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[Janet Nissenson] Ó Serendipity [zombies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Was Meeting Again An Unfortunate Twist Of Fate Or Was It Just Serendipity Julia McKinnon Was Convinced She D Found The One The Man Of Her Dreams, The Most Seductive, Experienced Lover She D Ever Known And The Night They D Spent Together In New York Was The Stuff Erotic Fantasies Were Spun From But With The Dawn Of A New Day Came Only Heartache And Betrayal, And Her Dreams Were Snuffed Out Like So Much Fairy Dust Nathan Atwood Felt Like The Lowest Sort Of Life Form After Seducing The Incredibly Beautiful Girl He Met In New York, Only To Break Her Tender Heart With The Confession That He Was Already Involved With Someone Else Leaving Julia Was The Hardest Thing He D Ever Done, And The Memory Of Their Passionate Night Together Haunted His Dreams For Months AfterwardsNow Fate Has Brought Them Together Again, And They Are Forced To Work Alongside Each Other Will Julia Be Able To Put Aside The Feelings She Still Has For Her Handsome Boss And Forge A New Life For Herself In San Francisco And How Long Will Nathan Be Able To Resist The Gorgeous Woman He S Never Really Stopped Thinking About Or Wanting Warning This review may contain spoilers.
Written from multiple POVs The H meets h while at a convention for work They fall into instalust and have a one night stand where H conveniently forgets to mention to h that he is engaged until the next morning Months later h is hired by H s partner after she is fired by spiteful ex boss H accuses h of stalking him then proceeds to tell her to keep their brief affair a secret.
The H lets his fianc dictate their relationship at every turn She decides who they spend time with, where they go, and what they do She even leads their sex life There s no mention that he actually loves her even when asked directly They basically got engaged because all his friends family were settling down.
The H refuses to end their engagement w After reading the second book in this series Splendor and loving it so, of course I then had to go back and read the first book Good news is that they are both standalones, so reading them out of order was no big deal at all Even better news is that book one Serendipity is every bit as good as Splendor, and I m so glad I discovered this series.
Some people will automatically dismiss Serendipity because there is gasp some cheating involved, since the hero Nathan is engaged to someone else when he first meets and falls in instant lust love with the heroine Julia and they have a very steamy one night stand I know there are some real fine lines when it comes to cheaters, but for me, at least, in this book it wasn t that huge of a deal When a wife and kids are involved, then it s a different story but that wasn t the case here, especially when we meet the fianc e and she turns out to be a ra

Wow I was beginning to give up hope that I d ever find a book like this one I ve read a lot of just so so stuff lately and found myself really disappointed in several books, but definitely not this one.
I found out about this little known book kind of by accident on a blog I follow from time to time I liked a lot of the things the author mentioned in her interview on the blog and thought I might as well try my luck It was one of the best decisions I ve made in recent months because this book is just so good that you 1 can t put it down, 2 don t want it to end and 3 wishing for once that this was a three part book like so many others are these days because you just want to keep reading about these charac Serendipity is the gift we find accidentally when we make a choice or life chooses a course of action for usI discovered this series by accident, and I have to tell you that I feel very lucky for doing so.
This is my first book from Janet and I was surprised by her writing style it was honest,simple, amazingly hot and funny I have to admit that I was attracted to the book because of its title and felt the need to meet this heroes upfront Julia and Nathan are total strangers, but end up having a steamy one night stand Their attraction is instant and although my feelings toward this kind of chemistry are not totally positive, their relationship was genuine and the moments they shared truly made me believe in their connection.
Julia was my type of heroine She was smart, gorgeous, admired by every women out there because of her looks and smart at

Janet is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently resides on the northern California coast with her husband Steve and Golden Retriever Max She worked for than two decades in the financial services industry before turning her focus to producing running events She is a former long distance runner, current avid yoga practitioner, is addicted to Pinterest, likes to trave