¿ The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) ó Download by È Victoria Lee

¿ The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) ó Download by È Victoria Lee I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the author for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.
Me h Victoria Lee, probably I ll make sure you never know happiness againTHAT HURTED but like in a good way.
It s hard to say in a sentence what The Fever King is about You could say it s about Noam, a Jewish Latino bisexual teen who survives the magic virus that kills most of the population and leaves him a witching, status which grants him a spot among the people he and his family have always fought against You could say it s about impossible decisions and the line between right and wrong You could say it s about intergenerational trauma and what it does to the individual and to a community The Fever King is a book that will draw you in and make you care about the characters and the story Even if you are not familiar with the genre I would say it s The premise of this book sounded captivating and I couldn t wait for the author to introduce the romance between the two male characters who basically hate each other, but I did not expect this YA story to be so mature The world building is dark, Noam works to improve the conditions of refugees by working with government officials and developing his own powers, and there are plenty of secrets no one cares to share There s drinking, drugs, sex Adult stuff It s a page turner, but not an instant one The first chapter is confusing because of the complexity of the world It takes time to understand truly understand what is going on and what Noam s purpose is but once you do it all become worth it It s like when you have three essays to hand in on one specific date and you know it s going to be a nightmare to finish those but once you finish them y In The Former United States, Sixteen Year Old Noam Lvaro Wakes Up In A Hospital Bed, The Sole Survivor Of The Viral Magic That Killed His Family And Made Him A Technopath His Ability To Control Technology Attracts The Attention Of The Minister Of Defense And Thrusts Him Into The Magical Elite Of The Nation Of CaroliniaThe Son Of Undocumented Immigrants, Noam Has Spent His Life Fighting For The Rights Of Refugees Fleeing Magical Outbreaks Refugees Carolinia Routinely Deports With Vicious Efficiency Sensing A Way To Make Change, Noam Accepts The Minister S Offer To Teach Him The Science Behind His Magic, Secretly Planning To Use It Against The Government But Then He Meets The Minister S Son Cruel, Dangerous, And Achingly Beautiful And The Way Forward Becomes Less ClearCaught Between His Purpose And His Heart, Noam Must Decide Who He Can Trust And How Far He S Willing To Go In Pursuit Of The Greater Good 2.
5 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature It s the 22nd century, and North America is divided into several different countries in the aftermath of a worldwide disaster A plague that first hit back in the early part of the 21st century killed and continues to kill almost every person who get infected with the virus Those few who survive become witchings, developing a variety of magical powers as a result of the virus s presence in their body.
Noam lvaro is a bisexual teenage refugee from Atlantia, now living in the West Durham slums of thewell developed country of Carolinia He s the son of a Jewish mother and a Hispanic father thus ticking as many boxes as I ve ever seen for diversity representation in a single character When Noam survives a plague outbreak that kills his father and most of the people he knows, he I m not going to lie, the only reason I decided to pick this book up was for the m m rep, which did not disappoint prepare for a lot of angst I honestly didn t know much else about it or what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it This book was incredibly diverse and the bisexual representation in particular, made me ridiculously happy I meant it when I said I wasn t gay Noam said.
Ames looked disbelieving , but she didn t pull away.
Noam smirked Bisexual isn t gay I can t put into words how much it means to hear characters refer to themselves as Bi So often we are erased and just assumed to be gay and it was refreshing to see this character correcting this assumption, and he did it in a way that didn t come across as overly defensive It definitely took me some time to get into the story, as it did start out pretty slow I foun I had no idea that I need this book in my life until I stumbled upon the synopsis Dang That sounds so intriguing My gay romance radar went on autopilot and my inner queer faerie is slaphappy lol Guess that s what you call a win win situation XD Was this completely predictable Yes.
Did I care Not even a little, and that should tell you something about how well written these characters are The Fever King is the first book in a futuristic sci fantasy series set in what is left of the once United States It follows a main character who is bisexual, Jewish and Colombian and it features a main m m romance It s a story that talks about a lot of interesting themes, and I m going to get to that in this review, but first I want to talk about what this book made me think about predictability.
I think we often use this was predictable to mean that a book was boring and banal And I mean, that s often true, especially for books in which predictability isn t the point I wouldn t complain about predictability in the romance genre, you know but sometimes it s just not.
Sometimes a book is predictable because it took the path

arc sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI was nervous about this oneI don t usually get into SF F books which is a part of my personality we re working on this year, pls contribute to the cause with your recs But I appreciated the hell out of this book IT WAS SO CHARACTER DRIVEN But at the same time, we re given science and betrayal AND TRUE LOVE FOR THE GAYS This was an excellent novel What is this book aboutNoam a gorgeous bisexual high school dropout lives in a post nuclear fallout America In his society, magic is a virus if you get infected you either die or live and gain magical powers The cool thing about it is that these powers are based on actual science technology So, if you want to, say, heal things You must have a solid foundation in anatomy So no screwing up in your STEM classes If I do say so myself, what a concept IT S JUST REALLY SMOOTH The thing about The Fever King is that it s about so many different things that it s just truly indescribable.
It s about a virus that has taken so many innocent lives, yet has become a magical blessing for those who survive it It s about moral ambiguity and deciding what s right and wrong for you but also for everyone else It s about identity, and trauma, and finding your place in a world that is always changing.
It s about a boy named Noam, and a boy named Dara, and what they must do to keep living in a world that demandsfrom them but has only given them pain And it s also about the horrendously, achingly, painfully slow slowburn romance that blossoms between them but that s not the point The void from earlier was back, yawnin My full review is now up on my blog There s something about books that make you avoid any and all real life responsibilities, stay up until 2 a.
, bleary eyed and exhausted, and leave you with your soul crushed beyond recognition and have you loving every single second of it Something that leaves a distinctly enunciated yes in its wake that reverberates warmly in your heart with its perfect, almost poetic diction, and its all consuming intensity.
And that special something has ensconced itself deeply in The Fever King The Fever King is about family the one tied together by blood, and the one you choose for yourself about being torn between two worlds, and fighting for what is right It s about loss, living life in the wake of trauma, and about finding oneself about making choices that shape oneself, and shaping oneself with the choices one makes Now that bot

Victoria Lee grew up in Durham, North Carolina, where she spent twelve ascetic years as a vegetarian before discovering spicy chicken wings are, in fact, a delicacy She s been a state finalist competitive pianist, a hitchhiker, a pizza connoisseur, an EMT, an expat in China and Sweden, and a science doctoral student She s also a bit of a snob about fancy whisky.Victoria writes early in the morni