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[Ali Harris] î The First Last Kiss [geek PDF] Read Online · How Do You Hold On To A Love That Is Slowly Slipping Away From You Can You Let Go Of The Past When You Know What Is In The Future And How Do You Cope When You Know That Every Kiss Is A Countdown To Goodbye This Is The Story Of A Love Affair, Of Ryan And Molly And How They Fell In Love And Were Torn Apart The First Time Molly Kissed Ryan, She Knew They D Be Together Forever Six Years And Thousands Of Kisses Later She S Married To The Man She Loves But Today, When Ryan Kisses Her, Molly Realises How Many Of Them She Wasted Because The Future Holds Something Which Neither Of Them Could Have Ever Predicted So I finally located this in paperback Waited 3 weeks for it to arrive.
4 1 2 First Last Kiss StarsKiss till you can t kiss any , kiss on the street in front of everyone, kiss as if each one were the lastThis story is a well written, realistic, slowly told love story Be warned that the last 30 percent turns into a full blown sob fest Think Fault in Our Stars by John Greene story line and ending.
The story goes from present to past but the past story line doesn t flow chronologically I found this slightly confusing as I was constantly trying to figure out where I was time wise.
I absolutely loved the characters, I felt connected to them from the get go I just loved Molly and Ryan and those kisses, each and everyone one of themI ll savour every single kiss from now untilnot the enduntil foreverRyan and Molly s love story is told imperfections and all From the worst first kiss ever to the many amazing ones that followed I also love The First Last Kiss is one of my favorite books of all time, I absolutely loved it I can t say a lot about it, because it s one of those books that just has to be experienced Ryan and Molly s journey is a story about real life and real love Their differences complement each other in the best way Molly is someone who aspires to travel and have big experiences in life, where Ryan prefers to live simply closer to home My favorite part of their relationship is that Ryan shows Molly that sometimes the best part of life is to just be Be happy, do what you love, appreciate the time you spend with loved ones, and enjoy the small moments in life that sometimes become the most important This is one of those rare books for me that is extra meani Molly and Ryan met in high school and they both wanted to be together but they never let the other know After running into each other several times over the years, they finally get together, break up and then get married Everything is perfect, right First things first, I really don t like the way this book was set up Each chapter talks about a different kiss that I liked What I didn t like was the constant going back and forth in the timelineit was sooo confusing The good thing is that once you becomefamiliar with when things happened, it becomes easier to read And right from the start, you know that Ryan and Molly are not together at the end and along the way, you get all these little clues Some stick with HOW DO YOU WORDS deep breathes 135454 times to regain composure Ali Harris, I want to bake you cupcakes How many kisses do we waste, brush away, throw away, and then, when they are no longer there, how many times do we wish that we could relive them all a hundredfoldYou find this book right And then you re like Oh, let me read the blurb see what is about , and it kind of feels like an okay book and your life is busy and stressed so you pick it up and start reading because you have the idea it will be an easy reading Well it s not IT IS SO NOT If you manage to not be spoiled, I can assure you, you have no idea what kind of story you re about to read.
I m going to create a new shef called books that made me look at life differently and that I wish could have My Molly and Ryan What happens when you meet The One when you are too young, when your dreams have not been fulfilled yet You make mistakes A big ones And this is exactly what this story is about Is Ryan the best thing that has ever happened to Molly Is love strong enough to overcome unlike dreams and ideas about life Or has destiny chosen completely different path for MollyWhen you ve been through what I have, gambled everything on love and lost you re never the same again Not really The First Last Kiss is story about life and love, about dreams and reality, about mistakes and lessons, about growing up and learning through the way.
Readers know that something happened between Ryan and Molly Was it good Bad Expected Wanted Sad Author kept me guessing all the time But unfortunatelly, I couldn t get into the stor 4.
5 STARS You could have offered me a flight to the moon and I wouldn t have gone if it had meant being apart from him Molly and Ryan are two people who fell in love the epic, flawed and once in a lifetime kind Their story is about life and compromise, with adorable moments that made swoon but also with such profound sadness that my heart broke Well, that s good because I know I love you, Molly Carter My favourite character was by far and away Ryan He was so sweet and caring, and came without the unnecessary and stereotypical arrogance usually accompanying male leads The love he had for Molly was so great, I was filled with joy just reading about it It s impossible for anyone to understand the complete lure of love until you ve been in it The reason this wasn t a 5 star is because Adult Contemporary books that progress beyond the HEA sta ImagineIt strikes me what a beautiful word it is, full of hope, possibility and belief.
I m writing this review with a huge lump in my throat The story is so beautiful that I just want to break down and cry all over again It s the most beautiful and most meaningful book I ve read in a very long time and it will stick with me forever I know it s a book that I will always want to reread, even 10, 20 or 30 years from now This book completely changed me I am so much like Molly, it s not even funny It s like it was written specially for me Real eye opener It s so realistic and just real It s a story about childhood, parenthood, adulthood, love, loss and life.
This is the story of Molly and Ryan They re both so very Have you ever kissed someone and felt them slipping away from you even as you did it Have you imagined the day when their lips are not yours to kiss any Have you ever closed your eyes and tried desperately to hold on to that kiss, that moment in your mind and in your heart so you can remember it foreverThere are so many books that I ve read that lack substance, feeling, and character development So many books that others loved and I find myself feeling meh about Then a book comes along and changes everything A book so stunning, realistic, amazing that you know in your heart of hearts that you will be changed forever The First Last Kiss was that book for me It was beautiful, emotional, and realistic I know that I will never come across another story even close to this As a result, The First Last Kiss has made it to the coveted Favorite books of All Tim

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