Download Epub Format î The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy PDF by Û C. Dennis McKinsey

Download Epub Format î The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy PDF by Û C. Dennis McKinsey This Important New Volume Is The Most Comprehensive Critique Of The Bible Ever WrittenAuthor C Dennis McKinsey Believes That Americans Have Only Seen Or Heard The Good Things About The Bible, Without Any Exposure To Its Many Shortcomings McKinsey Argues That The Lack Of Criticism Of Biblical Writings Has Wrongly Affected Millions Of People In Their Beliefs, Allowing Many To Believe The Bible To Be The Infallible Word Of God He Maintains That It Is Becoming Imperative Not Only That The Bible S Inadequacies Be Exposed, But That Its Negative Teachings Be CorrectedMcKinsey Thinks The Bible Is A Deceptively Inaccurate Conglomeration Of Mythology And Folklore Masquerading As A Valid Picture Of Historical Reality In The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy, McKinsey Strives To Tell Both The Good And The Bad Of Biblical Writings With The Most Comprehensive And Thoroughly Researched Expos Of The Bible S Many Errors, Contradictions, And Fallacies Loaded With Thousands Of Biblical Citations, The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy Vividly Proves The Bible To Be Its Own Worst Enemy First, i must say that i am a Christian Obviously, I do not support this book as a guide to better living With that said i still think this book is worth the 4 stars that i gave it It provides comprehensive coverage of the entire Bible It brings together many issues upon which it is important to be aware of so that clarity can be achieved It is not filled with acrimonious attacks on the validity of the Bible although it certainly attempts to disprove that the Bible is worthwhile and at times the author s tone is disrespectful This book is a definite challenge to Christians which should be treated with diligence The points made in the book are not just for atheists looking for armory of which to attack Christians Answering the issues brought forward can provide the Christian with depth of

Rigorous in general, with some weaknesses on a limited number of issues it raises, and with something of an amateur approach to composition citation which could have been economical Some might criticize the volume because it addresses itself primarily to those who claim scripture is inerrant, whereas not everyone claims that However, a large amount of people do think that scripture is inerrant and this volume indicates that they are dead wrong Conclusive and unilateral in conclusion.
Many points in the book are easily refuted Not a hard hitting or well researched book Won t give you ammo to use against apologists Needed serious editing Seems like authors went for quantity over quality Still a nice reference book.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy book, this is one of the most wanted C. Dennis McKinsey author readers around the world.