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[ Read Online The Art of Balance Ö writing PDF ] by Adam J. Poelstra Å In This Book, You Will Find An Insightful Look Into Several Subjects And Ideas, Things You Find In The Everyday As Well As The Deeply Philosophical, Presented In A Way You May Never Have Heard Before In Our Time, We Often Find Ourselves On One Extreme Or The Other, Politically, Ideologically, Religiously, Making Relationships Difficult This Book Attempts To Tackle Some Of The Things Hiding Behind These Differences In An Attempt To Find Cohesion Rather Than DisputeAnother Issue In Our Time Is The Way Authority Often Behaves And Our Reaction To It Teachers Often Tell Us What To Think, Rather Than How To Think We Are Told To Believe Something, Not Because We Ve Been Told Why It S Believable But Simply Because They Say So Our Reaction Has Been Blunt, Brutal Honesty, As Well As Skepticism A Decent Response To Make, Though It Additionally Separates Us From One Another This Book Is An Attempt To Do Some Right Where Much Has Gone Wrong, Discussing Ideas Rather Than Forcing IdeologiesCome Away From This Book With Lots Of New Ideas And Much To Ponder

I can t say that I m going to do everything this book says, but I like the advice and ideas he presents It s pretty short and easy and if you have any stress or anxiety right now, this is a good read A very observant view of the lives people live today Religion and psychology should always remain separate FTC stuff I received this book through a Goodreads, Firstreads contest.

Adam Poelstra is a new author with a desire to simply share ideas through non fiction and soon in fiction that he hopes will be a force for good in people s everyday lives He does not hide his Christian beliefs as well as the fact that his work comes through his worldview That said, his interest is in debating with and helping others with thoughts whatever their opinions and perspectives A life