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Download Epub Format Ù Punishment PDF by ✓ Linden MacIntyre Punishement is told by Tony Breau MacMillan , a recently retired prison officer Tony was involved in quelling a prison riot at Kingston Penetentiary in 2000 He finds himself at odds with his colleagues but follows the directive of his superior as to when to intervene in the situation As a result one of the prisoners dies and Tony again finds himself at odds when he tells the truth at the inquiry which follows With his life in danger as much from the prisoners as from his now discredited superior he is encouraged to take an early retirement This leads him back to his home town of St Ninian where he takes up residence.
Tony is just settling in when a local girl is found dead and the accused Dwayne Strickland turns out to be a former prisoner whom Tony has been acquainted with and has helped counsel in the past Both Tony and Dwayne were adopted as children and in this s A page turner with twists turns, am I reading the same book everyone else is 2 1 2 stars at best I read 200 pages and still didn t give a s t about Tony or the town Go to the store, pick up papers, ignore the gossip, drop by to visit, go home, walk the dog, drink whiskey, watch the weather, go to bed, start over the next day In the last 60 pages stuff unfolds but by then my heart is not in it I did not care.
In Punishment, His First Novel Since Completing His Long Stretch Trilogy, Scotiabank Giller Winner Linden MacIntyre Brings Us A Powerful Exploration Of Justice And Vengeance, And The Peril That Ensues When Passion Replaces Reason, In A Small Town Shaken By A Tragic DeathForced To Retire Early From His Job As A Corrections Officer In Kingston Penitentiary, Tony Breau Has Limped Back To The Village Where He Grew Up To Lick His Wounds, Only To Find That Dwayne Strickland, A Young Con He D Had Dealings With In Prison Is Back There Too And Once Again In Trouble Strickland Has Just Been Arrested Following The Suspicious Death Of A Teenage Girl, The Granddaughter Of Caddy Stewart, Tony S First LoveTony Is Soon Caught In A Fierce Emotional Struggle Between The Outcast Strickland And The Still Alluring Caddy And Then Another Figure From Tony S Past, The Forceful Neil Archie MacDonald Just Retired In Murky Circumstances From The Boston Police Force Stokes The Community S Anger And Suspicion And An Irresistible Demand For Punishment As Tony Struggles To Resist The Vortex Of Vigilante Action, Punishment Builds Into A Total Page Turner That Blindsides You With Twists And Betrayals MacIntyre at the top of his game This book was one of the best I ve read in many a long year The book is set in a small maritime Canadian town in and around 2001, The story is about a 55 year old man by the name of Tony Breau who returns home to the town where he grew up after an absence of 4 decades Tony has suffered a lot of changes in his life He has left his job of thirty years because of an incident that happened at the prison he was working in, and his wife of twenty years has left him Tony finds himself falling back into the community where he grew up, and he reacquaints himself with old friends and acquaintances as well as old romantic interests The pull of the community is strong and the majority of the people welcome Tony b I love any book that makes reference to the East Coast and this is no different Set in Nova Scotia, this is a thriller that will have you turning pages non stop near the end A few surprises in the last few pages as well.
I couldn t put this down It s a story of betrayal and small town corruption No good deed of the hero s seems to go unpunished Until the last page It was a slow read for me, at first, and then the interest heightened.
Although I did not learn anything new from it it did make me think about different personal situations, the reality of them, etc.
For eg.
, Caddy and Tony s relationshipinromantic novels they may have fallen into each other s arms etc In this novel it s not so simple A whole life happened before they saw each other again Lots of hurt feelings are still in the air, and other issues in their own lives to resolve.
I liked the Nova Scotia landscape described, and the life lived in these small Canadian towns.
Part of an interview by Atlantic Monthly, of Linden MacIntyre, November, 2014 The same moral imperatives and the same materialistic motivation applied to the large global situation in 2002 2003 in reality and the small microcosm situation that I imagined in a little place in the middle of nowhere, where there s this notion that by eliminating a negative presence in a community, you have made the community safe and you have protected important values and principles Even if in doing so you have offended the most fundamental principles that keep the society safe and make it work properly, which are the principles of justice and how sometimes an obsession with law and order causes us to become a little bit blind when it comes to the fundamental principles of justice itself And this is what happens in the book You

This past week the Canadian press and Canadian communities have been asking a lot of questions about crime and Punishment With the very public revelation of Jian Ghomeshi s criminal behaviour, the public conversation includes calls for criminal prosecution all the while enacting a sort of collective trial, sentencing and Punishment in the press and social media While listening and reading stories of his violent and repugnant behaviour, I was reading Linden MacIntyre s new book, Punishment.
Punishment is not about sexual and physical violence Nor is it about the CBC or the media though MacIntyre long worked for the CBC Instead it s a book about a former prison officer, Tony Breau, who gets involved is made to be involved in a small town murder investigat My future appeared to me as a landscape suddenly revealed by the cresting of a hill It wasn t grim but it was barren and it sprawled endlessly beyond the curve of the horizon It was a scalding moment, delusions scoured from the surface of reality Solitude and celibacy, I thought And, I had to admit, under the alcoholic anesthetic, it didn t feel all that bad Even if I reframed the words made them, say, abandonment and isolation they still described a kind of freedom I remember stumbling to bed that night in that paradoxical state of peace that comes with knowing you have nothing left to lose Author Linden MacIntyre after a long and prominent career in Canadian broadcasting made a splash in 2009 with his novel The Bishop s Man In that book, MacIntyre told the story of a

Linden MacIntyre is the co host of the fifth estate and the winner of nine Gemini Awards for broadcast journalism His most recent book, a boyhood memoir called Causeway A Passage from Innocence won both the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non Fiction and the Evelyn Richardson Prize for Non Fiction.