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[Anonymous] Ý Poema de Mío Cid [interracial-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý Ah El Cantar del buen Cid A qui n se le pudo ocurrir obligar a un ni ato de 14 a digerir esta joya No tiene ni boca ni sesos para hacerlo Ahora a mis 32 en cambio, he sonreido y sonreido, acariciando la misma copia de p ginas amarillentas que compre alla en 1993 so pena de Rojo en la libreta A diferencia de mis a os mozos o moz rabes , no he sido infiel o indiferente al texto esta vez al contrario, he apreciado el terru o de historia que nos ha reconquistado del ya olvidado brevario escolar los colorescos panoramas y curiosas costumbres de la Edad Media, y de la Reconquista espec ficamente Qui n imaginaria que los duchos y l bregos caballeros m di vales se besaban en la boca como muestra de afecto Adem s del c mulo de costumbres y ra ces idiosincraticas de la madre Espa a que a n ahora retumban en los modos y las mentes de los Peninsulares y tambi n Another well, no wonder it s a classic from my project of reading from Philip Ward s A Lifetime s Reading Five Hundred Great books to be Enjoyed over 50 Years But Poem of the Cid can be two different types of experience I read two translation side by side I started with Paul Blackburn s modern verse translation, when I found it at the library book store I had just read Blackburn s translations of troubadour poetry and liked them very much, so I thought I d continue But then, once in and discovering that Blackburn s version no doubt employed his artistry in bringing the poem forward in time, I found that I wanted to see the original medieval Spanish Blackburn being of the it won t help you so we re not printing it school, I plucked the TBR ratty paperback copy of W.
S Merwin s translation of the same poe This book has been sitting around my bookshelves for a long time, ever since a friend from college gave it to me on a whim and because of my impending trip to Spain, I finally decided to pick it up It is a quick and light read and I was pleased to find out that this is the oldest extant epic poem in Castilian, and a foundational work of Spanish literature So I ve done my homework.
The poem tells the story of Rodrigo D az de Vivar 1043 1099 , a medieval Spanish nobleman and military leader of great skill By the way, the honorific title Cid is a Spanish loan word from the Arabic s di, meaning lord Perhaps unsurprisingly, the poem has mythologized El Campeador s life considerably Campeador is another honorific for the man, meaning battlefield master I m getting all this from Wikipedia, by the way In this story, after being exiled by King Alfons This book has it all Swords Dancing And beards All tangled up in an epic historic poem The Cid a gallantly bearded knight banished by his king for crimes he did not commit goes smiting and smashing all over Spain, killing Moors like flies and creating a kingdom of his own by the sweat of his beard And oh what a beard it is The Beard of The Cid manages to become arguably one of the greatest sidekicks of all time I myself am growing my own beard in solidarity with the Beard of the Cid And, someday I hope to clutch my beard, giving it a dramatic shake, when ere I speak But, until then I must content myself with brushing it three times daily and allowing plenty of rest and sunshine But someday Oh I shall read the whole of the Song of the Cid aloud, b The Song of the Cid, like The Song of Roland, is a story from the Spanish frontier, set amidst the wars between Christians and Moors The opening of the poem has been lost, but by this chance we are dropped straight into the action The Cid, already a legendary warrior in the service of King Alfonso of Castile, has been given nine days to leave the kingdom We find him in tears, leaving his home at Vivar Then it s into the saddle and away into exile in the Moorish borderlands between Toledo and Valencia Forced to part from his beloved wife and daughters, no money to take with him, a following of only a small band of faithful friends, and no chance of finding safety and rest except in whatever towns he can conquer, the Cid faces Cl sico si los hay.
No creo que todos los cl sicos merezcan una super nota por su fama.
Rodrigo es interesante y este libro cuenta un momentos de algunos a os de su vida, considero que le faltan detalles para llegar m s al lector, la forma de cantar creo que lo impide, por eso algo que s se deber a tener en cuenta al leerlo es su origen oral.
Es una obra importante y deber a leerse al menos una vez.
Poema Pico, Se Trata Del Texto M S Representativo Del Arte De Los Juglares Espa Oles De La Edad Media El Poema Fue Probablemente Compuesto Entre , No Mucho Despu S De Los Hechos A Los Que Se Refiere El Poema, Dividido En Tres Partes O Cantares, Narra El Destierro Y Las Aventuras Del Cid, Rodrigo D Az De Vivar El Tema Del Deshonor Y La Recuperaci N De La Honra Constituyen El Eje Central De La Obra, Que Describe La Mentalidad Y Los Valores Ticos De La Poca Muchos De Los Personajes Y Hechos Que Muestra Est N Atestiguados, Lo Cual Le Confiere Un Gran Valor Hist Rico I ve wanted to read The Song of My Cid since the age of 16, when I visited Toledo, Spain, and saw El Cid s alleged sword Tizona on display Our local tour guide told us of Toledo s place in the story, but it was the memory of Tizona that stuck with me, and I told myself that one day I d read the epic I can t believe it has taken me sixteen years literally half my lifetime , but I finally got around to reading it The experience was well worth the wait In fact, I m glad I waited and had a chance to read most of the other major medieval epics just so I could realize how great this one is in comparison Also, I m at a point in my life where I m beginning to take an interest in my Spanish heritage My mother s side of the family come It is our Odyssey, our Iliad If most English American authors can be traced back to Shakespeare and Homer, ours can be traced back to Cervantes and Mio Cid.
El Cid The name El Cid Spanish el i is a modern Spanish denomination composed by the article el meaning the and Cid which comes from the Old Castilian loan word id from the dialectal Arabic word s di or sayyid, which means Lord or Master CidiCi Lopez D El El Cid ,

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