Trailer ✓ Pick Up Sticks PDF by ã Emma Lathen

Trailer ✓ Pick Up Sticks PDF by ã Emma Lathen Thatcher is hiking the Appalachian Trail when he finds himself ensnared in a building development scheme A murder victim s personality begs for enemies, and the hard sell style of the developers is plenty abrasive too Thatcher, cringing a bit from battling wives, will have to resolve the conflicts to get back to his vacation.
Read 3 times Thatcher is hiking the Appalachian Trail there s a phrase with a new connotation with his friend Henry when Henry discovers the body of an acquaintance at a new vacation development This book wasn t as enjoyable as others in the series because the action is away from the Sloan, Thatcher s bank, and much of it is focussed on Henry, who s determined to solve the mystery.
Enjoyable but not brilliant, this detective story immerses Thatcher in the rough world of holiday home real estate It reserves grudging admiration for the slyness and hard sell tactics of a pair of ambitious young developers and their eccentric architect, but their best laid plans go badly wrong when murder exposes the flaws The unusual setting for Emma Lathen provides some refreshment of the cast, though the stock character of the Petulant And Immature Woman makes her traditional appearance Latsis and Henissart really have a grudge against the species The plot has the usual follow the money denouement, and it is a bit disappointing because, despite all the red herrings, there has always been only one obvious suspect.
I thought this one was really good Thatcher gets away from his desk and off on the hiking trail, but his hiking companion finds a dead body Thatcher gets drawn into the investigation The dead man was also an avid hiker, but it s his complex relationship with his wife and ex wife that had everyone thinking Great book I found it at the library, so if you can t get a copy elsewhere, try it there.
Perfect mystery to read during the summer Quirky characters and sly humor Really have to pay attention to the details if you do, you ll figure out who the murderer is plot coincidence with Night Shades Well crafted When Wall Street S John Putnam Thatcher And His Down East Crony, Henry Morland, Started Hiking The Appalachian Trail, They Hardly Expected To Stumble Over A Dead Body Nor Did Real Estate Promoters Eddie Quinlan And Ralph Valenti Plan To Play Hosts To A Murderer At Their Luxurious, New Vacation Development Now The Head Of The Sloan Guaranty Trust Department Must Again Combine His Financial Skills And Unbounded Curiosity To Solve The Murder Of A Man Nobody Seemd To Dislike Enough To Kill