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Download Epub Format ☆ Ship Fever PDF by » Andrea Barrett The best tribute I can give is that I loved this book and I generally dislike short stories It has the quality that I love best in art, of evoking that old fashioned term, if not concept, of our humanity Which is everything, really.
Me gust mucho Dej pasar varios d as entre cada historia porque todas me daban ganas de leer m s sobre la vida de los cient ficos de los que habla, y con dos de los cuentos sent mucha envidia pero tambi n me inspiraron a leer y escribir m s, porque son el tipo de cosas que me gustar a escribir alg n d a Un par me dieron un poco igual, pero el resto es incre ble, en especial la historia m s larga y que da nombre a la colecci n La fiebre negra Ship Fever La mitad del libro lo le en espa ol en esta edici n de N rdica y la otra mitad en ingl s, creo que la traducci n es muy buena.
National Book Award Winner For FictionThe Elegant Short Fictions Gathered Hereabout The Love Of Science And The Science Of Love Are Often Set Against The Backdrop Of The Nineteenth Century Interweaving Historical And Fictional Characters, They Encompass Both Past And Present As They Negotiate The Complex Territory Of Ambition, Failure, Achievement, And Shattered Dreams In Ship Fever, The Title Novella, A Young Canadian Doctor Finds Himself At The Center Of One Of History S Most Tragic Epidemics In The English Pupil, Linnaeus, In Old Age, Watches As The World He Organized Within His Head Slowly Drifts Beyond His Reach And In The Littoral Zone, Two Marine Biologists Wonder Whether Their Life Altering Affair Finally Was Worth It In The Tradition Of Alice Munro And William Trevor, These Exquisitely Rendered Fictions Encompass Whole Lives In A Brief Space As They Move Between Interior And Exterior Journeys, Science Is Transformed From Hard And Known Fact Into Malleable, Strange And Thrilling Fictional Material Boston Globe I put this on my to read list after reading The Air We Breathe as some of the same characters are in both books This is a book of short stories The title story takes place in 1847 and is based on a real event The potato famine in Ireland has forced many of its starving citizens to emigrate to the U.
S and Canada Many of the immigrants are suffering from Ship Fever or typhus, and a hospital is set up for them on Grosse Isle in Canada But the number of people afflicted with the disease is staggering and medical personnel are stretched to their limits Families are separated as the well are permitted to enter Canada, while the sick must remain behind.
It is apparent that Andrea Barrett has a science background Many of these stories are based on different branches of science and although you don t need to have Intelligent and compelling stories Some left me feeling empty I m glad I read it, though.
Science has never particularly intrigued me and I certainly never saw the romance of the subject That changed when I began reading Andrea Barrett who weaves fictional stories with natural history A fellow Rochesterian at one time, Barrett and my husband Carmen were in a critique group together and he related with pleasure her comments about his memoir then in its early stages Reading reviews of her latest work, Archangel, the above memory took hold I read several stories from the new book and promptly went to the library and gathered up her others including Ship Fever, The National Book Award Winner.
I read the first fascinating piece involving Mendel and hawkweeds and then went to the title novella.
The story of Irish immigrant ships and the cholera that took so many lives blew me away, in part because Carmen s Fitzgerald forebears were among those who Why oh why did I not come to Andrea Barrett s Ship Fever earlier The familiarity of the first story in the collection, The Behavior of the Hawkweeds, leads me to believe that a thoughtful instructor introduced Barrett to me some time ago, but for whatever reason it s taken me this long to get around to reading the whole collection.
Glad I did though, however late So few authors write historical scientific fiction as well as Barrett, and her command over setting and character is nothing short of astonishing So few authors understand the importance of putting the characters work vocation on the page And so few authors demonstrate such a range of voices and perspectives in a single collection While the collection is mostly populated by naturalists, scientists, and explorers, there is certainly no samey n

Barrett s fascination with science and scientists the real and imagined, the great and obscure is the common link in this book of exceptional stories Fresh insights into Linneaus, Mendel, and Darwin will haunt the reader as deeply as the struggles of Barrett s fictional Laughlin Grant and Nora Kynd in the title novella in which doctors, patients, and social crusaders battle ignorance and prejudice along with the black fever brought by Irish immigrants to 1840 s Canada.
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Beautifully written short stories.
Effortlessly Andrea Barrett ties together natural science and fiction, the Old World and the New World, historical fictional accounts and actual events as well as failures and successes.
She connects science and poetry in a way that shows a world at once small and personal as well as foreign and mysterious There s the second generation immigrant who guards her grandfather s story about Mendel like a treasure, or the 19th century specimen collector who comes to the sobering realization that he is missing the scientific success and results to justify killing hundreds of exotic, beautiful creatures In the 18th century a woman tries to expose the myth that swallows hibernate and withdraw for the winter under water And in the 1970s a widow l

Andrea Barrett is the author of The Air We Breathe, Servants of the Map finalist for the Pulitzer Prize , The Voyage of the Narwhal, Ship Fever winner of the National Book Award , and other books She teaches at Williams College and lives in northwestern Massachusetts Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.