é Starstruck â Download by ☆ Lesley Davis

é Starstruck â Download by ☆ Lesley Davis Wow what a ride this one hit all my emotions from happy, sad to frustrated especially when it came to reading Adam s part All i kept say oh my he s creepy and please let nothing happen to Cassidy Aiden s part was well written as well and who wouldn t love a best friend like Mischa she was funny as heck.
Arc given by NetGalley for honest review I wanted to like this than I did First of all, the stalker thing was boring As a plot device it added nothing to the storyline, it honestly would have been a better story without this element Given that both women work in the same industry they could have met in a variety of other ways, and still have gotten together without the cliched plot that s been done a million times before, and done better, I have to say I also don t know why every book that has an actress meeting a script writer another actress producer publicist always ends with that actress character coming out on their show, but it might be time for this particular trope to die.
The romance between the two leads is quite sweet and unfolds over a go Actress Cassidy CJ Hayes Is Famous For Her Role In The Alchemidens, A Fantasy Show Where She Plays A Kick Ass Heroine Her Rising Success Has Brought Her Quickly Under Hollywood S Glaring Spotlight It Also Gained Her The Unwelcome Attentions Of An Obsessive Fan Who Wants Than Just An Autograph Aiden Darrow Is Both A Well Respected Screenwriter And A Writer Of Lesbian Romances As A Big Fan Of Actress CJ Hayes, Aiden Is Astounded When The Woman Of Her Dreams Ends Up Moving Into The House Next Door To Her Their Attraction Is Undeniable, But Cassidy Is Understandably Nervous About Getting Too Close To Anyone Aiden, Meanwhile, Is Trying To Separate Reality From Fiction Because Cassidy Is Nothing Like The Character She Portrays So Well All Through Her Childhood, Aiden Dreamed Of A Hero To Come Rescue Her, But Can She Be The Hero That Cassidy So Desperately Needs Now I found this to be a very average read with just enough spice to elevate it some Formulaic, by the book , tropey, and somewhat melodramatic comes to mind but it s also competently written and readable It s like when I go to a movie that is entertaining enough to keep me in my seat but has so much predictability and little emotional investment I walk out just feeling kind of blah On the whole, the book felt flat and that s mainly due to a lack of depth for the characters Aiden was written with greater depth but in a somewhat contrived way and I know almost nothing about Cassidy, the other lead, after finishing the book I m big into character and nuance so if it s missing, eh That said, if you want a non complex, straight forward read, light on just about everything with a minor element of danger and just enough interesting character interacti LA romances have their own little sub genre I m sure, but this one was better than most.
Aiden Darrow is a well respected writer of lesbian romances, and a specialist for writing queer characters on screen After a slew of foster homes, Aiden has one foot in the real world and the other in the world of fantasy At the moment, her inspiration comes from a kick arse character played by C.
J Hayes, a large poster of which adorns Aiden s writing room Aiden s next door neighbour goes on vacation, and the woman who house sits for her is none other than Cassidy Hayes, or C.
J Hayes as she s known professionally On the run from a stalker who now wants her dead, Cassidy is nervous about getting close to anyone, let alone a fan From there Davis takes us on t I love Lesley Davis and her writing style so much, so this book really worked for me I really liked how she executes the idea of when a famous person is a fan of another famous person.
Full review here The story here was pretty by the numbers for me Basic logline is Actress stalked by fan, finds near immediate love with the next door neighbor famous writer For me, when these woman in peril stories switch perspective to the pursuer, they take a serious nose dive in believability and substance This particular guy behaves and is written just like every other lunatic in these types of stories I also have a huge problem with law enforcement written like absolute buffoons Example an officer who was briefed on what the stalker looked like letting a suspicious guy behaving erratically go because he had a beard whereas the stalker did not Really Scenes like that could and should have been rewritten because they re weak and take the reader completely out of the story I can t play in your story and be mesmerized if I m questioning the most basic of your plots The other ir

Audio book Story was good, maybe not a 4star, probably 3 1 2 The narrator did a good job I never lost interest in the story or what was going to happen next The suspense part of the story was a little under played, but I d rather that than over the top with no substance I would recommend this story.
Hollywood actress meets fiction writer and viola love has been found There you go, now you have read Starstruck by Leslie Davis Just kidding There is way to it than that, I forgot to mention the crazy psycho stalker in on the loose.
Cassidy Hayes is a Hollywood actress on a relatively new but super popular television show The British actress is sexy, fierce and has a fiery temper Cassidy is also being tormented by a male stalker who wants nothing than to make her his own personal plaything Watch out Cassidy This is where the book begins Cassidy goes home to her apartment in Burbank, California and finds that the stalker has been in her home Upon that violation she moves into a friend s home in a gated community while said friend is vacationing is Aspen Enter Aiden Darrow, the handsome, noble writer next door neighbor Aiden straight away rescu Starstruck is a nicely done romance with a little bit of suspense thrown in This is my fourth book by Lesley Davis, and I really like the way she tells her stories Although this story is not particularly original actress being stalked by a deranged fan , it kept me hooked up until the end because the plot runs smoothly with just enough suspense to be fun Davis is good in character development Her soft butches are always very likable characters strong but vulnerable, somewhat withdrawn and shy but kind and understanding Writer Aiden Darrow is just such a character The other main character, actress Cassidy Hayes, is a good match for our gentle hero Secondary characters are also great as always energetic Mischa Ballantyne and her equally boistero

Lesley Davis lives in the West Midlands of England She is a die hard sci fi fantasy fan in all its forms and an extremely passionate gamer.