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[Cathy Marie Hake] Þ The Bartered Bride Romance Collection: 9 Historical Stories of Arranged Marriages [civil-war-navy PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä 5 stars This is nine short stories all around marriage and how the unexpected can lead to the love of your life Four of the stories are connected and about four sisters that are sold off by their unscrupulous brother in law, but before you get to those stories which honestly I think are the heart of the book there are three stories before them The first wasn t really to my taste and if that was the only story in the book it wouldn t have scored high I loved the second Story as it centered around the Oregon trail and the trails that could come with it It also taught me some history around marriage of that time that even I wasn t aware of The third story was one I had read in another anthology also set on the Oregon trail but just not as good Now four through seven those were the stories of sisters sent to an The Bartered Bride Collection gathers together 9 novellas on the theme of arranged or convenient marriages I felt like most of the stories fell into that last category which seemed odd to me as there is an entirely separate collection of stories by Barbour called The Convenient Bride But I digressOverall, these novellas were enjoyable with likable characters and believable plots that didn t feel forced or rushed The four stories included in the middle of the book were my favorites not coincidentally, these four novellas all centered around a group of sisters who descend on a man heavy town thinking they had been bought as mail order brides I liked the continuity between these particular stories in seeing the same characters and the same setting and the progress of the relationships and the theme In fact, Barbour could pull those four out and publish them in a s

The Bartered Bride CollectionNine Stories by Seven AuthorsJoie De Vivre 2006 by Lynette Sowell1819 LouisianaEdouard LeBlanc had lost much in the war A scarred face, a bad leg and the loss of his one true love He lived in a cabin on the Bayou and stayed away from people as much as he could And then his father went and betrothed him to the lovely Josee.
Josee Broussard was taken into the LeBlanc family when she was orphaned at age six Now she was eighteen and if she had to marry she hoped it would be her fun loving friend, Jacques LeBlanc Instead it was his older brother Edouard who was always dark and brooding Josee resigned herself to a loveless marriage Or did God have bigger plans Button Strong Bride 2001 by Cathy Marie HakeWidower Ethan Cole is traveling to Oregon with his two children His sister started out with him but when she had the chance to turn tail a Joie De Vivre by Lynette Sowell Josee Broussard was taken in by the LeBlanc family after her parents died at age 6 Now at eighteen she is ready to have a family of her own Her and Jacques LeBlanc were the best of friends he was the younger son of the family She was hoping she would be marrying him but Mr LeBlanc is having her wed his older son Edouard.
Edouard has had a rough lie After the war he was left with a scared face and while gone his first love married some one else He has no use for a wife much less Josee Can these two come together before the marriage Will they find love and happiness.
I like Josee and Edouard both their characters both needed some love and healing It was nice to see how these two came together and worked things out The banter between the two was lo Another great collection of Christian books.
While a few of the stories were enjoyable, overall this anthology was a disappointing read I m glad I picked it up cheaply.
Stories Included Joie De Vivre by Lynette SowellButton Strong Bride by Cathy Marie HakeThe Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham SchneiderFrom Pride to Bride by JoAnne A GroteFrom Alarming to Charming by Pamela Kaye TracyA Vow Unbroke by Amy RognlieFinishing Touches by Kelly Eileen HakeFor the sake of this book, and in fairness, I will review the book as a whole, and some of the individual stories within.
The Bartered Bride Collection I enjoyed this book I ll be honest, it wasn t what I expected, and was quite different It was fun reading the continuing stories that fed off eachother, but where by different authors I enjoyed it, but was kind of disapointed that it was so different from what I was expecting.
Joie De Vivre by Lynette SowellThis w The Bartered Bride Romance Collection is one of my favorite Romance Novella Collections It contains 9 Novellas and each one is almost better than the last almost each one stands alone and each one is delightful yet complicated, adventurous and downright descriptive, jam packed with light hearted moments, hearts being torn, soulful and full of trusting in the LORD as it should be The first one is about pre arrangement, deeply disappointment, feels like wrong brother is picked will she ever love him You have one that is about loss and desperate situations arising and learning to follow the will of GOD, Another is about love arranged in writing another is about accidental love another is about very protective love another is about take over ever thing love another is about preconceived perceptions will they be able to get over it Another one is about m Joie De Vivre By Lynette SowellButton String Bride By Cathy Marie HakeThe Wedding Wagon By Cathy Marie HakeFrom Halter To Alter By Cathy Marie HakeFrom Carriage To Marriage By Janelle Burnham SchneiderFrom Pride To Bride By JoAnne A GroteFrom Alarming To Charming By Pamela Kaye TracyA Vow Unbroke By Amy RognlieFinishing Touches By Kelly Eileen HakeEntering Into Marriage Without Love Is Not The Dream Of Most Brides, But Nine Women From Days Gone By Commit To Saying I Do Before They Barely Know Their Grooms Four Sisters Travel In Answer To An Ad Before Even Corresponding With Potential Husbands Two Women Bend To The Will Of Their Parents In Taking Husbands A Widow Commits To A Stranger In Name Only And Two Women On The Oregon Trail Hitch Their Lives To Men They Ve Just Met Amid The Angst Brought On By Conveniently Arranged Marriage, Can Love Be Found And Firmed By Faith Wonderful collection of 9 novelettes about the practice of mail order brides being sent sometimes without their permission against their will to the emerging American West.
I really appreciated the concise, yet convincing portrayal of the the young, and not so young, women who went West to become wives and or housekeepers for the lonely men who paid their way out.
The first several selections covered the lives of the four Craig sisters who were sent to Lickwind, WY, by their scheming brother in law so that he could have the family s dairy farm He sold them to the Collingwood Ranch for 1.
50 each He claimed that the owner of the ranch ordered them via telegram.
When, in truth, he had ordered horse bridles, not brides Eventually, it all worked out well for the young women, and the ranchers of the area But,

As a child, Cathy Marie Hake had an imaginary playmate Now grown up, she indulges in a host of imaginary friends as she writes She teasingly says she decided if those voices in her head were talking, she might as well write down what they said and make a living by doing it She met her sweetheart in the High School department at church and married him after finishing nursing school They live