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[Shira Destinie Jones] ð SHARED MONETARY GOVERNANCE [zimbabwe PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Available Freely On The Internet Archive And Olin Wright Argue For Small Scale Politico Economic Institutions As A Means Of Facilitating Greater Participatory Governance Similarly, Polanyi Emphasised The Distinction Between Large Scale General Purpose Money And Smaller Scale Non National Special Purpose Currencies SPCs Smaller Scale Currency Institutions, Particularly When Sponsored By Local Communities, May Offer Potential Models For Participatory Forms Of Monetary Governance This Study Applies Established Governance Principles To Monetary Decision Making, Highlighting The Importance Of Regulatory Frameworks, Transparency, Accountability And Direct Participatory Input For All Stakeholders Currency Users It Further Explores Whether National Regulations And Scale Inhibit Attempts By Monetary Institutions To Allow Full Stakeholder Access To Monetary Governance SHARED MONETARY GOVERNANCE SMG Is Affected By Three Interrelated Factors National Regulatory Frameworks, Internal Decision Making Processes, And Scale The Study S Findings Imply That A Multi Level Interconnected Monetary System Which Includes Community Based, National And International Currencies May Facilitate Greatest Stakeholder Access Please note that the pdf manuscript of this book is freely available on Academia.
Edu, as well as via ILL from the British Library system I wrote this book as a contribution to the literature of Community based Currencies, in the hope that a new methodology would help determining how democratic a currency institution was The theory is that in a democracy, the process of currency creation should be shared by those who must use that currency All currency institutions are affected by regulations, decision making proceses, and scale These issues are explored and operationalized in the book.

Shira Destinie Jones is a published author, community organizer, Voluntary Simplicity adherent, and educator working to build strong Public Domain social Infrastructure PublicDomainInfrastructure 1 Public Transportation, 2 Public Libraries, 3 ProBono Legal Consumer Education particularly around housing issues, 4 Universal Health Care She insists that these 4 parts of our