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Trailer ¿ The Favorite Daughter PDF by ¿ Kaira Rouda Kaira Rouda writes the best unreliable narrators and like Paul from her debut novel The Best Day Ever , Jane joins the ranks The narrator, Jane believes she is a super mom, wife and best friend with comparisons to Martha Stewart Some of her inner thoughts gave me pause She has two daughters, but she does have a favorite Jane is quite a wild character that sometimes made me laugh or feel sympathetic towards her and at times made me give her the evil eye She puts her plan in motion and plays the femme fatale, damsel in distress and at one point exclaims this is going to be the best day ever I will say that I saw all the twists ahead of time and felt the book was a bit long and wanted it to wrap up already Too me a predictable read, but Jane s over Jane puts the insane in the membrane.
We meet Insane Jane two years after the tragic death of her daughter Of course Insane Jane unreliably narrates this story She is, afterall, the only one that knows the truth behind why her family is imploding And obviously Insane Jane holds no responsibility at all as she will tell you.
You see she s only ever wanted what s best for herself.
errrrI mean, her family, right up until they all turn against her insert ominous music This is a fun compulsive read Insane Jane narrates the entire story as if she s speaking directly to the reader and this choice by the author is what makes this book so entertaining.
There are a fair share of twists in this story but most astute thriller fans will figure most of them out before Insane Jane feels compelled to grace you with her secrets So there really aren t any omgfuckmewhatjusthappened moments but it does An unreliable narrator, teetering on the edge A family she s unable to keep under control.
Kaira Rouda introduces a character you re going to love to hate So many times I found myself shocked, confounded, or laughing at Jane s over the top audacity It s the one year anniversary of her daughter Marys death The pain hasn t diminished, but it s time for Jane to look to the future and begin reclaiming her life Starting with her husband David and younger daughter Betsy Only both have apparently moved onseemingly without Jane Well, that just won t do Jane is going to do whatever it takes to keep their focus on her.
no matter the consequences.
Kaira Rouda s addition of the bizarre, tragic ways someone can die in America left me in stitches Everything from bee stings to falling on upright knives in the dishwashe s Woo Hoo I love me some crazy and this book had that in spades Jane was one of the most over the top delusional characters I ve read in a long time, and I loved her Now would I want to be friends with her Probably not, but she sure was fun to read about A year ago Jane lost her oldest daughter Mary in a tragic accident Jane is finally coming out of her fog of grief to find that her husband David and younger daughter Betsy have been living their lives without her Everything Jane does is for her family cough SO why is it that they are getting distant Hiding things from her Her beloved Mary would have never done this to her, she was a good girl She was the PERFECT DAUGHTER The entire book is told from Jane s point of view It was like she was talking directly to you throughout the book I was fortunate enough to have an audio copy of this to review and Kathleen McInerney did a stellar This was disturbing and yet so wickedly fun Jane was the classic unreliable narrator with a dash of narcissist and a splash of sociopath thrown in for our reading pleasure.
In other words it was a wildly entertaining read Jane Harris is the kind of character you love to hate She thinks, does says the unthinkable and yet you just can t get enough of her With each shake of my head, I found myself drawn in, furiously turning the pages to see what she d do next I think having Jane speak to us directly was brilliant and oh so entertaining I felt like such a gossip while I devoured every word I ll be honest and say that while the book had some twists, there wasn t anything that I didn t see coming Jane is definitely what made the book for me I actually found myself both rolling my eyes and laughing out loud at times In short read this book, meet Jane thank me lat

FIVE UNPUTDOWNABLE STARSI m smiling as I write this because Kaira Rouda has done it again The Favorite Daughter is a tangy piece of hard candy Just pop it in your mouth and revel in the guilty pleasure.
Rouda is the master of creating villainous characters we love to laugh at and utterly despise at the same time now is a great time to read Best Day Ever if you missed it Rouda s unusual talent for concocting charming, yet hate worthy characters makes reading her novels so so easy and so very addictive This one practically melts on your tongue I started to spell out the plot a bit for you and realized I was giving spoilers I can t do that So x nay the summary and I will just say this you are in for a zippy roller coaster ride inside a narcissistic brain Crazy doesn t even begin to describe it Disturbing Yes Suspenseful Yes Hysterical Yes Delicious and deeply Chilling, absorbing, oh so wickedly entertaining The Favorite Daughter by KAIRA ROUDA was such a wickedly delightful, gripping and immersive tale that totally sucked me right into this hauntingly dark psychological suspense novel Once I started reading this one it was hard not to get totally wrapped up in Jane s fascinating, snarky, obsessive and audacious character Making it quite the deliciously fun, compelling and an all consuming page turner KAIRA ROUDA delivers an intriguing, unique and enthralling story here that was so irresistibly written I absolutely loved Jane s voice and thought she was such a fantastic character And the execution and portrayal of Jane s character was so darn entertaining and absolutely ingenious, allowing us to fully be in the moment with Jane and this story Extremely impressive I absolutely 3.
5 stars.
Just when I thought I had seen the craziest, most out there, insane protagonist, along comes Jane Harris in Kaira Rouda s upcoming book, The Favorite Daughter.
Lord Have Mercy.
Jane thought she had it all a handsome husband, two daughters, a beautiful home in an exclusive oceanfront community in California s Ocean County But the last year has been terrible She s been consumed with grief since the unexpected death of her oldest daughter, Mary, in a freak accident All of the antidepressants she has been taking have left her in a haze, and she s barely been functional, let alone capable of being a good wife or mother.
But that s all about to change As they get ready to celebrate the one year anniversary of Mary s death, Jane is ready to take control of her life again She hasn t been entirely unaware of what s been going on behin 4.
5 Stars rounded down Oh What Wicked Fun There are characters and then there s JaneShe s the kind of woman who makes you cover your mouth with your hand and say Oh no you didn t Then you gasp in complete and utter deliciousness simply because, Oh yes she did She s that kind of Character Oh how I love her.
I mean I don t really love her I don t even like her except yeah, I kinda do in a she s so despicable she s likeable kind of way of course and I just admitted it in public Shame on me So what s with Jane I wish I could tell you She s so over the top it s outrageous, preposterous even I mean out freaking rageous Like absolutely fabulous outrageous in an absurd and heinous way Bawaawah I ve never really met anyone like her except well, yeah, I have.
There I go again, covering my mouth with my hand Forgive me, won t you But I just can t spoil the surprise If this isn t on your li From The Author Of Best Day Ever, Another Gripping Novel Of Psychological Suspense Set In An Upscale Southern California Community, For Fans Of BA Paris And Shari LapenaThe Perfect Home The Perfect Family The Perfect LieJane Harris Lives In A Sparkling Home In An Oceanfront Gated Community In Orange County It S A Place That Seems Too Beautiful To Be Touched By Sadness But Exactly One Year Ago, Jane S Oldest Daughter, Mary, Died In A Tragic Accident And Jane Has Been Grief Stricken Ever Since Lost In A Haze Of Anti Depressants, She S Barely Even Left The House Now That S All About To ChangeIt S Time For Jane To Reclaim Her Life And Her Family Jane S Husband, David, Has Planned A Memorial Service For Mary And Three Days Later, Their Youngest Daughter, Betsy, Graduates High School Yet As Jane Reemerges Into The World, It S Clear Her Family Has Changed Without Her Her Husband Has Been Working Long Days And Nights At The Office Her Daughter Seems Distant, Even Secretive And Her Beloved Mary Was Always Such A Good Girl Dutiful And Loving But Does Someone Know About Mary, And About Her Last Day, Than They Ve Revealed The Bonds Between Mothers And Daughters, And Husbands And Wives Should Never Be Broken But You Never Know How Far Someone Will Go To Keep A Family Together Sign up to receive a monthly email from Kaira with exclusive sales news, book excerpts, sweepstakes, and giveaways at