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Download Epub Format Õ The Gilded Wolves PDF by ↠´ Roshani Chokshi If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell VirgilHello friends, and let me welcome you to my review of my favorite fantasy novel of the year err of 2019 Whichever way you look at it, The Gilded Wolves is the type of read where after turning the final page your jaw hits the floor, and then days later, when you ve semi recovered, it s all you want to talk about with anyone you come in contact with My husband is sick and tired of me bringing it up over and over, constantly trying to work through what I think will happen in the sequel and why Roshani thought she could earn my trust, make me fall in love with this gang of cool kids, and then rip my heart out like it was nothingHis father had not allowed him to call her mother, and in public she referred to him as Monsieur Severin But at night when she snuck into his room to sing his lullabies, she always whispered one thing be this book is serving some majorsix of crowsmeetsthe da vinci coderealness and i had no idea that was something i needed in my life until now gosh, with a story this good, where do i even begin the massive cast of diverse and interesting characters who have each made their way into my small heart the intricate and highly thought out plot that constantly delivers twists and turns at every corner the effortless and gorgeous writing which paints a historically stunning world filled with delicious food, breathtaking sights, and cunning individuals this story is the ultimate treasure hunt and X marks everything i love about it and sure, no matter how much i rave about this, it isnt without its problems there are some massive info dumps that take some effort to sort through, the acute focus on details can make the writing seem dense and even confusing at times, and th ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Sometimes the only way to take down what had destroyed you was to disguise yourself as part of itMost of you know that Roshani Chokshi is one of my favorite authors I loved both The Star Touched Queen A Crown of Wishes with my whole heart and soul So, I knew when she was writing a brand new series, about a found family completing heists and solving puzzles, that I wouldn t be able to resist once I got my hands on an ARC And friends, this was such a treat to read This is a historical fantasy set in alternate 1889 Paris, France, and in this alternate world, children will manifest magical powers by the age of thirteen And there are two different kinds of magic the magic of mind and the magic of matter There is also a very powerful secret society, that goes by the nam DNF pg 37UPDATE I decided I m just going to straight up DNF this I didn t get very far but I just don t think this is a book for me I think the concept is so cool but unfortunately the writing style didn t mesh with me I got about 40 pages into this and just felt very confused, especially since I ve heard such rave reviews I m not DNFing, I m just going to try again next month because I don t think this will help me to get out of my reading slump right now 1 15 Edit It s here It s been almost 3 years since this trilogy first sold, and I still can t quite believe it s finally on shelves So many people have touched this book and helped forge ha ha it into the story that it is today This book demanded so much of my heart and taught me some much needed lessons in story and craft If there s other writers reading this, know that I 100% understand that sometimes the hardest thing about finishing a story is knowing when to let it go The beauty of story is that it goes on to live different lives with different readers, and I hope this book finds a home in your heart I fell in love with this nerdy crew and their world back in 2015, and I wrote the best book I could at the time It may not be the easiest read to sink into, but I hope the readers who give it a chance find themselves wrapp

He thought of the stories he d heard growing up about the underworld The tale of Orpheus, who looked behind him and lost everything He wouldn t be that He would descend and ascend, and lose nothing but a handful of time I AM DEAD Friends, I have no words to describe how much I loved this book But also I have too many words please scream with me This was such a fun historical fantasy, and I ADORED the cast You know when you just instantly fall in love with every single character like you just know you would throw yourself in front of a bus for them yes that Also, THE OTP TO END ALL OTPS I CANNOT even speak about how much I adored Laila and Severin as a ship The angst the drama And that all the angst and drama seemed so Apparently, this is the first in a TRILOGY YAY WellI m pretty disappointed with that ending Surely Chokshi could ve chosen a better cliffhanger to make us anticipate the next book Eh, oh well I still really loved this This book was pretty confusing at times, in regards to the world building, but the character development, and their relationships with one another, were where the book truly shined My absolute favourite characters were Zofia, Hypnos, and Tristanwhich definitely attributed to me not enjoying the ending and you know what I m referring to, if you ve read it Honestly, for all the Six of Crows esque marketing, this book had very little in common with it If anything, it wasIndiana Jones meets the DaVinci Code The heists wereintricate here and there was nonstop action, enthralling me as I turned page after page Also, ther I read the first chapter of Gilded Wolves and was like ok, I need to clear like 2 days because once I start this, I won t be able to put it down AND SO IT WAS Roshani perfectly balances the stories of Severin, Laila, Zofia, Enrique and Tristan, taking us on an unrelenting adventure through and alternative Paris filled with magic and intrigue and power hungry families And the descriptions of food And clothes The fight scenes The romance I felt like I was living in this world, and am sort of grumpy that I m not, to be honest One thing that stood out to me was the originality of the characters within their own identities as marginalized characters who are dealing with issues that marginalized characters would deal with in real life but in a historical fa History is a myth shaped by the tongues of conquerors.
From the Author s NoteWell Chokshi has really stepped up her game with this book It s like Six of Crows mixed with the best bits of a Dan Brown book In short, it s full of friendship, scheming, and lots of puzzles to solve.
I began reading The Gilded Wolves with some trepidation My multiple attempts to read the author s past work led to me complaining about a disconnect with her flowery, poetic writing style In this book, the descriptions are vivid and opulent, but she loses a lot of the synesthetic metaphors, making it a muchenjoyable read for me It s Paris 1889, during the Exposition Universelle a world s fair that featured grand operas, displays of locomotives, the largest diamond in the world at the time and a Negro village A human zoo This is not fantasy Much of this book is the real history of Paris i No One Believes In Them But Soon No One Will Forget ThemIt SThe City Is On The Cusp Of Industry And Power, And The Exposition Universelle Has Breathed New Life Into The Streets And Dredged Up Ancient Secrets Here, No One Keeps Tabs On Dark Truths Better Than Treasure Hunter And Wealthy Hotelier S Verin Montagnet Alarie When The Elite, Ever Powerful Order Of Babel Coerces Him To Help Them On A Mission, S Verin Is Offered A Treasure That He Never Imagined His True InheritanceTo Hunt Down The Ancient Artifact The Order Seeks, S Verin Calls Upon A Band Of Unlikely Experts An Engineer With A Debt To Pay A Historian Banished From His Home A Dancer With A Sinister Past And A Brother In Arms If Not BloodTogether, They Will Join S Verin As He Explores The Dark, Glittering Heart Of Paris What They Find Might Change The Course Of History But Only If They Can Stay Alive

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