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[ Pdf Stunning Eldritch Tales ¼ weird-west PDF ] by Robin D. Laws Ñ Stunning Eldritch Tales Is A Collection Of Four Adventures Written By Robin D Laws In The Devourers In The Mist Castaway Investigators Face The An Ancient Evil In Dimension Y, The PCs Witness An Inventor S Presentation Of A New Machine To Peer Into A Non Euclidean Reality, And Then Feel Reality Slipping From Beneath Them With Shanghai Bullets And Death Laughs Lasts, This Collection Demonstrates The Strengths Of The Trail Of Cthulhu System Some interesting scenarios, but there are some formatting and editing issues, particularly in the Death Laughs Last scenario, which mar an otherwise decent product.

Book of four one shot adventures for Trail of Cthulhu I ll rate them as I get to them I m actually starting with the fourth, because it was not location specific.
Dimension Y Nicely put together murder mystery with a save the world from Azathoth chaser It follows similar themes to Unseen Unfeared by Francis Stevens, as far as the unseen creatures being revealed through a projector device goes I haven t really looked for the source for the Azathothian bits, but the flautist creatures at the end feel familiar Location any place large enough for a research university and a sanitarium Might say after I ve run it.
Comments after running I was worried that my players might take too long and trigger some of the nastier visions Nope They managed to get through everything even before the second murder Only one vision triggered I don t like the Trail of Cthulhu format, but the stories in this volume were a cut above the others I m not so sure that the last episode is survivable, though, and I really do prefer that at least some of them make it.

Writer and game designer Robin D Laws brought you such roleplaying games as Ashen Stars, The Esoterrorists, The Dying Earth, Heroquest and Feng Shui He is the author of seven novels, most recently The Worldwound Gambit from Paizo For Robin s much praised works of gaming history and analysis, see Hamlet s Hit Points, Robin s Laws of Game Mastering and 40 Years of Gen Con.