictable It had the premise for a great story but fell flat for me the fact that it was fairly predictable to guess what was going to happen did the book a big disservice There was so much potential in there for greater characterisation A bit humdrum in the end.
Against All Odds, Owen Kiskaddon Grew From Frightened Boy To Confident Youth To Trusted Officer In The Court Of Kingfountain And Watched Its Regent, Severn Argentine, Grow Ever Ruthless And Power Mad Robbed Of His Beloved Protector, His Noble Mentor, And His True Love, Owen Has Anticipated The Day When The King He Fears And Reviles, Yet Loyally Serves, Will Be Toppled Now, As Severn Plots A Campaign Of Conquest, The Time Has Come To Take Action And Owen S Destiny Demands That He Lead The StrikeOrdered To Incite War With A Neighboring Kingdom, Owen Discovers Its Beautiful, Reclusive Ruler, Whose Powerful Magic Might Even Exceed His Own Together They Mount A Daring Plot To Overthrow The Corrupt Monarch, Crown The Rightful Heir, And Defeat The Prophesied Curse Threatening Kingfountain With Wintry Death But Severn S Evil Is As Bottomless As The Fabled Deep Fathoms To Keep His Ill Gotten Throne, He Ll Gladly Spill The Blood Of Enemies And Innocents Alike I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this from NetGalley The King s Traitor is a fabulous ending for the Kingfountain series I listened to the first two books on Audible Jeff Wheeler and Kate Rudd are an unbeatable combo but was so eager to find out how the series wrapped up that I couldn t wait for the audio this time Very strong recommend First, I applaud the author for writing a fantasy story that deals with meaty human moral dilemmas without resorting to explicit scenes and language There is a lot to be said and thought about in this series about loyalty and ethics.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series, which married War of the Roses history with an interesting magic tradition steeped in history Throw in some interesting self centered characters and pragmatic betrayals, and it was a winning formula Some of the writing was uneven, but the plot was never predictable and the characters enjoyable.
The third in the series was of the same, but the final third of the novel let me down In what seems to be an apparent effort to really make the conclusion epic, too much happens Several of these surprising events of the book came out of nowhere Probably 4 4.
5 stars but extra star for characters making good choices so I don t have to throw my Kindle across the room AND because in the author s notes he mentions Richard Armitage as a casting choice should the series ever be filmed.
The intrigue deepens, the pieces are in motion, and Owen must unite Ceredigion under it s rightful king before the ancient curse of the Wizr s sends the entire kingdom to the deep fathoms.
It s hard to talk about book three without spoilers to the rest of the series The magic that brought Owen and his future wife together ended up being.
wellbeautiful They were SO freaking adorable when they fudged their first kiss, and those sandals I love in Wheeler s books how decisions always have consequences, good bad or ugly, and there is always some kind of pivotal choice to be made I knew Owen made the best choices and he was rewarded for it As the mystery and lore was unfolding, I was hoping for another flood of biblical proportions How many times did these books make me tear up How much do I love Owen s honor, and Sinia s po

5 Brilliant If you liked This was a great ending to a King Arthur and Little Mermaid retelling.
I genuinely think this is a series that might appeal to women than men, it is a greatly told story of trust and mistrust, of justice and fairness I was just so enchanted by the series and I just loved the magic system which I do not think it is based on anything I have read so far The book just left me with happy, a fantasy story with a very positive approach There is death but I believe it can be coped with The writing style is also something I have greatly appreciated I would almost say that this is a series that can be approached at any age, a delightful story that will leave you smiling

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