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[J. Gary Millar] » Saving Eutychus [banks PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Much of what is written here is, as the authors admit, not new But it is so clearly, concisely, and convincingly written that it makes for an excellent primer and reminder of many key preaching and communication principles Also, what it has to say on scripting sermons is not often found in other books on preaching This is definitely a book I could come back to re read and profit from each year.
The only slight negatives were 1 They advocate very short sermons 23 minutes which I think can often be too short to delve deeper into the passage and into searching application 2 I watched the two example sermons on the accompanying website but didn t feel they were nearly as dynamic as the authors want to encourage other preachers to be But this doesn t detract from the principles in the book.
Excellent book on preaching Easy to read, biblical, practical, and Christ focused.
As someone who has grown up in the church and has never had the courage to preach while also feeling a sense of calling to do so at some level, and as someone who was given this book by my pastor as I prepare to preach my first sermon, I can honestly say there are so many gold nuggets of wisdom in these pages Right from the outset I was hooked, and both Millar and Campbell did well to inject enough humor and real life alongside the invaluable tips and advice to keep me interested the whole way through, which I suppose isn t surprising since the book is about how to preach and keep people awake Perhaps the most helpful things for me were the strong cal to prayer at the beginning of the book, Phil s top ten list of things to remember when preparing a sermon and the example sermons and feedback forms from both preachers at the end of the book.
This is the kin Though Millar and Campbell belong to a school of preaching that isconversational than I am used to, I still appreciated this book very much There are gems here for anyone who cares about getting through.
Acts 20 has an interesting story along Paul s route back to Jerusalem In the city of Troas, Paul preaches and preaches And preaches And preaches someSomewhere in the midst of the last night, a young man named Eutychus falls out of the window to his death That would have been a bad night except the Holy Spirit enabled Paul to raise Eutychus from the dead.
And then go back to preaching.
Saving Eutychus takes its title from this story, but this book is not about the resurrection of the dead Neither is it a CPR manual for those we bore to death on a Sunday to Sunday basis Instead, this is a preventative medicine book Saving Eutychus is about keeping him from dropping dead in the first place.
In all honesty, Saving Eutychus is a tightly targeted book If you are not involved in the proclamation and presentation of Biblical truth, th

A breezy read with lots of practical advice on how to preachclearly It helped me Recommended.
This book might win title of the year since it immediately grabbed my attention with how different it was compared to other books currently being published After grabbing me with such a unique title, the authors kept me hooked with their wise, and practical, insight on how to preach a sermon that is both attention grabbing and doctrinally sound Both Gary and Phil Campbell shared their own personal struggles with preaching sermons that were definitely on the mark doctrinally speaking, but the way in which they were delivered to their respective congregations only resulted in members who started counting the bricks on the wall behind the Pastors or some members pulling a Eutychus and falling asleep during the preaching but thankfully not falling to their deaths There was so much practical wisdom packed into such a relatively , , 20,, ,, , ,, ,,, , , , ,.
This book s title includes the byline How to preach God s Word and keep people awake At the risk of sounding arrogant I will say that I don t struggle with either But I know many preacher s do If you are one of those preachers that know that your preaching has a tendency to lull the sheep instead of feeding them, then I recommend this book.
It s a good book Not a great one I liked it and found some helpful suggestions However, the main premise of the book was that preaching from a sermon manuscript not an outline was the best way to improve one s preaching Now, the authors do a good job explaining how to preach from a script instead of a skeletal outline, but there is no way I could do that I prefer to do a mixtur Poor Eutychus Might Have Tumbled Off His Perch In Acts , But It S Humbling To Notice That What Took Paul Many Hours Of Preaching To Achieve Near Fatal Napping In One Of His Listeners Takes Most Preachers Only A Few Minutes On A SundaySaving Eutychus Will Help You Save Your Listeners From Such A Fate Written By An Aussie And An Irishman With Very Different Styles Who Share A Passion For Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Saving Eutychus Delivers Fresh, Honest, Faithful And Practical Insights Into Preaching The Whole Word Of God, Sunday By Sunday, In An Engaging Way This Book Is A Practical Distillation Of Decades Of Thinking, Writing, Preaching, Failing, Humbly Praying And Seeing God At Work, And Is An Invaluable Tool For Honing Your Own Gifts To Become The Best Preacher You Can BeIncludes Sermons And Mutual Critique From Each Author, A Sermon Critique Sheet, And Practical Tips And Helpful Diagrams

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