á Road to Passion (Dogs of Fire MC, #4) å Download by ☆ Piper Davenport

á Road to Passion (Dogs of Fire MC, #4) å Download by ☆ Piper Davenport My favorite of the series so far Mack and Darien were both amazing and perfect for each other Once Mack laid eyes on Darien, no ow would do Darien was sweet, funny and a bit awkward at times and Mack loved all of that about her On to the next.
5 StarsI enjoyed this book I loved the fact that Darien was smart and so say it like it is.
She just said whatever come into her head Which was hilarious sometimes.
Logan Mack Reed was Hot Alpha and knew what he wanted and he wanted Darien Was a bit tough in the beginning but they got through their issues.
Loved that we got to seeof the rest of the guys.
Wonder who s story will be next Loved this so much Mack is amazing Only a 3 day separation Perfect read.
In this fourth Dogs of Fire MC story, Logan Mack Reed gets his story with pretty little red headed pixie, Darien Aherne Mack is enchanted with Darien from the instant he sets eyes on her and the same goes for her Mack has to overcome Darien s private demons and her misconceptions about him and Darien has to learn to see herself better and accept Mack s club as his family while things heat up for the club when the mob puts them in the hot spot Things are sweet, spicy, and a whole lot of intense for Mack, Darien, and the rest of the Dogs of Fire MC.
Like others in the series, this one is loosely enough connected so that it could be read out of order if the reader doesn t mind the inclusion of previous characters.
The story begins with Darien Aherne determined to step out of her staid, mousy niche and experience somethingof life She is an aspiring writer, but her 3.
75 stars Can be read as standalone.
I liked to read how hilarious h was to interact with H H was a sweetheart to look after h They made a cute couple.
It would be better if there s an epilogue Review copy courtesy of the author.
I have definitely enjoyed all of the books that I ve read in the Dogs of Fire series by Piper Davenport and I ve read every single one so far This book was no different except it might be my favorite one yet Darien is a hoot Geez, I really loved her She was the geeky, chubby kid throughout school and she still sees herself that way usually even though she s in her 20 s now But it s not that she has this terrible self esteem and looks down on herself She absolutely doesn t She just happens to be okay with being Dorky Darien as she calls herself Little does she know that she s kind of smokin hot My favorite thing about Darien was her sense of humor and how she was able to make the hero laugh, especially at inappropriate times I didn t love that she was a virgin but once she explained why she was, it made total sense for her And it s For Language And Sexual Situations Logan Mack Reed Loves Women Really Loves Women He S An Equal Opportunity Player, Happy To Oblige Just About Anyone Looking For A Good Time, But When A Beautiful Red Headed Pixie Walks Into His Club, He Finds Himself Unable To Think Of Anyone But Her Darien Aherne And Her Sister Have Lost Both Of Their Parents, But Create A Comfortable Life For Themselves Darien, However, Is Sheltered And Overly Curious, Which Is A Dangerous Combination When Darien Breaks Away From The Protective Bubble Her Sister Has Created, She Finds Herself Falling For A Man Who Could Break Her When The Chance Of A Lifetime Pulls Darien Into A Provocative World She Has No Experience In, Will She Trust Mack Enough To Tell Him All Of Her Secrets Will He Be Able To Protect Her, Even From Herself I say this at the beginning of all my reviews for these Dogs of Fire books, but it s so true I am NOT a MC fan, but these books are freaking great Better than great actually They are ones I have actually readthan once already, ones that I had to have in paperback form as well as ebook They really are that good even if you aren t an MC fan Ok now onto this book I have been waiting for Mack s book, have been stalking the author to find out when it would be done and she most definitely did not disappoint me Darien is the perfect woman for Mack and boy did he know it but not want to know it I love how hard these sexy MC guys have fallen especially Mack Ms Davenport wrote this story perfectly I can t wait to see who s next My only question is how long do I have to wait for the next guy to fall LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book Easily a 5 AMAZEBALLS stars for me A 2.
75 stars 2.
5 stars

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