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[Henry Mosquera] ✓ Sleeper's Run [spirituality PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ SLEEPER S RUN by Henry Mosquera has been the best read of all the books I ve read so far this year It is non stop action from page one to the very last page I started browsing this book while my son daughter in law were making me super I couldn t put it down after that As soon as I got home I curled up in bed started reading it until I finished the very last page It s about a war on terror veteran, Eric Caine, who was found wandering the streets of Miami babbling to himself He d been in a car accident after that he couldn t remember anything The doctor s told him that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which most veterans suffer from, but then bad things start to really happen to him A fellow native from Venezuela befriends him helps Eric get his life back together, just when things are looking too perfect for Eric, all hell breaks loose Eric doesn t know i I had won a copy of Sleepers Run through Goodreads First Reads giveaway I enjoyed this book a lot It read almost like a fast paced action movie For a first novel I think Henry Mosquera did a great job There is room for improvement however, I would have liked to have seendetails about the characters, and the plot, rather from jumping from one thing to the next Overall it s a great read, and I can t wait to read his next book.
Sleeper s Run was a very exciting book to read Each page made you want to knowandThe story progressed wonderfully It was well written and easy to understand This was a book that I would recommend to anyone This was a book hard to put down, I always wantedand to know what was next Each chapter gave such a detailed account of the story and made you feel as if you were in the book as the story was going on Great BOOK After reading the summary of Sleeper s Run my curiousity was piqued so I entered the giveaway and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was a first reads winner I enjoyed this book from the first couple of pages The author s sense of humour made me LOL literally The story evolves around an ex military personal as he tries to make sense of his life A page turner with lots of twists and turns in the story line.
Mosquera weaves a tale of suspense through a clandestine world, crafting an engaging read that s not easily put down Kirkus Indie In addition to a compelling protagonist, the intriguing, well developed plot filled with international politics, conspiracy theories and modern science, together with a crisp narrative make for a suspense filled, fast paced thriller SLEEPER S RUN boasts a riveting plot and compelling protagonist worthy of becoming a sleeper hit IndieReader Henry Mosquera has written one of the most fast paced books I have ever read You will be enthralled with the action and adventure Readers Favorite Sleeper s Run plot is phenomenal The constant threats and reveals left me furiously flipping the pages, reading for hours on end because I had to know how it all turns out If you like spy thrillers at all, you should pick this book up, but I recom STARTED THIS BOOK AND FINISHED IT IN A NIGHT HAVE PASSED THIS ONE ON TO MANY OF MY FRIENDS, VERY QUICK READING ENJOYED SLEEPER S RUN ALOT This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN BAFCUOMWar On Terror Veteran, Eric Caine, Is Found Wandering The Streets Of Miami With No Memory Of The Car Accident That Left Him There Alone And Suffering From PTSD, Eric Is On A One Way Road To Self Destruction Then A Chance Meeting At A Bar Begins A Series Of Events That Helps Eric Start Anew When His New Job Relocates Him To Venezuela The Land Of His Childhood Things, However, Take An Ominous Turn As A Catastrophic Event Threatens The Stability Of The Country Now Eric Must Escape An Elite Team Of CIA Assassins As He Tries To Uncover An International Conspiracy In Which Nothing Is What It Seems Some fun action, fairly quick read, nothing groundbreaking here.
Henry Mosquera creates the perfect thriller in his novel, Sleeper s Run Anyone interested by conspiracies, or just wants to read a book that makes them think about and question what they know, would enjoy this book Henry Mosquera writes Sleeper s Run in order to get the reader to think and question things in life Mosquera leaves the reader at the edge of their seat throughout the entire book all the way through to the end Mosquera has definitely created a book that leaves the reader wondering, What if this is true What if there really are sleeper assassins in the general public What if the person I am sitting next to right now is in fact a sleeper assassin He purposefully leaves the reader pondering the sleeper assassin possibility even when you have finished the book Sleeper s Run themes the idea that history is just what majority decides to beli I received Sleeper s Run as a goodreads.
com giveaway.
My overall feeling about Sleeper s Run is that it s a mediocre book that is desperately pleading for a good editor The overall concept isn t bad pretty much your basic globe hopping sleeper agent story The pacing is decent, but character development is lacking and the novel is a technical train wreck.
I got about half way through Sleeper s Run before the technical flaws really started to suck my enjoyment out of the story Mr Mosquera commits my personal writing pet peeve he relies almost exclusively on says to attribute dialogue to the speaker There are a few instances ofexpressive words being used I think I remember a concluded or something similar but even in instances where the dialogue to indicate

Henry Mosquera is a writer and artist born in Caracas, Venezuela He is the author of critically acclaimed, award winning novels, Sleeper s Run and Status Quo Mosquera attended the University of Miami, Florida, where he obtained a double major in Graphic Design and Film He resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife.