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☆ Penmarric ↠´ Download by È Susan Howatch I loved Cashelmara 4 stars and The Wheel of Fortune 5 stars , and was really looking forward to Penmarric, another in Howatch s series paralleling the lives of the infamous Plantagenets Sadly though it missed on every level, from the weak characterisations to the rambling storytelling How can a tale based on the dynastic Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine and their Devil s Brood feel so flat, so empty, so dull Where was the passion, the scheming, the treachery Had I been reading it alone, I d have given up after struggling to the half way point, but this was a buddy read with my good friend Jemidar and we persevered together, slogging through the worst of it, hoping that things would improve they eventually did, in the form of the final section which is based on Penmarric begins as Mark Castallack and his mother Maud, cheated out of their inheritance by a scheming relative, wage a years long court battle to regain possession of the lands of Penmar and the great house that sits upon it, Penmarric After twelve years and almost losing hope, fate takes a turn as the wastrel son of the current owner dies and a very young Mark is named heir to all of it Mark marries Janna, who is ten years older, and has a bit of a surprise in store for him from a past relationship but then Mark has one or two surprises for Janna as well Building their family dynasty as the new owners of Penmarric, Janna and Mark slowly drift apart until an accidental meeting forever changes their lives, although a new one also begins as a result of that violent night.
Told in five books , each one in the first person POV of Mark, Janna, and three of Mark s sons, t I fell in love with Penmarric years ago, when I was still at school, from the very first sentencesI was ten years old when I first saw Penmarric and twenty years old when I first saw Janna Roslyn, but my reaction to both was identical I had to read on, and I was gripped from start to finish I read every other book by Susan Howatch I could find I liked some than others, but all have something to recommend them But my favourites were the three big books that reset stories from mediaeval history in the recent past Penmarric, Cashelmara, and The Wheel of Fortune And most of all I loved Penmarric.
Mark Castellack s mother, Maud, had one ambition one obsession that she fought for with every weapon at her disposal To regain Penmarric, the family eastate that her father had left to a distant cousin rather that his only survivi First read this in 1972, then again in the mid 80s, by which time Howatch had also written CASHELMARA, THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT, SINS OF THE FATHERS and THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.
I ve just un boxed my copy and set it on my TBR pile I think a re read will be fun I remember it as a very engrossing story, though when I first read it I had no idea who the characters were inspired by, though Howatch begins each chapter with quotes from historical works her game here and in others was to take historical characters and put them in another time frame, so in Penmarric we have Henry II and Eleanor of Acquitaine think Peter O Toole and Katharine Hepburn in THE LION IN WINTER transported to Cornwall in the late 19th early 20th centuries Instead of the

Really like 2.
5 stars.
I had high expectations for this book and thought I had everything I needed for a great reading experience 1 A book by an author who I had previously read and loved Check.
2 A story and characters based on the lives of the 12th century s favourite dysfunctional family Henry II of England, Eleanor of Aquitaine and their devil s brood Check.
3 Wet, cold weather and a 700 page chunkster to snuggle in with Check.
4 And Anna, my reading buddy, to share the fun with Check.
So what happened I have absolutely no idea Was this author really the same one who wrote the fabulous The Wheel of Fortune I wish I could say it wasn t, but it was This wasn t a bad book as such as Howatch can certainly string her sentences together and her writing style is quite good, but the dullness was unrelenting I m still baffled by how someone can manage to m In the late 1800s, Mark inherits the family manor, Penmarric, in Cornwall, England He and Jana fall in love and he asks her to marry him but she is reluctant since she is several years older As she feared, after marriage and seven children, they drift apart when Janna finds out that Mark has another household with his mistress and two illegitimate children The marriage spirals downward and it is a vicious tug of war from then on However, Mark and Jana are only the supporting cast of characters The novel is actually about five young men as they grow into adulthood and their relations with each other and their father and mother.
I really enjoyed this epic novel that loosely parallels the Plantagenet family, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine It is a deep and moving story about marriage, love, Own.
I enjoyed reading this a lot The writing is really excellent and draws the reader through the story The motivations of the characters, the relationships between the characters, the voices of the characters are all so well done Her characters, too, do not remain static but mature, grow, and change and their voices reflect this Sympathies with one character narrator become antipathies with the next Howatch teaches us how to consider the perspective of those we love and those we hate I am constantly impressed with how Howatch can move story lines between centuries and situations and make them relevant so the reader learns about both periods and the people and places she sets them in.
I love family sagas and Susan Howatch has written some amazing books about feuding families, intrigue, greed and complicated love and I discovered her writing when I first read this book years ago.
An enthralling story that spans 3 generations of the Casttallack and how their obsession with owning Penmarric, a mansion situated in the stark and beautiful area of Cornwall, causes the family to be divided for ever.
The characters are great and liked the way the story is told through the different members of the family.
I have read this book a few times and when I read it again I enjoyed it just as much I will probably read it again someday It s that kind of book.
Having read my initial review and comments from fellow GR friendsit s brought Set Against The Starkly Beautiful Landscape Of Cornwall, Penmarric Is The Totally Enthralling Saga Of A Family Divided Against Itself At The Center Of The Novel Is The Great Mansion Called Penmarric It Is To Penmarric That Mark Castallack, A Proud, Strange, And Sensitive Man, Brings His Bride Janna The First Act In A Tempestuous Drama That Was To Span Three Generations

Susan Howatch b 1940 is a British novelist who has penned bestselling mysteries, family sagas, and other novels Howatch was born in Surrey, England She began writing as a teen and published her first book when she moved to the United States in 1964 Howatch found global success first with her five sagas and then with her novels about the Church of England in the twentieth century She has now