ê Red Riding Hood (Romantic Fairy Tales #1) Å Download by Æ Carly Carson

ê Red Riding Hood (Romantic Fairy Tales #1) Å Download by Æ Carly Carson ARC given by NetGallery This was a new spin on the red riding hood story I read as a kid It was quick read and easy to get into.
Review forthcoming on received a copy of Red Riding Hood from Netgalley in exchange for my review.
In Red s village it is tradition that on a girl s sixteenth birthday she chooses a man with which to spend her life A few days before her birthday, Red meets Wolf on the way to Granny s house and he begins his wily plot to get her to choose him But the boys in the village don t like the idea of an outsider stealing away the most beautiful girl in the village and are set against Wolfeven if Granny approves.
Link to GoodreadsLink to Wolf wasn t exactly what I was expecting When I read the synopsis I expected a strong domineering character, and I guess in a way he was, but at the same time there seemed to be quite a bit of respect from him, for both Red herself and for the village s customs, which he refused to break i.
e refused to have sex with Red before she was 16.
Red also wasn t quit Til beskrivelsen af denne bog st r den opf rt under Romantic Fairy Tales 1 Undskyld mig, men kan vi straks f vedtaget en lov der forbyder al kontakt med s vel dette bind som alle efterf lgende r dsler der m tte v re skrevet Jeg h ber virkelig at Carly Carson st r bag en selvudgivelse med denne bog, for hvis der faktisk er et forlag der har k bt det her s vil jeg gerne vide hvem forfatteren har v ret i seng med, for at f d n aftale i stand Jeg kan egentlig godt lide gendigtninger af eventyr og kendte sagn Sommetider kan det fungere virkelig godt Sommetider var desv rre g et bort Helt bort da denne bog blev skrevet Det er den mest r dderlige, forf rdelige, ligegyldige, d rligt skrevne bog jeg nogensinde har l st Normalt ville jeg faktisk f le at jeg ikke burde udgive en anme Like all little girls I loved fairy tales and now as a grown up it s fun to revisit them and if an author can bring a twist then I m definitely in I have noticed that it s quite popular at the moment to make those tales of old erotic and when I saw this I thought it might be worth a read This is clearly the story of Red Riding Hood but the author has given her own interpretation of what else could have happened I m reminded somewhat of Tenth Kingdom as we are introduced to Wolf the man but with all the instincts of his inner beast.
Red is young and about to become a woman upon her sixteenth birthday At that time she will choose the male that she will live with but until then she safely enjoys her childhood The mutual fascination between Red and Wolf brings them closer together and it s a slow erotic journey that Wol INITIAL THOUGHTS Basically I fancied reading something a little different perhaps quirky and this seemed to fit that description,MY REVIEW So I downloaded this one from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review opinion Firstly though this is not my normal genre as it was a bit steamy I did enjoy it It was what I d say was a relaxing light and fluffy read with dark maybe deadly undertones.
I think I will be checking out other titles by this author in the future.
I have yet to schedule this review for my blog as I don t tend to review steamier reads on my blog due to my audience having a lot of YA readers in it.

In this fantasy romance novella, Little Red Riding Hood is a happy go lucky girl who enjoys having the attention of the boys in the village Then a stranger comes to the forest, a man known only as Wolf To the dismay of the village boys, he enters the rivalry for her favors Wolf has all the skills to make her want him But no one in the village trusts Wolf, the alpha male whose intentions may not be good Does Red have the strength to choose him in defiance of all her friends and family Even importantly, is he the right man for her And what she should do about Granny s warnings Anything can happen in a fantasy romance This was an adult spin on a childhood story I believe the reader should know it s about a 15 This book just didn t do it for me Older man, Little Red Ok, I ll bite It s an adult tale No, it s really boring than anything They kiss a few times, play a little, then at the end is the full blown sex The in between was boring It took me all day to get through it, and it s a short short book I should have been able to read it in an hour It certainly wasn t exciting as I expected it to be No thanks.
Not to bad Overall I liked the story, but I think if it was longer they could delevlope the wolf In this case the wolf is the good guy which is a nice change of pace, but we really do not know much about him, or the customs of Red s clan.
arc provided by Cupid Publishing through NetgalleyRed Riding Hood is my favourite fairy tale it lends itself to so many interpretations, and is the one most commonly associated with erotic themes, including, of course, sexual awakening, and the dangers of alluring strangers.
The thing is, if you re going to take the erotic route with this tale, you have to either make the protagonist older make it clear that this is disgusting and reproachable, like Wendy Wheeler s Little Red from Snow White, Blood Red actually be Angela Carter, and make it poetic and brilliant, so we all go, ew, gross but it s so well written , like her The Company of Wolves from The Bloody ChamberThe writing was serviceable with a few nicer sentences here and there, which makes mentions of a 15 year old s luscious body all the inexcusable This isn Little Red Riding Hood Is A Happy Go Lucky Girl Who Enjoys Having The Attention Of The Boys In The Village Then A Stranger Comes To The Forest, A Man Known Only As Wolf To The Dismay Of The Village Boys, He Enters The Rivalry For Her FavorsWolf Has All The Skills To Make Her Want Him But Does She Have The Strength To Choose Him In Defiance Of All Her Friends And Family Even Importantly, Is He The Right Man For Her And What She Should Do About Granny S Warnings

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