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[ Pdf The Binding È political-development PDF ] by Bridget Collins ☆ I FREAKING LOVED THIS Historical fiction mixed with folklore and magical realism, and a love story that gave me all of the feels YASSSSSS Do yourself a favour and read it Perfect for people who liked The Thirteenth Tale or The Shadow of the WindONE FAULT THOUGH The freaking blurb on the back cover gave away a plot line that didn t occur until page 161 Like I get that I probs would have figured it out anyway BUT STILL Robbed me of some of my fun so bah humbug to you blurb writing types Anywho TAKE MY FIVE STARS AND MY MONEY AS I AM DEFINITELY BUYING THE HARDBACK EDITION FOR MY BOOKCASE I borrowed this from the library and it s in trade paperback form and even that is the most gorgeous book you ll see Content Trigger Warnings under the spoiler tag view spoiler RapeSexual violenceHomophobia Animal abuse hide spoiler I m starting to become a little disillusioned with upcoming releases by unknown or new to me authors The Binding has an excellent marketing campaign, a gorgeous cover, and was a book I wanted to get into my hands, desperately, due to a inaccurate comparison to a book I love However, for this reader, the insides don t match the outsides.
This book has three parts to it The first act is slow, plodding, and mired in the familiar other characters know things but cannot tell the protagonist for reasons trope Act two is a major reveal, a flashback, and the only part of the story I enjoyed Act three is a new perspective, misery, and extra unpleasantness.
when there was already a lot of that to go around.
The concept of binding memories, locking away emotions, is fascinating There was something of a cultural clash of the rural, old world, respect for such an exchange, vers Magical realism is never my first choice and it is the genre I hardly ever decide to read but I never refuse a novel that manages to incorporate it into a good story And this is a splendid example of such combination that forced me to continue reading till late hours The idea of binding your memories into books and leaving none left is both brilliant and terrifying The Binding cast a spell on me that I will take some time to reverse provided I want it This is a difficult one to review I think I expected this book to befantasy than it currently is It started very slow for my liking, and I think if it wasn t all the PR campaign and the interest that s built on Social media, if this was a book I ve myself picked, I d probably give up around 20% But I continued reading because I was really intrigued, also the reviews are really good for this book Sadly I will not join the fan base, this time I confess, I stopped proper reading at 40% then skim read this The idea of Binding is really creative but I didn t like the way it unfolded At one point the text was being sarcastic, I think it said something like novels being other people s sorrows, overlooking the concept of fiction But then, what is this book The writing is good but.
view spoiler In the end, it s a story of an awfully bad man and his abuse, and a gay romance alongside 4 This book was spellbinding and included an original concept about books that I had never read before it completely ensnared me into its pages.
The tale starts of with Emmett, a farmer from a small house in the country, plagued by nightmares which in turn effect his work Suddenly one afternoon, he receives a letter, telling him that he must go to be a binder, a job that promotes fear, prejudice and superstition among communities.
Emmett goes to be an apprentice as a binder so that one day he can do it himself In this remote house of his mentor, he will learn to craft beautiful books and will learn to create something, each time, that is unique a memory A book binder s responsibility is to help those who want to forget and erase memories His role is to assist and take these memories and place them in beautiful bin

5 stars I had high hopes for this book, really loved the premise, but I think it s one of those cases that it delivered something else than promised The idea sounded very original people s bad memories binded in a book, so that they don t remember them any It sounded like it has fantasy elements, some magic with interesting characters The book is divided in 3 parts I loved the first part, but things went into a completely different direction starting from the second part The rest of the book is just a romance story It s remotely related to the overarching idea, but in my opinion it was too much, too predictable, too slow Also, there are lots of trigger warnings in this book, rape, sexual abuse, murder This darkness and the amount of pages spent on i The premise of The Binding in one sentence terrible people are terrible, and when I say terrible what I really mean is everyone.
It s terribly gruesome and disturbing at times and portrays abuse in many shapes, yet I couldn t look away For the past few days, I ve been wondering why I was so damn affected by a novel that many of my friends found lacking Yet I m pretty sure that the sense of dread I felt came from how very realistic the horrors pictured were you can wrap up abuse with a fantasy bow, in the end what remains is the profound easiness with which we human beings hurt others every single day In my opinion Bridget Collins did a fantastic job of capturing humans inner cowardice and it moved the secret part parts of myself that I d rather ignore Because really, ask yourself this how would we react if we could choose to forget If this was a recipe it would be 1 cup romance with a teaspoon of fantasy and a sprinkling of fun It s a male to male romance in 1800s I m guessing though it never specifically says, in a world where all bad memories or anything you want to forget can be binded in a book and stored safely away, or so it is supposed to be Dun dun dunnn I liked it I got it as an arc on a giveaways here on goodreads I started it as soon as it came in the mail.
We ve been called witches since the beginning of time Word cunning, they used to call it of a piece with invoking demons We were burned for it too The Crusade wasn t new, we ve always been scapegoats Well, knowledge is always a kind of magic, I suppose Emmett Farmer is a young man with issues He used to think that he would inherit his family s farm It was the life he was used to and the road he expected to follow to, and beyond, the horizon But he has not been himself lately His abilities have deteriorated He loses himself, in time, suffering dizziness, nausea, and weakness Some say he was cursed by a witch When he is offered an apprenticeship with a bookbinder, it offers a way out, however frightening the career and his mentor might be Bridget Collins image from United Imagine You Could Erase GriefImagine You Could Remove PainImagine You Could Hide The Darkest, Most Horrifying SecretForeverYoung Emmett Farmer Is Working In The Fields When A Strange Letter Arrives Summoning Him Away From His Family He Is To Begin An Apprenticeship As A Bookbinder A Vocation That Arouses Fear, Superstition, And Prejudice Among Their Small Community But One Neither He Nor His Parents Can Afford To RefuseFor As Long As He Can Recall, Emmett Has Been Drawn To books, Even Though They Are Strictly Forbidden Bookbinding Is A Sacred Calling, Seredith Informs Her New Apprentice, And He Is A Binder Born Under The Old Woman S Watchful Eye, Emmett Learns To Hand Craft The Elegant Leather Bound Volumes Within Each One They Will Capture Something Unique And Extraordinary A Memory If There S Something You Want To Forget, A Binder Can Help If There S Something You Need To Erase, They Can Assist Within The Pages Of The books They Create, Secrets Are Concealed And The Past Is Locked Away In A Vault Under His Mentor S Workshop, Rows Upon Rows Of books Are Meticulously StoredBut While Seredith Is An Artisan, There Are Others Of Their Kind, Avaricious And Amoral Tradesman Who Use Their Talents For Dark Ends And Just As Emmett Begins To Settle Into His New Circumstances, He Makes An Astonishing Discovery One Of The books Has His Name On It Soon, Everything He Thought He Understood About His Life Will Be Dramatically Rewritten

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