☆ Scorched Earth, Part 4 (Is This It? 4/4 of #2) ↠´ Download by ✓ John D. Randall

☆ Scorched Earth, Part 4 (Is This It? 4/4 of #2) ↠´ Download by ✓ John D. Randall The Exciting Conclusion To Scorched Earth, The First Sequel To The Yellowstone Conundrum Filled With Raging Water, Raging Hormones, And Unpredictable Situations The Four Parts Will Be Combined Into A Single Volume In AugustThe Yellowstone Conundrum Covered The First Day After The Caldera Erupted Scorched Earth Covers The First Week The Lose Lose Scenario PartIn SeptWill Cover The First Month After Yellowstone

The end to the first sequelI have really enjoyed this series to date It started with the book THE YELLOWSTONE CONUNDRUM and then the sequels SCORCHED EARTH Parts 1 4.
The story is excellent with well thought out scenarios of what if there was actually a mega eruption at Yellowstone plus earthquakes and flooding on top of the eruption.
The characters are well developed and, for the most part, are just regular people placed in extraordinary circumstances.
As I ve written in my reviews of the other parts of this story, author Randall definitely needs to get a professional editor The multitude of spelling and grammar errors are distracting SCORCHED EARTH 3 and 4 seem to have fewer errors so maybe something has changed at the author s end.
Part 4 finishes up accounting of the first week after the eruption The author plans on starting a Just stopped caring This should have ended a long time ago.

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