¶ Self-Employment Ø Download by ✓ Frank Kane

¶ Self-Employment Ø Download by ✓ Frank Kane Leaving The Corporate World To Work For Yourself Doesn T Have To Mean Taking On Tons Of Personal Risk The Author Walked Away From A Successful Career In Technology At The Age Of With A Family In Tow, And Now Earns Over , Per Year Running A Small Software Company From Home This Book Shares How To Build A Lifestyle Business That Can Pay Your Bills Even Before You Quit Your Day Job, And How To Grow That Business Once You Do QuitThe End Result Can Be A New Life With Complete Personal Freedom No Commute, No Debt, No Office Politics, And No Upper Bound On Your EarningsThis Book Is Filled With Practical Advice On Determining If Self Employment Is For You De Mystifying Health Care, Benefits, And Taxes For The Self Employed Designing A Business That Maximizes Your Personal Freedom Prototyping And Refining Your Business On The Side Identifying And Evaluating New Business Ideas How To Launch, Measure, Evaluate, And Grow Your New Business Tips On Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, And Landing Page Optimization Setting Up Effective Email Campaigns And Automated Sales Follow Ups Marketing And Advertising Through Social Media Public Relations Overview And Tips Creating Continual, Compounding Growth In Your Business Pitfalls And Scams To Watch Out For As A New Business Owner Adapting To Your New LifeThis Book Is Not Theoretical It Offers Real World, Tested Advice On Building A Successful, Growing Company One Where You Are The Only Employee, And You Have The Freedom To Work Whenever And Wherever You Want To It Details How To Achieve That Without Placing Undue Risk On The Well Being Of You And Your Family In The ProcessAre You Starting To Wonder If Working Non Stop For Others Until Some Undefined Retirement Age Is The Best Way To Spend Your One Life There Are Alternatives, And You Owe It To Yourself To Understand How To Achieve Them Even If Life Has Thrust Responsibilities At You, A Full Time Career Working For A Big Company Is Not The Only Or The Best Way To Fulfill Them Self Employment Building An Internet Business Of One Gives You A Path To Independence That Can Be Even Lucrative Than Your Current Career, And FulfillingYou Don T Need Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Or Friends In Silicon Valley To Launch Your Own Business You Need Some Modest Savings, Extra Hours Per Week, And The Right Planning And KnowledgeBuy This Book To Learn How

Frank Kane, Brooklyn born and a lifetime New Yorker, worked for many years in journalism and corporate public relations before shifting to fiction writing At the time he was selling crime stories to the pulps he was also sustaining a career writing scripts for such radio shows as Gangbusters and The Shadow.In addition to the Johnny Liddells, Kane wrote several suspense novels, some softcore eroti