☆ Surrender (A Dangerous Man #4) ✓ Download by ✓ Serena Grey

☆ Surrender (A Dangerous Man #4) ✓ Download by ✓ Serena Grey This book marks the ending to this great, but short series Surrender gave me what I wanted David and Sophie have been apart for 2 months Because Sophie walked out on David And you know what SHE WAS RIGHT TO DO SO.
I think, had she never left, David would have repressed all those pent up feelings and never admitted what was glaring him in the face YOU LOVE HER MR AVOIDANCE This is a very short series though, so there isn t a lot of focus on character development, but it is great The pacing is perfect and don t assume it would be because of the short length But what I loved most about this series and this book in particular, is the depth of emotions felt by Sophie.
I honestly felt her pain Serena Grey writes Sophie s heartache so convincingly I em Fabulous ending to a mini series that really took me by surprise I love how after all that hullaballoo with the toxic people in David s life, it all boiled down to his relationship and feelings towards Sophie She loved him and wanted him to love her but he was afraid, and yet he was already loving her without even realising it This story mainly revolved around him getting her back and actually proving to her why he deserved to have her love And we all know how that ends up I also swooned at that sweeeeet epilogue All these mini books make me wish that they were a bit longer and it goes the same for this one Everything wrapped beautifully in the end and I highly recommend this mini series to those who love engaging short romance reads.
ARC provided by author for an honest review 3.
5 4 OBSESSIVE STARSFilled with angst, disappointment, and passion This finale to the series really worked This is what I wanted in book three Sophie new she loved David from the moment she met him Not having love growing up and being kept from experience the world by a her aunt, it s a wonder she knew what love was But David being distrustful of anyone, couldn t see or understand Sophie s love for him So he pushed her away This is him trying to get her back and boy was it good.
Thank you Serena, for letting me be a part of your journey and reviewing the series.

Sophie and David finally come to their senses in this book After a great deal of pining for one another they each have to come to terms with what is really important to them He is finally forced to deal with his long standing mommy issues, or risk losing the girl She realizes that she can t just pick up and move on without him Emotions run high, tempers flare, and they finally get it all out in the open and work things out A nice finale.
YAY I m so thrilled to receive an email from Serena with an ARC copy of this book to read and review I ve loved this WHOLE series so far and couldn t wait to sink my teeth into the fourth and FINAL instalment Or is it Hint Hint SooooI ve seriously still got my Love Hate relationship going on here Urghh that man has so big headedBut I loved to see him start to cave and crumble after Sophie left him.
So he should.
Doesn t he realise what a wonderful and beautiful woman and relationship he has lost.
Sophia was a walking zombie, walking half dead, depressed, and constantly reminded on David by only the small things.
Of course she misses the big Ol oaf, she s in love with him but why can t the lug get it into his thick head Urghhh, you see, this is what the man does to me, riles me upBut I can t help feel sorry for his gorgeous little ol arse, as we learnt a lot about his This is the conclusion to David and Sophie Preston s story.
Sophie is heartbroken over her separation from David, even though she is the one who asked for the separation His failure to tell her that he loved her was bad enough but to say it was always just sex between them was pouring salt in the wound Sophie just wanders through her life She works, goes home and goes to bed She goes and gets coffee everyday before work She s sees the boy who lived next door to her when she was growing up David said that this boy, Eddie, was in love with Sophie Sophie never even considered Eddie as anything than a friend.
Sophie caves and calls David They have an awkward conversation and she hangs up David later shows up at her work and takes her to dinner They have a hot night of sex but nothing really changes She still loves him and he most say if Overall, this was a wonderful series I loved following David and Sophie from that first moment of love at first site all the way through the conclusion of this series This story is filled with passion, angst and ultimately love and happiness I was glad to see that this story picked up right where the other one left off At times, there is so much angst between David and Sophie, it just keeps you on the edge of your seat I want him to tell me that he can t live without me, I want him to love me as much as I love him, helplessly, hopelessly and totally Serena has a way of sucking you in from the very beginning Her characters are strong and the whole piece flows very nicely from one story to the next I could not put this book down, I just wanted to find out what happens to them overall I can t wait to read from this amazing author If you love st Isn T Enough That I Can T Stop Thinking About You Sophie He Says, His Voice Low And Persuasive What Else Do You Want From MeSophie Chose To Be Alone Rather Than Be With David Preston, The Man Who Has Her Heart, And Yet Refuses To Share His Now She S Trying To Make A Life For Herself, A Life That Will Not Include HimBut How Can She Get Over A Man Who Refuses To Let Her Go, Especially When He Can Still Set Fire To Her Blood With Just One Touch Gaahhhhhhhhhh Serena Grey I am so sad to see this series come to an end I received the ARC in my inbox and I couldn t help myself I had to dive right into it I loved Sophie and David s story although I felt it moved too fast in the first two books I seriously got what I wanted in this one I am seriously, seriously so sad to see it end But I believe that the ending was just what this story needed The connection between them is just palpable There is no denying that there s love there on so many levels Serena I can t wait to see what new characters you make me fall in love with review coming

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