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[ Read Online The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson  young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by Emily Dickinson ↠´ I read Emily Dickinson in translation back at school and remember thinking her poetry was plain.
Reading her now, I realise that the plain one was me.
This, to me, is poetry in its purest and therefore most powerful form It is melody, it is painting, it is wisdom It floats high above and it goes deep within Simply beautiful.
I especially loved the nature poems They are invigoratingly alive and they made me want to go out and run barefoot, hug a tree, get stung by a bee and burnt by the sun To just for a moment feel that the substance running in my veins is blood and not internet connection.
Emily Dickinson s poetry is as subtle and delicate as how she lived her life Imagine a life spent in total seclusion from society and the outside world, as how she lived and yet her ideas are richer and profound compared to those exposed to society Perhaps, in isolation within her own world and nature and judging from her poems, she must have been an avid history and literary enthusiast , the themes found on her poems attained a unique kind of message subtle and gentle, lofty, and even satirical at times.
I like the way she deals with the topic of death, loss, love, justice, and eternity Her style is not confined to the constraints of formal poetic construction, and yet she achieves the richness of imagery and metaphorical representation because I could not stop for deathhe k Dickinson S Poetry Is Remarkable For Its Tightly Controlled Emotional And Intellectual Energy The Longest Poem Covers Less Than Two Pages Yet In Theme And Tone Her Writing Reaches For The Sublime As It Charts The Landscape Of The Human Soul A True Innovator, Dickinson Experimented Freely With Conventional Rhythm And Meter, And Often Used Dashes, Off Rhymes, And Unusual Metaphors Techniques That Strongly Influenced Modern Poetry Dickinson S Idiosyncratic Style, Along With Her Deep Resonance Of Thought And Her Observations About Life And Death, Love And Nature, And Solitude And Society, Have Firmly Established Her As One Of America S True Poetic Geniuses The major characteristics of the poemsTheme and Tone Form and Style Meter and Rhyme Punctuation and Syntax Diction It has literally taken days for me to go through deepening verses thoroughly to acquire the slightest portion of them straight to the heart A moment of contact when the thriving elixir hits your system lofting you into an era where you are beyond the field of right or wrong, consciousness or sub consciousness, light or shadow You feel the phrases shaping somewhere inside your head bottling up to be released at the moment of salvation Emily s poems are literally the soul food They reflect beyond the death grips, the facts of life which human beings find hard to deal with always Life Love Death Though the Eternity section was the most alluring one Emily Dic This collection consists of a considerable amount of poems written by Emily Dickinson She is a posthumously celebrated poet, whose poems were unknown to the world Even her family knew nothing about them till her death According to the biographical information, Emily Dickinson had lived a solitary life Her poetry is a reflection of a secluded thinker Many of the poems in the collection are prone to different interpretation, according to the intellect of the reader That shows how clever her poems are And it also shows an inner depth that was held so secretively by the poet, for it is difficult to fully discern many of the poems Most of the poems are short, and consisted of an erratic rhyme which was not appreciated during the 19th century Many of them show an outward simplicity but they have an insight beyond the superficial exterior Some are so deep that it is very difficult to fat Preamble to be skipped I ve been reading some poetry reviews by readers who are evidently lovers of prose, not poetry Here are some ramblings motivated by those reviews Poetic prose is very admirable prosodic poetry is not It is very, very, very difficult to write a good love poem, because there are so many ways to fall intoclichand so few ways to startle, to reveal something unexpected so difficult that most love poems are failures as poems, as it appears to me They may be successes in some other sense In my view, politics and poetry almost never mix well political poems strike me almost always as rhetoric, not as poetry I highly esteem brevity and distillation I enjoy hints and gestures at complexes of meaning beyond the words actually Emily Dickinson was a recluse, and described as well behaved, so it isn t surprising that she hides things, that we find unsaid paragraphs behind her dashes, philosophies beneath her capital letters It s as if she wrote poetry as a kind of shorthand to herself.
The range is baffling from silly to surreal to stunning I read along, sometimes five or ten poems that did nothing for me particularly the nature poems , and then bam I was hit with something so unusual it stopped my breath For example, in It ceased to hurt me, though so slow, she describes being stuck in griefthat nestled closeAs needles ladies softly pressTo Cushions Cheeks To keep their place Grief nestled close, stuck to her like a needle in a pin cushion That s me, speechless I came away with many favorites Prior to reading this, the one I liked best was Tell all the Trut This was my first time reading Emily Dickinson I ve heard a lot about her, of course, and found that, like many others, I loved her poetry Her writing and style are unusual and spellbinding, the atmosphere serene, ethereal, full of musing and silence, the themes nature, death, spirituality Most of the poems I read out loud multiple times before moving on to the next one, and most I wanted to bookmark I m currently reading Emily Dickinson Letters, and plan to read another collection of Dickinson s poems I own after this Outstanding and an instant favorite.

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, Emily Dickinson 1830 1886 Here is the real Emily Dickinson the only comprehensive and reliably authoritative trade editions of the poet s work.
I hide myself within my flower, That wearing on your breast, You, unsuspecting, wear me too And angels know the rest I hide myself within my flower,That, fading from your vase, You, unsuspecting, feel for me Almost a loneliness 2012 1379 355 964602677 19 Abstract and intellectual, Emily Dickinson s work echoes the concerns of seventeenth century metaphysical poetry her short poems address religion and morality, love and death, hope and despair, through inventive metaphors and perplexing paradoxes In contrast to her literary antecedents, though, Dickinson s language reads as a great dealprecise and less self indulgent So, too, do her poems tend to resist visualization altogether, whereas the metaphysical poets work simply features strange, quasi mystical images Dickinson s brevity makes her work accessible even to readers who typically dislike poetry Still, the complexity of her thought, as well as her engagement with the major issues of her time, invites careful readings of her poems, be they focused on form or history or both.

Emily Dickinson was an American poet who, despite the fact that less than a dozen of her nearly eighteen hundred poems were published during her lifetime, is widely considered one of the most original and influential poets of the 19th century.Dickinson was born to a successful family with strong community ties, she lived a mostly introverted and reclusive life After she studied at the Amherst Aca