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Ô Shadows and Ghosts Ç Download by ↠´ Barbara Froman This book was not at all what I expected from the description on Goodreads It is not something I would have normally read but I did enjoy it The focus was on two women, whose lives are very different but yet their past is quite similar If you are looking for spooky ghosts and supernatural happens, it is not there Easy fast read.
Most of all, Superb WritingThere are books fueled by dynamic plot that keep you furiously turning the page Then there are books where an elegant choice of words makes you linger over phrases The best books do both, and Shadows and Ghosts by Barbara Froman, is one of those It s also very funny.
The book operates on many different levels at the same time, being about Jewish mothers and their daughters, sibling rivalry, the creative process, and the magic and power of films There s also the presence of ghosts, the past that lives with us long after people have died.
Two aspects of this book stood out for me First was the exceptional character development Wonderful depictions of every character made each one come alive.
But most of all, the writing itself was superb I often found myself rereading sentences several times, because the choice of words was so pe Ida Mae Glick, A Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker, Has Lived And Taught In The Small Town Of Willow Bend, New York For Five Years Without Drawing Attention To Her Troubled Past But When She Suffers A Near Fatal Heart Attack, The Result Of Trying To Live On The Same Meager Rations As A Group Of Homeless People She Is Filming, She Winds Up In Intensive Care Under The Scrutiny Of A Neurotic Psychiatrist Who Believes She S Unstable To Make Matters Worse, Her Mother S Ghost Has Appeared At Her Bedside With Old Gripes, And Her Angry, Estranged Identical Twin, Lisa, Is Heading Toward Town Intent On Having Her Committed Ida Mae Is Desperate To Escape With Her Freedom Intact, But Knows She Ll Have To Get Past Her Psychiatrist First The Only Question Is, Can She Shadows and Ghosts Is Ida Mae S Tale Of Artistic Passion, Fierce Sibling Rivalry, Failed Love Affairs, Substance Abuse, And The Magical Redemptive Power Of Cinema This novel, winner of the First Book Contest sponsored by Fairleigh Dickinson University and Serving House books , delves into the Shadows and Ghosts of many relationships sister to sister, daughter to mother, artist to work, therapist to client as we learn the story of Ida Mae Don t let the folksy sounding name fool you Ida Mae is an articulate artist with a story to tell, one that is told through various perspectives and scenes, much like the movies to which Ida Mae alludes Though the themes may be ages old, this is a contemporary story and its originality makes for a great read.
First of all, I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads program Thank you so much, to Goodreads, Barbara Froman, and the publisher Special thanks to Barbara Froman for the card, and for signing the book I m very sorry I couldn t review this book sooner school was starting to get really crazy around the time I received it.
I was pleasantly surprised by this book When I first read the description, I wasn t sure if I would enjoy it I usually stick to fantasy and sci fi, and the description seemedin the realm of real life than I m usually interested in It did turn out to be way out of my normal genre, but I didn t mind at all Froman s writing pulled me in from the start, and while it lagged for a page or two mid way through the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
What I found especially enjoyable was the depth of the charact Would you question your own sanity if a deceased relative suddenly made their presence known to you Ida Mae Glick surely did.
Shadows and Ghosts is an intricate character driven novel, which pulls the reader into its maze of unique characters and their relationships to one another This book grabbed my attention from the first page and didn t let go until the very last.
In this story, Ida Mae Glick is an award winning film maker who is passionate about her work and chooses to live among the homeless in order to gain their perspective on life for her new documentary film Ida Mae decides it would be best to bunk with the homeless, sleeping on the barn floor and eating only enough food to survive As a result, the group begins to trust her and one by one they share their story while Ida Mae films it.
During her time with the homeless, Ida Mae suffers a cardiac arrest and is hospitalized she no Anxiety eater meets anorexic to exorcize their mutual ghosts Well written, this book gives some deep insights into the difficulties of modern daughters separating from their mothers, a glimpse from both sides of the fence as a shrink tries to assess and then treat a woman who has had a heart attack due to her self starvation As they begin to connect on a human level, deeper stories emerge The book gave me some insights, and plays up how unresolved issues and miscommunication interfere with our relationships with our parents, siblings and partners I particularly liked Gloria, one of the sidekicks, an ex nun teacher of art who dresses like a biker She adds color and humor to lighten up the drama Partly told in first person past by one character, and in third person present by the narrator, the voice shifts from o Let me say first off that this book is the perfect example of why you should not judge a book by its cover The cover would lead a reader to believe the story is a paranormal thriller or horror story when it is a story of an artist literally starving for her art I also think this is a perfect example of why the genre of women s fiction is so broad While most generally think chick lit is synonymous with women s fiction, it is refreshing to read a perfect example of non chick lit women s fiction Barbara Froman created characters that are relatable and real These women are psychiatrists and artists dealing with familial guilt and personal addictions While producing a documentary on homelessness, Ida chooses to embra

Ida Mae is so passionate about her work as a filmmaker, her intensity lands her in the hospital after a heart attack Her mother, Edna, whose ghost takes up residence in Ida Mae s hospital room, appears as Ida Mae s spirit leaves her body and shoves it back in You think because I m dead, I don t know things I m your mother I know everything Lisa, Ida Mae s mirror image twin, lives a perfect life with a perfect husband, and the sisters resentment of each other, which began simmering when they were children, has now reached its boiling point.
Fern, the psychiatrist who is called in to evaluate Ida Mae, battles with her own demons, specifically, her mother and food Within minutes of meeting anorexic looking Ida Mae, t he flat foot of inadequacy r Shifting between memory and reality, filmmaker Ida Mae Glick watches her world stagger into focus from the perspective of her hospital bed, as powerful truths emerge about her relationships with the people in her life Framed within the context of the classic films that have shaped and inspired Ida Mae, Shadows and Ghosts is full of twists and cleverly layered with revelations about family and identity Froman s honed prose, comic wit and scalpel edged exploration of human nature make this novel uniquely engrossing and very, very funny The characters alive and dead and their dilemmas will haunt you long after you ve turned the last page.
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Barbara is a writer and musician whose early love of sound led to a study of music and degrees in music composition After a few career twists and publications, she became the Director of Mundelein College s Creative Writing Program, then taught Literature and Creative Writing at National Louis University where she also acted as a consultant to National s graduate program in Written Communication.