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↠´ Read ☆ The Hoarder in You by Robin Zasio ☆ I guess I intuitively knew there was a hoarding continuum I have one sister who exists very much on the minimalist end of that scale I envy her ease at keeping her house clean and organized My other sister and I inhabit the mid range of the scale, thankfully well away from OMG territory, but we struggle with accumulations of stuff in our homes.
It makes complete sense to me that the hoarding tendency goes hand in hand with anxiety issues and with perfectionism My desire to do things not merely well, but excellently often stands in my way when I am sorting household debris if I could just toss things into the dumpster and leave it at that, my home would be much less crowded However, I feel the necessity to recycle as many items as possible making things available for people who have le In the 1 5 hoarder continuun, from neat freak to hoarder, I am, actually a 4 I don t actually hoard anything with 1 exception and I don t have ANY trouble throwing things away, usually I constantly have a bag of clothes set to donate, I sell stuff at a community yard sale every year That said, I m a huge slob There is crap in every room of my house I throw some away but it s still a total mess So this book gave me hints on how to tackle this in small doses which were helpful I immediately cleaned out the freezer by asking the question she asks of hoarders to get them to throw out food this might still be safe, but it s probably no longer tasty Also, that Trader Joe s frozen food that you didn t really like Cut your losses You don t want to e

Initial reaction I picked this up from my library as a random read on organization, and this turned out to be a nice resource in the realm of organization and clearing clutter on a psychological level It addresses both cluttered lifestyles and hoarding, and Dr Robin Zasio, psychologist on the series Hoarders, approaches the topic with a myriad of stories, helpful tips, and analysis of such problems on a psychological level I really appreciated that this book takes on the topic on a level of organizational approaches as well as mental emotional examinations.
Full review This was a book I picked up a long while ago to search for resources on organization, clutter, and self improvement When I initially came across it at my local library, given that I d seen marathons of the show Hoarders, I jumped at the chance to read it, even if I wouldn t necessarily call myself a hoarder Yoda time Guilty secret I am a pack rat who dreams of being a minimalist I attach emotional value on clothes, jewelry, gifts, and other items I have clutter closets filled beyond acceptable capacity I am not an extreme hoarder, my house is clean and neat but I am uncomfortable with the level of stuff I do have hidden in my closets I seem to place sentimental value on clothes above all other items, weird huh I figured that out after doing all the questioning steps in this book I found the tie that bound me to these items, time I had with my mother shopping for clothes, a treasured time gift I tried desperately to hold on to I have a distorted view of the impact these items have on me They made me sad at the memories that were so bri I love the show Hoarders and I love Dr Robin Zasio I picked this up thinking that it was going to be a lot of stories of extreme hoarders as is presented on the TV show While some examples were discussed, this was of a self help book to help you purge the clutter from your life Even if you are not an extreme hoarder as depicted on the show I still remember that episode when they were pulling out the dead cat bodies from the clutter and the home owner was like so that s what happened to Fluffy there is lots of good advice that everyone can use including how to organize your stuff and what the shelf life is on certain things There is also a useful section on how to talk yourself out of buying things and an internal dialogue you can have with yourself when you are reluctant to get rid of things It doesn t mea I m not really much of a hoarder, but I m always looking for ways to help me get rid of stuff and clear the clutter Unless you have a serious problem with hoarding, only the first part of the book will be useful Unless, of course, you like to read case histories of people who have had pathological hoarding tendencies The one that sticks in my mind from this book is the guy who could not even offer people a place to sit when they came to his house because every surface was covered with dog figurines Did he even have a real dog The book doesn t say.
Dr Robin Zasio, the psychologist from the hit TV show Hoarders, offers self help for those of us with a tendency towards accumulating clutter non hoarders with hoarder tendencies or clutterers using the same professional guidance she gives her hoarder patients This book is amazingly helpful for people wanting to deal with excessive clutter, but readers with even a low level hoarding problem will probably need professional help as this book provides tools but cannot replace an actual therapist and won t magically turn a hoarder into a self starter who is capable of decluttering.
She begins by identifying some of the many reasons behind hoarding tendencies and explaining the most common cognitive distortions underlying them These are all or n So, so good And timely I got a lot out of understanding myself and others Professional advice from someone who actually has kids I can finally get rid of some of the silly things I ve been hanging on to and maybe even be slightly less judgmental of others maybe This book is for everyone who has belongings not just hoarders I just happen to be purging at the moment so my head is in the zone and very open to the idea of letting things go.
Amazing books, The Hoarder in You Author Robin Zasio This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Hoarder in You , Essay By Robin Zasio Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I planned to take today off Instead, I ended up doing chores, cause I had this audiobook playing.

Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW, is a featured therapist on the AE series Hoarders and specializes in treating hoarding and other anxiety related conditions.