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✓ The Glass Rainbow · Download by æ James Lee Burke This is the eighteenth entry in James Lee Burke s series featuring Dave Robicheaux, a detective in the sheriff s department in New Iberia, Louisiana, and it s distinguished principally by the fact that both Robicheaux and his long time running buddy, Clete Purcel, are feeling their age and sensing that the end is near.
As always in these books, the atmosphere looms large and, as has been the case in several of them, Dave s own family is at grave personal risk In this case, it s his adopted daughter, Alafair, who is home on a break from college and struggling to complete a novel Alafair begins a relationship with Kermit Abelard, the son of a family that has long constituted something of the local aristocracy Dave has always had a chip Sturdy entry in the Sheriff Dave Robicheaux series Kept me interested even during the Super Bowl, so that s saying a lot I m going with 5 stars if just for the entertainment value TGR packed for me, and the vivid prose sometimes I just shook my head in awe Good stuff, plain and simple.
David Robicheaux needs to find who is behind the death of women in Jefferson Davis Parish.
David our main protagonist, a veteran detective who s seen the evil that men do and has had his own demons to battle with in the past, he hasscars thorough life than any one man would want to accumulate He s still living and walking the earth, he s strong will, good character and fight for survival is testament to this.
In the search for the guilty very bad men emerge from the shadows.
Fingers start pointing onto the direction of Herman Stanga a creep of the highest order who s responsible for wrecking thousands of lives and has enemy from all corners of society.
Another bad apple Vidor Perkins, a sociopath with a very stained life becomes a problem for David as he makes threats and scares his precious daughter Alafair.
David has This is the 18th book in the David Robicheaux series In this story the detective with the New Iberia, Louisiana sheriff s department is investigating the deaths of seven young women in neighboring Jefferson Davis Parish They appear to be the work of a serial killer but one of the victims, Bernadette Latiolais, was a high school honor student and does not fit the profile of the other victims Despite the number of victims there seems to be little interest or belief that a serial killer is in their midst But Dave has his best friend, Clete Purcel, to help him with the case.
Adding to his troubles Dave s adopted daughter, Alafair, is home on a break from Stanford Law to put the finishing touches on her novel and she is in love with Kermit Abelard, a novelist himself, and scion of a once prominent Louisiana family Ab After 18 novels in the Dave Robicheaux series, I think I m done with this Burke has been running on fumes for the last couple of installments, and really seems to have run out of gas Much as I hate to admit it, it s past time to retire this series.
Burke is one of the few really good stylists working in genre fiction, but genre fiction depends upon plot, and there is virtually none here Burke barely makes any effort to explain what lies behind the deaths of the two young girls which seems to be the central crime of the book, or what any of the key characters have to do with it There s action, but very little reason for it And, for that matter, almost all of the action is initiated by Dave and his pal, Clete Purcell, working to get a Bound A Stained Glass Radiance SunPost Weekly July 29, 2010http bit.
ly c7L71wJohn HoodLast week I had the great good pleasure of slipping into The Big Easy for a couple days courtesy of Cointreau, who d flown me up to that storied city in order to interview Dita Von Teese While I was there I made a point of strolling the French Quarter at daybreak so that I might get a whiff of some of those ghosts James Lee Burke is forever mentioning in his works And the man is right the spirits are palpable, all over town But particularly in the Quarter, which has seen some of the heaviest history in the last two centuries The Quarter in the early hours is really nice, right at dawn, The 2009 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master told me by phone earlier this w James Lee Burke S Eagerly Awaited New Novel Finds Detective Dave Robicheaux Back In New Iberia, Louisiana, And Embroiled In The Most Harrowing And Dangerous Case Of His Career Seven Young Women In Neighboring Jefferson Davis Parish Have Been Brutally Murdered While The Crimes Have All The Telltale Signs Of A Serial Killer, The Death Of Bernadette Latiolais, A High School Honor Student, Doesn T Fit She Is Not The Kind Of Hapless And Marginalized Victim Psychopaths Usually Prey Upon Robicheaux And His Best Friend, Clete Purcel, Confront Herman Stanga, A Notorious Pimp And Crack Dealer Whom Both Men Despise When Stanga Turns Up Dead Shortly After A Fierce Beating By Purcel, In Front Of Numerous Witnesses, The Case Takes A Nasty Turn, And Clete S Career And Life Are Hanging By Threads Over The Abyss Adding To Robicheaux S Troubles Is The Matter Of His Daughter, Alafair, Who Is On Leave From Stanford Law To Put The Finishing Touches On Her Novel Her Literary Pursuit Has Led Her Into The Arms Of Kermit Abelard, Celebrated Novelist And Scion Of A Once Prominent Louisiana Family Whose Fortunes Are Slowly Sinking Into The Corruption Of Louisiana S Subculture Abelard S Association With Bestselling Ex Convict Author Robert Weingart, A Man Who Uses And Discards People Like Kleenex, Causes Robicheaux To Fear That Alafair Might Be Destroyed By The Man She Loves As His Daughter Seems To Drift Away From Him, He Wonders If He Has Become A Victim Of His Own Paranoia But As Usual, Robicheaux S Instincts Are Proven Correct And He Finds Himself Dealing With A Level Of Evil That Is Greater Than Any Enemy He Has Confronted In The PastSet Against The Backdrop Of An Edenic Paradise Threatened By Pernicious Forces, James Lee Burke S The Glass Rainbow Is Already Being Hailed As Perhaps The Best Novel In The Robicheaux Series James Lee Burke has always been a go to writer for me His Dave Robichaux series, in particular, has given me many hours of entertainment and an appreciation of writing place that I did not have before Set in southern Louisiana, these books tell the story of Dave Robichaux and his friend and former partner in the New Orleans Police Department, Clete Purcel Both men are deeply flawed, alcoholics in and out of recovery, and men who stand by their own code of honor as they become involved in the crimes they encounter.
Burke understands southern Louisiana the look, the feel, the smells, the sounds, and its people His books always present nuanced characters and plots that are deeply embedded within decades of Louisiana history He does not romanticize, but he does not denigrate, either Rather he celebrates the good of a life that was, the bad of that life, and the present as we all watch plac I am a member of the camp that finds the work of James Lee Burke necessary I have read that he is the modern day Faulkner All I know is that he brings alive the Louisiana that I know and his characters remain with me in between the releases of the books.
In The Glass Rainbow, there is all that I have found familiar and seductive in the past plus a new twist mortality Dave has an angel or a demon on his back, as always and as the reader walks with him, he she will find themselves looking for shapes in the mist that foretell that this time, the stakes are a little higher, the cost is a little .
Taken at face value, the book delivers on every count corruption, the face of evil, flawed heroes, tragic and doomed characters of New PROTAGONIST Dave Robicheaux, deputy sheriffSETTING Louisiana SERIES 18 of 18RATING 3.
0Dave Robicheaux, a deputy sheriff for Iberia Parish, Louisiana, has just returned from a trip to Montana, only to find a grievous crime spree in front of him, one involving the rape and mutilation of seven local women Although many of the victims resided outside his area of responsibility, Dave finds himself pulled into the case because of the plight of two of the victims Unlike the other five, thely were people who had led good lives In particular, Dave is moved by the senseless death of Bernadette Latiolais who had overcome tremendous poverty to make something out of her life.
But The Glass Rainbow doesn t really focus on the investigation of these murders Instead, a large part of the narrative is devoted to two threads Dave s adopted daughter Alafair s ser

Dave Robicheaux series He has twice received the Edgar Award for Best Novel, for