Syncing Forward å Download by ↠´ W. Lawrence

 Syncing Forward å Download by ↠´ W. Lawrence A very good book with an unique science fiction theme Science and technology are nicely mixed into an interesting tale about a fellow moving forward in time 4000 times faster than normal My biggest complaint is the main character is fairly flat due to the limited development in the story The use of flashbacks would helped alleviate this problem IMO Plus the reason to reach the end almost peters out A good recommendation to those a bit tired of all the dystopias popular nowadays.
Greatest Book Ever I am not sure how to discuss this book without giving away plot points.
This is probably the saddest book I have read in years This book rips your heart out, stomps on it.
presents it back to you stitches up your chest and just as it begins to beat rips it out again.
Some books are fun, Some books are over the top, Some are mysterious, Some are boring.
This book although I would categorize in the highest of sci fi thrillerat its heart it is about an everyman dealing with family He is put into an impossible situation where his body slows down and time continues at its normal rate for everyone else Weeks pass in the world and its been mere minutes from his perspective He is sped up to live a normal life in bits and piecesonly to go back to slow speed.
This book takes place in the near and far future and has quite a few geopolitical pre I think that our most realistic expectations for time travel into the future would be a type of travel that would be a one way ticket with no turning back The time traveler would either travel at the speed of light or would be placed into a type of suspended animation and would return from their travels or be reanimated to find that the world has become the future In books like Hollow World and A World Out of Time, the time traveler has no friends or family to miss and, thus, they feel psychologically able to deal with the passage of time upon their return to the future present However, if a person finds themselves hurtled through time outside of their own choice and if they re leaving a family with young children behind, the experience is something else entirely This is exactly what happens to the protagonist in this bo There is so much I want to say on this book, but every time I begin, I find I am giving away too much information This is an incredible story that immediately pulls you in with an adventure from start to finish The way this guy writes is amazing and I can t wait to read from him Once I picked this book up, I just could not put it down.
The information on communication and body language that he offers at the beginning was very interesting and I like the way it is all explained to us, including the situation He does it all so fluently that it just flows perfectly into one amazing story Definitely one of my favorites this year and one I recommend to anyone who enjoys dystopian, science fiction and time travel Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review No other consideration was offered, expected or received.
Really liked this book, especially as a Summer read From the very beginning I was engaged with the story good character development with personalities that I started to root for or despise I loved the premise of someone almost living forever in an on again off again suspended state, and how time for one person does not equal the same for another person Loved getting a glimpse into what the W.
Lawrence thinks the future will hold for us scary and perhaps the scariest part of the book was the footnotes bit where the author provides references for the technology and you realize that all of this is quite possible, if not already almost here Reading this felt reminiscent of HG Wells, George Orwell and Margaret Atwood but with a modern twist, so I really liked the book If you like those established authors, I highly recommend giving Syncing Forward a try

I cannot say enough about Syncing Forward, I was captivated by the novel the entire read W Lawrence has done a magnificent job with a difficult subject As a first novel, it is so much better than one usually expects Multilayered, Syncing Forward is both heart breaking as the reaction of a typical family to a devastating event as well as thoughts on mankind going into the dark future W Lawrence has done a masterful job of taking the large complex view of the future and keeping it from getting away by looking through the eyes of Martin James, his protagonist We see the changes through his eyes and he asks the question we ask It is a masterful stroke There is a caveat, this is a smart intelligent book There is action, bad guys, terrorism, and corporate greed However, this is not a monster, zombie, ray gun book The action is part of the story and it wor Syncing Forward is one of those novels which I m sure will stay with me for a long time It touches me most as a husband and a protective father of 2 young daughters, but also as someone who s nervous of all things medical And naturally, as a time travel fan For me, it s a novel about the human side of time travel Not the feeling dizzy stuff from H.
G Wells The Time Machine, but that of zooming forwards in time and missing time spent growing up with your family The emotional stuff The stuff which makes us human and not robotic drones.
Martin s pain of not being around as his children grow up is intense It s not the same as being away on business for a week and missing a birthdayit s living a few hours and missing 18 birthdays It s puking up over your son in law s shoes, blinking your eyes and seeing him again a decade later I Would you ever travel forward in time if you knew it would be a one way trip Martin James didn t want to but he had no choice The year is 2021, while investigating something for his company Martin James is injected with drugs that slows his body down so much that his seconds are months to us and every time he goes back under it is years before he awakens again The people who did this to him have the cure but they can t be found This is not your time machine time travel Imagine waking up to what you think is seconds for you but find that your children have grown, people you love have died, the world changing while you sleep and all the while never knowing if the nightmare will ever end This book had me hooked from the first page to the last The ch A book that makes me cry 4 times gets 5 stars Oh and a book about time travel and the future, that is a bonus This was an excellent spin on the whole concept of time travel What is time travel exactly Well this story gives us something different Oh, maybe I should mention that I won this in a giveaway Not that I think that should matter, I am glad I have read this I recommend it to anyone who likes time travel, mixed in with some future building Yes, the future building was amazing Scary Realistic This was one I could not put down.
Would You Ever Travel Forward In Time If You Knew It Was A One Way Trip Mr Martin James Has No Such Desire, But After Being Injected With A Mysterious Drug Against His Will, Martin Hurtles Through The Years This Cruel Twist Of Fate Forces Him To Watch His Children Grow Up And His Wife Grow Old In A Matter Of Days Only An Elusive Group Of Scientists Have The Ability To Stop His Nightmarish Journey The Very People Who Injected Him In The First Place And While Martin James Hopes To Find A Cure Before Everyone He Loves Is Gone, Others Are Uncertain If His Journey Can Be Stopped At All W Lawrence Weaves A Future History Filled With The Best And Worst Of Humanity, Highlights The Blessings And Curses Of Technology, And Pushes The Limits Of Faith And Hopelessness Above All, Syncing Forward Is A Tale Of One Man S Love For His Family, And Their Devotion To Saving Him From Being Lost Forever

W Lawrence was born in San Francisco, California, and moved two dozen times before settling in Pennsylvania with his extraordinarily patient wife and two precocious daughters He finally got his wish and balanced out the hormonal levels of his house by getting a boy dog He worked for nearly twenty years as a professional interrogator in both the U.S military and the world of corporate security b